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September, 2009
Hollywood Paws Dog 'Jaz' Makes a hit in American Idol Jason Castro's Music Video 
Jaz Am Idol
Former American Idol contestant Jason Castro is about to release his new single and enlisted the help of Hollywood Paws dog Jaz, an Australian Shepherd (Owner Janet Philips) in his music video.
Jaz did not have to sing, but she did have to master about 25-30 different shots, all of which she accomplished in just 1 take! The cast and crew were amazed at how well Jaz was trained and nicknamed her "The One-Shot-Wonder" for the rest of the music video shoot.
For Jaz's scene, which she so expertly delivered, she had to stay in a 'sit' while holding a photograph in her mouth (also known a 'take it/hold it' behavior). During this take, Jason Castro was to walk over to her and then Jaz had to drop the photo so the star could pick it up and Jaz was the cued to walk off in the opposite direction.
Thanks to owner Janet Philips keeping up with her Hollywood Paws training, Jaz was able to be in and out of the shoot in record time arriving at a call time of 8:00am and back in the car heading home by 10:30am. Jaz really was a true star in this video!
Hollywood Paws is the first Green animal talent agency and is changing the way animal talent is supplied to the Entertainment Industry - all our 4-legged talents go home to a good bed at night! Any actor can beg for a part, Hollywood Paws actors can do it on cue!
Should you have any questions about Hollywood Paws or Jaz's recent appearance in Jason Castro's music video, please contact Hollywood Paws at 888-781-STAR (7827).  Hollywood Paws, located at Los Angeles Center Studios in downtown LA is here to help answer any questions you may have about pets in the Entertainment Industry, training questions, or getting your pooch set-ready and into the their own starring role.