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4G is finally a reality and wireless carriers are working on everything from devices to billing to backhaul, all while providing an optimal customer experience.  Register today for 4G World, October 24-27 in Chicago, Alliance's hometown. Let us know if you're attending.

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Industry Insight: Another mega-merger  
Ericsson will buy Telcordia for $1.2B, adding software and service support to its mobile network offerings. 


Need a Laugh?
Too much tech jargon in telecom?  Here is a humorous take on some common industry terms.
Chicago Telecom Professionals 
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Richard McFarlane
Alliance Telecom Solutions
Message from Richard McFarlane, President

Alliance provides our clients support across a range of functional and technical skills, from Project/Program Management to Business Process Analysts and QA testers.  We have developed deep experience in the Billing space and have done everything from systems selection to systems upgrades and integrations following mergers.


So, the Billing and OSS event in Washington last week is an industry event we have attended for the last 15 years.   Last week's event focused on industry trends and current issues facing all of us in the telecom space.


Organized in three tracks - Business Optimization, Customer Relationships, and Operational Excellence - the meeting featured key notes from long time industry leaders from US Cellular, Sprint, and TW Telecom.


Alliance sponsored a private round table discussion for a small, diverse group from fixed, mobile, and convergent providers from tier 1 through tier 3 companies.


We found Policy Management, Customer Experience and defining Personalization to be the dominant issues being faced by Service Providers of all varieties.  These are areas being driven by the market, and are also areas we will be working with our clients to implement new products and business process.


LTE was an important subject for wireless carriers.  LTE deployment will affect business processes as many new products will be deployed, and for CDMA providers, add another layer of complexity to the order and activation process with the addition of UICC smart cards.


Alliance has the expertise to help with these changes.  We have Solutions Architects to help connect the business process and impacted BSS systems.  We have Project and Program Managers who can manage this implementation and change process.  If you are entering this process, and would like to discuss how our 17 years of industry experience can help, please contact me to set a meeting.


 Meet Our Staff: Doug Wells
Featured Consultant: Doug Wells, Senior Project Manager doug
Doug has worked in telecom for more than 20 years, specializing in B/OSS.

TT: How did you get into telecom?

DW: By accident! When working for IIMORROW (now Garmin) in 1989, I implemented field force management systems in support of United Parcel Service Delivery Operations. From there I moved on to deliver similar systems to Cable MSO and Tier-1 Telco operators. From there I went on take roles with Continental/ MediaOne/US West/ATT Broadband/Comcast (name changes caused by mergers). After the ATT Broadband/Comcast merger was finalized, I began utilizing my operational experience combined with solid project leadership skills to more effectively manage (as a consultant) the development and implementation of BSS/OSS systems in support of domestic and international broadband and Telco operators. I have worked on projects for Comcast, Cox, Telus, UPC, Telenet, Windstream, Alaska Communications, and many others.


TT: What is your subject matter expertise and how did you develop your knowledge?  

DW:  My focus has been the development and delivery of BSS and OSS solutions, to include the business processes to best utilize those technologies. After delivering technologies as a project manager for many years, I was given the opportunity to direct a large customer care and billing customer support team. I really believe that that experience shifted my delivery mentality and provided me with a complete end-to-end understanding of the customer lifecycle. This experience is put to use on each and every project..

TT: What do you feel is the biggest contribution you've made to a client?  

DW:  I feel that my delivery of project methodologies tuned to organizational cultures along with training business leaders on critical path planning provided more long-term value than delivering a business solution.  

TT: What is the most interesting project you've worked on?
I have to say that the migration of OSS/BSS support and development away from a US support team to a team in India was the most interesting and rewarding experience of my career. Not because of a flawless execution, because it wasn't, but because of the trial and error and the mix of cultures. The delivery was very successful, the path was difficult, the cultural education was amazing. Learning to respect different cultures is very rewarding, and finding ways to utilize cultural differences to benefit a project is so much fun. 


TT: What is your favorite city/country to work in?  

DW: I enjoy working with and learning about all cultures, but the history and architecture in Central Europe is my favorite.


TT: What do you like best about working with Alliance? 

DW: Alliance resources are all tested professionals who are all willing to share experiences and knowledge to ensure your success.


TT: What hobbies do you enjoy in your free time?  

DW: Fishing, gardening, and enjoying my family and corgi. During the winter months, I officiate high school and middle school wrestling. 

To request Doug for your next project or to view his full profile, please visit our web site.