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July, 2011
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Varicella Shipment Changes
Mothers' Milk Bank of New England Open for Business!
CDC Advisory on Measles
Career Opportunities
CTAAP Staffing Update
Varicella Shipment Changes

Effective June 6, 2011 Merck will no longer ship varicella vaccine using dry ice since the use of dry ice may subject the vaccine to temperatures colder than recommended.  Varicella shipments will now be shipped with frozen gel packs that are specifically designed to maintain proper temperature.  This specially designed packing material will maintain the vaccine at the proper temperature for 3 days from the shipment date located on the packing slip.  If your varicella vaccine is received after the 3 day shipping period, please call the Department of Public Health,  Immunization Program immediately so that the DPH can contact the Merck Order Management Center to facilitate a replacement shipment.


Please remember that varicella vaccine must be stored frozen between -58 degrees Fahrenheit and +5 degrees Fahrenheit (-50 Celsius to -15 Celsius).  Diluent for the vaccine is located in the top compartment of the shipping box underneath the cardboard cap and should be stored either in the refrigerator or at room temperature.  Merck will be including the attached storage instructions with June's varicella shipments.     


To view the Merck Varicella storage instructions open this link.

Varicella Storage Directions.pdf 


Any questions should be directed to the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health Immunization Program at (860) 509-7929.


Mothers' Milk Bank of New England Open for Business!
After 4 years of development, the Mother's Milk Bank of New England (MMBNE) is now accepting donations and milk orders. 


(Pictured left to right - Clinical Lab Director, Kelli Purchase and Medical Director, Dr. Kathleen Marinelli.)


The bank, located in Newtonville, MA, successfully pasteurized its first donor milk on June 3rd.  As the volunteer Medical Director of the MMBNE, CT-AAP Board Member Kathleen Marinelli was present to help process the first batch. The milk bank operates under the strict guidelines and standards of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA).  Donors are screened exactly like blood donors or organ donors, with intensive questionnaires on health and lifestyle, serologic blood screening, health reports from both the mother's and the baby's doctors with one important difference.  Accepted donors' milk is pasteurized, which retains most of the immunological and nutritional value, while destroying all known pathogens.  In the 40 years of "modern" milk banking, there has never been a documented case of any adverse effects or transmission of any pathogens to recipient babies. 

Most of the donated milk goes to sick and premature babies in Neonatal Intensive Care. 


For information on how to donate or order milk, please visit  


You may also contact the Medical Director Kathleen Marinelli, MD at for more information.


A more detailed description of this new program can be seen here. 

MMBNE - Full Article.pdf 


CDC Advisory on Measles
The CDC is reporting a high number of reported measles cases linked to outbreaks abroad.  152 cases have been reported in the 1st half of this calendar year which is the highest reported number since 1996.  Most of the cases were associated with importations from measles-endemic countries.  Measles is considered endemic in many countries in Europe (including Western Europe), Africa and Asia (including India).  These recent cases in the U.S. involved unvaccinated U.S. residents who recently traveled abroad or unvaccinated visitors to the U.S. who carried the illness.


The CDC is recommending that providers ensure that all patients are up to date on MMR vaccines.  In addition they are providing specific recommendations for patients who travel abroad. 


Please open this link to read the full CDC advisory.

 CDC Measles Health Advisory.pdf

Career Opportunities


1. Busy 4 person pediatric practice in Hamden area is looking for a 3/4 time pediatrician. If you are interested, contact or


2. Pediatrician is looking for .5 FTE position in the Hartford County area. She has  a special interest and added training in developmental pediatrics.  Contact Jill at for CV.


CTAAP Staffing Update

CTAAP is pleased to welcome a new staff member, Yvee Morretti.  Ms. Morretti joined CTAAP in February.  She is working with our Executive Director, Jill Wood, to help plan and organize special events as well as oversee numerous administrative functions.  We were lucky to find not only an efficient administrative staff person but someone with a background in graphic design.  Her talents have brought a decidedly new and professional look to many of our materials.  Please join us in welcoming her.


Jillian Wood
Executive Director
104 Hungerford Street
Hartford, CT  01606
P:  860-525-9738
F:  860-727-9863



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