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Dear Hollywood Paws Students and Graduates,
We hope you are all doing well and just wanted to check in with everyone to let you all know what's been happening around our studios. Just as a quick reintroduction, my name is David Lawrence and I am the Executive Directior here at Hollywood Paws. Some other familiar faces are our Directors of Talent acquisition, Gerri Chape and Joel Spielman, as well as our assistants Ashley Weston and Stephanie Harris. You may have also noticed a new addition to our education team of Joel Norton, Head Studio Trainer and Byron Wusstig, Studio Trainer. Tanya Yarbrough is Hollywood Paws' new Assistant Trainer. Tanya began as a student with Hollywood Paws and after completing course levels I, II, and III, and with her prior education in animal behavior, Tanya was the perfect candidate for an Assistant Trainer position with Hollywood Paws.  We welcome her to our team and are happy to call her a Hollywood Paws Trainer.   

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Updates from Hollywood Paws

Many of you have discovered that our Hollywood Paws studio had been undergoing some recent transformations.  We now have two entrances, one reserved for students, and another to be used as our main entrance.  Also in the works is a Hollywood Paws Student's Corner which will be set up near the entrance of out training classroom.  In this corner you will find class evaluations which can be completed after every class in order to let our trainers know how they are doing. Joel, Byron, and Tanya would love to know about any comments and/or suggestions you may have.  All of the forms can be placed in the tray labeled "completed evaluation forms" when they are finished.  
Yappy Hour
Our upcoming Yappy Hour is set for Saturday, February 21, 2009 and will be held at our studio from 5pm - 7pm.  We might try to hold this month's Yappy Hour outside in the dog park is weather permits.
To RSVP for the drive-on list you can email us at We welcome all students, graduates, and their family and friends.

Valentines Day Special

Former Hollywood Paws trainer Kathryn Segura will be holding a Free Photo Shoot for owners and their pets as a Valentines Day treat. The event will be at Rusty's Pet Store located at 11672 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604. The photos will take place on Sunday, February 8th from 12pm - 3pm, but the Valentine Event will be the entire day. For more information you can visit their website at

Trainer Tip

 "Never underestimate the value of a toy!  Does your dog have a favorite chew toy or stuffed animal?  Try saving it for an additional reinforcement at the end of a successful training session.  You'll likely see an increase in motivation and performance within that training session when your dog is looking forward to that favorite toy reward!" 
You may also need to bring in your pet for a PAWgress report if you have not done so already. To do this, it would be best to set up an appointment to come in during open lab times (Thursday 4pm-7pm and Sunday 10am-2pm). This progress report is meant to let you know how your pet is moving ahead in their training and give you a feel for which areas of his or her training need more attention.  
PAWduction Calls
Record Label Interscope needed 2 Great Danes for a music video. Hollywood Paws submitted Kelly Jo McGlothlin's dog Thunder, Janette Burton's dog Blue and Bogart, Daniel Well's dog.
Riverside Animal Services was interested in have Hollywood Paws demonstrate what it takes to be a "set-ready" pooch. We are still in talks with them over details, but we will let you know what happens!
Animal Planet has contacted us for 2 upcoming shows they are in the process of filming. The first, 'Pet Idol' is a play off of 'American Idol' and is meant to showcase amazing and talented animals. Pets will range from dogs and cats to lizards and snakes. Some of the dogs submitted were Chamelyn Mitsumatsu's Bubba who can walk on his hind legs and push her baby in their stroller, Cindy Ahn's dog Noodles who can actually add (not the trick version, but real addition), Isis Caney and her dog Minnow who sports a blue Mohawk and sings along to a particular song, as well as Kate Abbot's talented Walter and Reg Mac's skateboarding Hippopotamus.
The second show being filmed by Animal Planet is the second season of 'It's Me or the Dog.' The casting for this show required a pet to display a very unusual behavior for which it needed training for. Granted, Hollywood Paws has some of the most well trained dogs in the business, so this casting was not a very good match for our talent.
NBC contacted us in search of a Jack Russell Terrier for a promotional commercial as a part of their LMAO "Laugh My Ass Off" campaign.  In the promo the dog was supposed to get hit by a laughing woman's fake butt falling off and then run away.  Julie Bridge's Jack Russell Terrier Derby booked the part and Candy Clemente's JJ was the director's choice as a back-up dog.  Joel Norton worked with Derby during this commercial it aired during the Super Bowl. Congratulations Derby!
Nordstrom needed a kitten for an advertisement they were shooting that same day, but we were unable to provide them with one since it was too short notice and the cats we did have available we all older in age.
Verizon Super pages contacted us in need of 2 dogs for a commercial. The first was a small white dog that had to be rescued from an air conditioning duct and the second dog needed was a medium-large breed dog that had to be groomed in a mobile grooming unit. The white dogs submitted were Dorinda Thomas' dog Dee Dee, Virginia Sherman Kodi, Carol Peterson's dog Sammy, and Patrick Sarni's pup Charlie. The medium-large dogs submitted were Tanya Yarbrough's Kazzi, Kjiertsie Timmons' Murdoc, Janet Philips' Jaz, Michelle Bakula's dog Bowie, and Brittany Lowes' Spartacus.    
Advertising giant M & C Saachi was doing a radio spot for which they needed a dog that sounded like it was saying "I love you." We were able to find one dog via a student Hudson Shock, but unfortunately they ended up with a different pup.
Hartz Dog Food was casting for specific breeds of both dogs and cats to be used in their "Crunch n' Clean" campaign. Many of you were submitted to this casting call and Hartz was especially interested in Kathleen Kinight's Chocolate Lab Kalani, Terri Valles' Italian Greyhound Itallia, Leslie and Daniel Denhams' Yorkie Oliver, Camile Winfrey's cat Missy, and Julie Bridge's Jack Russell Derby to name a few.
E! is doing an Oscar special and they want Hollywood Paws to be part of a segment which focuses on animal actors.  Joel Norton would be doing the interview with them and will be bringing a variety of acting level dogs and cats with him. We are still in talks with them over details, but we will be sure to let you all know what happens

Everyone here at Hollywood Paws is look forward to seeing you all in class and hopefully at our Yappy Hour on February 21, 2009. Don't forget to keep up with the training, everybody is doing great!
David Lawrence
Executive Director
Hollywood Paws