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January 27, 2009
Dear Hollywood Paws Students and Graduates,
Production Call: Casting for Animal Planet's New Show "Pet Idol"
Can your pet do an amazing trick that Hollywood Paws did not train you to do? Pet Idol is looking for charismatic owners who have trained their pets to do amazing, and we do mean AMAZING tricks. Pets are not limited to dogs and cats, other animals can include mice, lizards, snakes, guinea pigs, birds, monkeys, raccoons, and ferrets to name a few.
The casting call will be THIS WEEKEND - January 31. Please email us back at info@hollywoodpaws.com or reply to this email with the following:
  • A picture of you and your pet
  • A summary of what tricks your pet can do
  • What is wonderful about your pet, and a summary of who you are
  • Contact information (name, phone, email, and address)
  • If you have your pet performing their trick on video (a short clip no longer then 1min) email that to us as well!
Hollywood Paws