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Issue: #6April 23, 2012

Make Your Voice Heard  For 4 Cents A Day-IIAN's New "Circle of Eagles" 

A delegation of Nebraska independent agents heads to Washington, D.C., this week to help represent your interests on Capitol Hill. With so many industry-related issues before Congress - like crop insurance and health insurance commissions and keeping the federal government out of your business - your support is needed more than ever.  Watch this video video to see how your contribution is put to use.  Our goal is to gather a significant group of Nebraska independent agents who are pledging their support of the Big "I" government affairs agenda by investing in InsurPac and IIANPAC - your federal and state political action committees.  We understand that the last thing you may want to be engaged with is politics, political action and legislative advocacy. But by the fact that we work and make our living in one of the most heavily regulated industries in the country we are involved in politics - laws are passed and regulations promulgated that impact your clients and affect your ability to make a living! Sitting it out is not an option for any of us. The reality is that even the best lobbyists and effective grassroots action can't get the job done without our ability to speak with a unified voice through our two Big "I" Political Action Committees.  For as little as 4 cents a day (Bronze Level), you can make your voice heard and invest in your future.   Click here  to join the Big "I" "Circle of Eagles" today!

Unicameral Session Ends April 18

Few Insurance Measures Pass In 2012 - Watch 3-Minute Video Unicameral Wrapup Here

The 2012 Nebraska legislative session ended on April 18 instead of April 12 as originally scheduled, to give state senators a chance to consider overrides of the Governor's vetoes on controversial bills - mainly whether to allow cities to increase sales taxes and provide prenatal coverage for pregnant women who are in the country illegally.   Of the 22 insurance-related bills on IIAN's "watch list", only eight passed - and only two have direct impact for property-casualty agents - a bill to increase workers' compensation burial expense benefits from the current $6,000 to $10,000 (LB 738), and the Nebraska Insurance Department's "omnibus" bill (LB 887). Two health insurance-related bills passed: LB 882, mandating coverage for oral chemotherapy treatment, and LB 810, which prohibits insurers from limiting the fee a dentist may charge for a service not covered under the policy.


For a recap of all of the bills on IIAN's watch list, click here.

To review the full text of bills, go to the Unicameral website.

Major IIAN Issues Got Stuck In Committee

Along with 558 other bills introduced in 2011 and 2012, the two Unicameral bills to establish a Nebraska Health Insurance Exchange which IIAN and the Nebraska Insurance Agents Coalition supported - LB 835 and LB 838 - were not advanced by a committee to the floor for consideration this year.The Heinemann administration has made it clear that it will not call a special session or attempt to enable formation of a Nebraska exchange by executive order, until the U.S. Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of the ACA in late June. However, four "interim study resolutions" on this issue were passed, and IIAN and the Agents Coalition will participate in those studies over the coming summer and fall.


IIAN also pro-actively supported LB1003, which would have doubled the current minimum motor vehicle liability limits under the financial responsibility law. LB 1003 had intense opposition from the insurance company lobby, and the Banking, Commerce & Insurance Committee did not advance it to the floor. All bills which did not pass this year died on April 18.      

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Your involvement and input at the grassroots level is essential to our success in the political arena! Your IIAN Legislative Committee needs to know if YOU know a Nebraska Senator and/or Unicameral candidate, and/or U.S. Congressman/Senator - and the issues that are important to you.

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