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Free EVM Webinar
W.C. Fields on PM
EVM Track at PMI N.A. Congress
EVP Exam at EVM World
EVP Study Guide Helps Japan
"EVA Europe" Changes Name
EVMS Material Management, Part 3 of 3
Planning to Plan a Project
Do You Know This CAM?

Free EVM Webinar June 1 


The PMI EVM CoP is conducting a free webinar the "EVM Tini". 

In this session "Earned Value Mixology" looks at the main ingredients of a program (that uses Earned Value), notably, Budget, Schedule and Scope and, takes a light hearted look at what is Earned Value, the key elements, provides some helpful tips, benefits and some precautions.



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Quotable Quote


"There comes a time in the affairs of man (ed: or project) when he (she) must take the bull by the tail and face the situation."
W.C. Fields
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EVM Track at PMI North American Congress

The PMI North American Congress (22-25 Oct 2011, Dallas TX area) will include a track of eight EVM presentations. The PMI EVM Community of Practice (CoP) is chairing this track which will include an update on the second edition of the PMI EVM Practice Standard plus....

· Understanding the Value of Earned Value

· EVMS "Keeping it Simple and Succeeding"

· Integration of Earned Value and Risk Management Using Contingency Reserves

· Application of EVM to equipment manufacturing

· Advances in Earned Schedule and Earned Value Management

· Truth About Preparedness For EVMS Assessments

· EVM on Service Projects - An Optimized Paradigm

The EVM track will be presented on 24-25 October and is subject to change.


For more information visit PMI.




EVM3The Earned Value Management Maturity Model®
Books 24 x 7 
EVM3 cover
The Earned Value Management Maturity Model book is now available from Books 24x7, as well as from Management Concepts.

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AACE Schedules EVP Exam at EVM WORLD 2011
AACE is holding an EVP exam on 19 May immediately following PMI EVM COP's annual EVM World. The cut off date to apply for the EVP exam has passed. But if you were previously approved for taking the EVM exam on a different date perhaps you can reschedule with AACE for the Naples date if you'll be there anyway. 

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Study for the EVP While Helping Japan

japan flag

For every EVP Study Guide ($65 USD) purchased through 1 May Management Technologies will send $10  USD to the American Red Cross for Japan's relief. Even if you do not plan to take the EVP exam, the Guide will help you understand what ANSI 748 really means and project planning principles. If you do well on the Guide's questions you might even decide to take the exam!


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EVM Schedule Adherence and CPI and SPI (t)Statistical Forecasting

The EzEVM™ workbook has provided projects and firms a low cost solution to performing EVM and refining their EVM processes.


The EzEVM MSExcel workbook template now includes "Schedule Adherence" and statistical forecasting of final CPI and SPI(t).


EVM data can be entered from any EVM software to provide these valuable analysis products as well as traditional EVM indicators.



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2011 EVP Exam Dates
Listed below are the exam dates, the deadline for discounted applications, and the final date for applications.  Exams are held worldwide so all dates listed may not be right for you.

19 May 2011
EVM World 2011
Naples FL

3, 18 June 2011
Early discount: 20 March
Deadline: 4 April
7, 9 July 2011
Early discount: 26 April
Deadline: 10 May 

16 Sept 2011
Early discount: 3 July
Deadline: 18 July

10 Nov 2011
IPMC Conference,
Bethesda MD
Early discount: 1 Aug
Deadline: 10 Sept

12, 17 Nov 2011
Early discount: 29 Aug
Deadline: 13 Sept

9, 10 Dec 2011
Early discount: 25 Sept
Deadline: 10 Oct

Always check with AACE for revised dates and application information.


EVA Europe is now
EVM Europe

"EVA Europe" is now "EVM Europe". The EVM Europe 2011 conference will be held in Valencia (Spain), most likely the 23rd & 24th of November. Stand by for final dates.


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Welcome to the April EVM Newsletter.  

Our program to donate $10.00 for every EVP Study Guide sold remains active until 1 May. If you plan on getting the Study Guide please order it before the end of April. 


This month we conclude the three Tidbit series on how purchased project material fits into EVM. This month we continue to use some of the material, but have some extra material leftover. 


Another FREE one hour webinar from the EVM CoP is schedule for June 1.


It was bound to happen. The European Vaccine Manufacturers have published newletters from 2003 through 2008. Starting in 2009 the newsletter was retitled Vaccine News. You can guess the previous title. (Accept no substitutes.)


You can help make this newsletter interesting by contributing news about your activities in EVM, your company, product announcements, or your projects. Each month starts with a blank sheet, we don't make this stuff up! Send news to me at


Ray Stratton, PMP,EVP

Tidbit #20 Material, part 3


In the last EVM Newsletter we had installed all four tires on each of the planned two vehicles and thus we were on schedule. We hadlumber a cost variance due to the difference in our planned cost of $50 per tire and our estimated actual (accrual) cost of $53 per tire. We did not have the true actual cost yet.


In August we get vehicles 3 and 4 as planned. Late in the month vehicle 5 shows up, a month early. A total of 12 tires are installed. The BCWP for this month is (12 x $50) $600. Since we only planned to do vehicles 3 and 4 our BCWS for the month is (8 x $50) or $400. Our monthly SV is +$200 since we installed four more tires than planned.


Overall we planned to complete four vehicles by now but have completed five. The cumulative BCWP is (5 x 4 x $50) $1000 while the cumulative BCWS is (4 x 4 x $50) $800. The work package is complete since the BCWP ($1000) equals the BCWS (budget) for the tires ($1000).


Accounts payable has debited the project account for the payment to tire vendor. The tires actually cost $52.73 each. Our monthly ACWP is $632.76. The cumulative ACWP is (5 x 4 x $52.73) $1054.60. We make accounting adjustments to the prior months' ACWP to record the actual costs where we previously estimated the cost. We had estimated $53 per installed tire and now show the actual $52.73 per installed tire.


Our CV for the month is a negative $32.76 since we budgeted $50 for each installed tire and we paid $52.73. Overall our CV is a negative $54.60.


We bought twenty-six tires and have used twenty. None of the tires were found unusable during installation. We had not planned to use the spares but we do have to complete vehicle testing on our test track.


ANSI 748 requires us to account for all material. We bought 26 tires and have used 20. We now have 6 spares if needed during the vehicle off road track testing. We anticipate, based upon past experience, to use one tire for each 45 hours of track testing per vehicle. We update our PMB and plan the use of these tires using the same method used in planning the first 20. We review of when the track testing is planned to start, end, and the number of vehicles being testing concurrently. Then we show BCWS for the tires when we believe a spare might be used.


If we luck out and do not use any spares we can claim the material BCWP so that the testing work package BCWP equals the BCWS and adjust the ACWP to show their real cost. In the end the residual material and its cost is accounted for and the customer likely takes possession of the spare tires.


Next month...an addendum to the material discussion that will address one of a kind (bespoke) material and material drawn from company general inventory.




Planning to Plan


A few years ago I visited a client in Texas who just wanted to use EVM for internal IT projects. They'd tried MS Project but knew the EVM datatexas was not representative of the projects' health, even though they had a "black belt" in MS Project working on the effort. They wanted to try the EzEVM™ Excel template tailored for their application. When I arrived they showed me their project schedule template and then four project's schedules built upon the template. In a few days they had what they needed for the four projects.


Then they showed me another project schedule template and I was confused. Why two?

This was their schedule template for the plan to plan a project! This template included the PMBOK planning process as a networked schedule with entrance and exit criteria for each task so that when this "project" was complete, the plan for the target project was done.  

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Update on AACE, and Schedule Forensics


The AACE Southern California and South Central sections held their annual Spring Symposium. The three day event included AACE exam prep sessions, a track on scheduling and claims, a track on cost engineering, estimating, and earned value, and a showcase on technological innovation and software solutions. The key note was delivered by Michael Nosbisch, President of AACE. Michael talked about AACE's continuous growth and a 20% increaseanalysis in certifications.

Of potential interest to Newsletter readers.....
Dan Patterson, PMP, CEO of Acumen spoke on project (schedule) forensics talked about a five state scheduling maturity model and schedule validation. The latter term included the use of tools to make sure the schedule is robust and eliminates redundant logic (C is dependent on A and B, and B is dependent on A. So showing C as being dependent on A is redundant.) 

Is this CAM on your project?


He has never found a reason to use LOE measures.
His forward looking labor rates are never wrong.
His cumulative SPI is always 1.0000
His cumulative CV is always positive.
He has "MOM" tattooed on his left arm,

       and "EVM" tattooed on his right arm.

He sees the future so clearly that he has no use for

planning packages.


His work never requires rework.

He never asks for funds from Management Reserve.
During rebaselining, he replies, "I have no changes."
When he finds risk, he just eliminates it.

He is..........


                                          the most interesting CAM in the world.



bearded man


"I don't always drink, but when I do I drink the Kool-Aid" 




Workshops EVPrep and EVM Workshops
Earned Value Experience (CAM) Workshop
You'll experience creating an earned value management baseline, determining earned value from project status, Classroomcalculating earned value management indices, and estimating final cost and completion date. This workshop is perfect for team leads, control account managers, financial and schedule control staff, project and program managers, and chief project officers.

The workshop is held throughout the year in various locations
Excel EzEVM™Templates may be retained by attendees to implement earned value management in their organization.

View the Earned Value Experience (CAM) workshop outline and get the registration form.
EVPrep Exam Prep Workshop

The workshop covers all the topics likely covered in the exam and provides exam-like questions and workshop discussion about each question and the possible answers. This workshop also includes an EVM analysis question to help prepare you for the three page written essay in Part II (was part IV).

The workshop is held throughout the year in various locations.
This is twelve hours of mock EVP exam and discussions of correct and incorrect answers.
Do you have an EVP FAQ
Go to AACE's website for the latest information about exam dates.
View the EVPrep workshop outline and get the registration form.

Interested in an on-site workshop? Send an e-mail with your your address and the number of attendees to receive a quote.

Upcoming EVM and PM Conferences 
WHEN: 16-18 May 2011
WHERE: Naples, FL
EVP Exam on 19 May)
WHEN: 19-22 June 2011 
WHERE:June 19-22, Disneyland Resort, Anaheim CA
MORE INFO: AACE, International  

Australasian Integrated Performance Management Symposium
WHEN: July 2011
WHERE: Canberra
MORE INFO: later

PMI North American Congress (w/ EVM track)
WHEN: 22-25 October 2011
WHERE: Dallas, TX

23nd Annual Integrated Program Management Conference
WHEN: 7-9 November 2011
WHERE: Washington DC
MORE INFO: later
(EVP Exam on 10 November)


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