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Did you know, that organizations like the YMCA and some personal trainers participate in Couch to 5k programs? These programs are a fun and safe way to get into running if you are a beginner or looking to get back into running again.

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 September/October 2011     
Injury Prevention for Female Runners    


Why are female runners more at risk? 


   Running is an extremely popular form of exercise for many individuals. Many people choose running because it has minimal equipment requirements, it can be done year round outdoors (almost year round in the northeast),  it is excellent for cardiovascular fitness, and some runners claim they get a "runner's high" while doing it. Even though it is a great way to exercise, it is not a great way to exercise for everyone. Anyone who runs regularly is at risk of overuse or stress injuries. Women in particular are at a greater risk because of anatomical differences compared to men.

     Anatomically speaking, women have a wider pelvis then men. This difference is significant because it changes the angle between the hip and pelvis which affects the position the knee and foot can be in when the foot impacts the ground while running. Excessive inward angling of the knee when running causes increased stress on the medial (inner) knee, outer hip, and inner ankle/foot. All of these areas are susceptible to stress or overuse injuries.

     A wider pelvis also increases the work that the outer hip muscles (Gluteus Medius and Tensor Fascia Lata) have to do to control the position of the knee at midstance phase of running. These muscles are prone to fatigue during running especially if they are already weak from poor training techniques.    

     It is recommended that avid runners also participate in a strengthening program to avoid overuse and fatigue type injuries of the muscles and joints of the lower extremity.  




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          Tip of the Month
         Exercises to Strengthen Your Hips
Four Essential Hip & Glut Strength Exercises for runners (beginners) 
Four Essential Hip & Glut Strength Exercises for runners (beginners)
This video includes exercises that I feel can be beneficial for runners of all levels. Resistance bands can be purchased at most sporting goods stores or at our office locations. In the future I would like to include more videos in order better demonstrate exercises and treatment techniques. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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