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2009 Newsletter
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CGC and TDI News
Yappy Hour
Hollywood Paws August  2009
Dear Hollywood Paws Students and Graduates

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There has been so much going on recently and everyone at Hollywood Paws wanted to catch up with you about all the recent happenings.
Our Trainers have nothing but good things to say about all of our four-legged talent and are very impressed by all of your progress! Keep up the good work and happy training!
"Remember to make an effort to keep all your behaviors set ready.  Don't focus on only a couple behaviors for too long. Don't forget about the basics and once a week make an effort to go over everything you have learned and see what is solid vs what might need some fine tuning and what may need to be rebuilt.  Traning is not something where you can 'set it, and forget it,' it is always a work in progress and if  the behaviors are not used, your pet may lose them." - Joel Norton, Head Studio Trainer
It is turning out to be an amazing summer, so you may want to take the behaviors you learned outside - maybe a pet-friendly shopping center or dog friendly beach.  Distractions can play a big role during a training session.
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TDI smallCGC and TDI News
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We want to extend our congratulations to all of our students who passed our most recent Canine Good Citizen (CGC)  and Therapy Dogs testing (TDI).  For those who are retaking the two tests, we encourage you to attend open labs in order to better prepare for the next testing. Remember, our trainers are here to help so ask questions and use the labs!
In related news concerning the Hollywood Paws Therapy Dogs visits, we want to thank all of the students who attended our most recent visit to Juan Cabrillo Elementary School.  For information on how to get involved with these monthly visits, please inquire with Byron Wusstig.     
director boardPAWduction
Production calls, jobs, and submissions

In order to keep everyone updated on the production front, we want to take the time to let you all know what has been happening in and around our studios recently.
An event in Las Vegas is requring a couple English Bulldogs as part of their show. Not only did the dogs have to look cute, but also had to have great personalities and extremely friendly.
We had a showing at Los Angeles Center Studios for a production company that is in the process of filming a new television pilot. The show requires a "Hero" dog to be a member of the permanent cast.  Not only did this company need 2 dogs, but they also requried flies which are trainers were more then happy to supply the production with.
In order to increase awareness about leaving pets in the car during the summer heatwave a production company contacted Hollywood Paws for animal talent. The televised public service announcement requires many advanced behaviors such a roling up a car window on cue and having A/C blowing in and around the the dog's face.
A company requried 5-6 puppies for a photo shoot they were producing and student Terri Azagra had just the right amount of new Maltese-Poodle puppies for the shoot.
Congratulations to all the students who booked the recent calender shoot. We can't wait to see how the photos turned out!
yappy hourYappy Hour Extravaganza!!! 
August 15, 2009 5pm-7pm
Our July Yappy Hour had a great turnout and we want to let all those who attended know that we were very impressed by your knowledge during our trivia game! While the trainers do admit that some of the questions were difficult (if not impossible for us who do not have their extensive backgrounds in animal behavior...) they do appreciate that eveyone tried and hopefully learned something new.
Some of our favorite trivias included:
The most popular breed of dog in the LA area is the Chihuahua with appx 59,684 registered dogs. The Lab second with 58,071 registered dogs.
The most popular name for dogs in the LA area is Lucky with 6,502 registered dogs.
A Ragdoll is the largest breed of domestic cat.
The polar bear has transparent colored fur.
The first working dog in the entertainment industry was from the Ringling Bros., Barnum, and Bailey Circus.
The annual sales of pet food is four times that of baby food!
Cats overtook dogs as the most popular pet in America in 1987 and they currently out number dogs by appx 8 million with 37% of American homes owning a cat.
Hopefully everyone will be able to join us at the next Yappy Hour Extravaganza on Saturday, August 15, 2009 from 5pm - 7pm. We are sure that this one will be even better then the last (if possible of course)!
Pet-Related Events and PAWsitively Great Summer Happenings!

If you and your pet are looking for some Summer fun in your life, then these events should peek your interest:
Aug 7 - 9 - Long Beach Jazz Festival
Ends Aug 9 - OC Super Fair in Orange County
Aug 22 & 23 - Sunset Junction Street Fair http://www.sunsetjunction.org/streetfair.html
Aug 22 $ 23 - So-Cal Pet Expo at Upton, CA
Frozen Treats: smoothies, frozen yogurt and ice cream.  The best part is that you can share a dog-friendly ice cream bar with your four-legged friend! visit a local pet food store to find some.
Dog Beaches: Huntington and Long Beach have some great ones!
Water Parks: Even if your pooch isn't allowed you can always opt for a slip-n-slid in the backyeard or just turn on those sprinklers for some fun.
Hollywood Paws Open Labs: A/C and some indoor shade while perfecting those behaviors and making them set ready.
*Remember that the heat can be hard for some animals so be sure to keep them cool, hydrated, and be aware of their paws on hot surfaces.