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Check out video highlights of keynote speakers, podcasts of educational sessions, blogs, press releases and more highlights of the wireless industry's #1 event.
Industry Insight: Microbilling

Are carriers prime candidates for profitable microbilling as the NY Times suggests?  Or will the challenges of credit lines, bill shock and merchant integration overwhelm this revenue opportunity?  Read two perspectives on the future of mobile money.
Game on!
Is your company missing the chance to grab a piece of the dramatically growing videogame market?  Learn about how grownups are playing - and so should you.
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Dick McFarlane
Alliance Telecom Solutions
Message from Dick McFarlane, President:
It's Trade Show Season!
I have just returned from the Sprint CTIA event. It is always fun seeing long time friends and meeting new people. These meetings provide a great opportunity to refresh yourself with new ideas and challenge some of your views. The show was well attended and people seemed confident in their outlook for this year. Be sure to follow the CTIA highlights link on the left.

The National Association of Broadcasters is having an event in Las Vegas from April 19-23, which includes a telecom forum focused on content and convergence. If you are involved in creating or executing a convergent strategy, including content, this will be a good event for you to attend.

Alliance will be presenting a session at the telecom forum on overcoming the top challenges of convergent billing. If you attend the show, please stop by the technology papers sessions on April 21 and give us some feedback. For the past seven years Alliance has been helping clients create systems and process to support converged billing. Expanding bandwidth will continue to create huge opportunities for providers in gaming, video and connectivity to a whole new generation of new wireless devices. Call or email me to discuss how we can work with you to bring this future to your customers, and to successfully bill them for it.
Meet Our Staff
Erez Featured Consultant: Erez Pitchon, Senior Systems Analyst,

Erez has nine years of experience in telecom OSS/BSS architecture, design, development and testing.

TT: How did you get into telecom?
EP: While nearing the end of my Computer Science program at the University of Calgary in 2000 I had the pleasure of meeting several Amdocs employees who had just moved to Calgary to support Amdocs' telecom client. There were many items in their descriptions of Amdocs' approach to clients' needs that appealed to me, including the technologies used, the methodologies used, and the speed with which Amdocs could put together a large team in a foreign city. Amdocs flew me in to St. Louis for an interview and subsequently offered me a programmer analyst position in their development center there. I worked five years in St. Louis before joining Alliance for a total of nine years of telecom experience. 
TT: What is your subject matter expertise?
EP: Although I like to have my hands in many technologies, my focus has been billing systems for the telecommunication industry, and everything that surrounds that.  The massive number of hours I had spent working every role in the SDLC model - architect roles, design roles, coding roles, testing roles, support roles - gave me tremendous insight into how the systems and subsystems of a billing platform of this magnitude are wired together.  Representing Amdocs and Alliance at many client sites around the US and Canada further gave me great exposure to a wide variety of OSS/BSS systems, billing modules, and client facing interactions.

TT: What do you feel is the biggest contribution you've made to a client?
EP:  I thrive on troubleshooting complex system issues.  I'm stubborn in this way and don't give up on an unresolved issue.  I have often found myself staying up for an unreal number of hours at a time to troubleshoot high profile problems in production environments.  One example of this was a situation that was very embarrassing for the carrier involved.  They had a huge corporate client with a complex account structure and thousands of subordinate accounts for offices all over the country.  The client wanted a single bill, but something went wrong one month that caused them to receive seven shipping pallets of bills delivered to their office.  Imagine the fun!  Luckily, I was able to correct the situation in a timely fashion before many other clients receiving a similar friendly delivery.
TT:  What is one of the most interesting projects you've worked on?
EP: One of my most interesting projects involved a very complicated rating plan that was designed to give loyalty benefits to customers who stayed on the plan for a certain length of time.  The system had already contained functionality that was delivered by an "anonymous" company but never worked.  A whole team of people was trying to figure out how to make the design work but to no avail.  I worked closely with the business group to identify a flaw in the logic and deliver a solution.  I love digging into the most complex parts of a system and feel tremendous satisfaction when the root causes and solutions bubble up.

TT: What is your favorite city/country to work in?
EP: St. Louis was wonderful because of the warmth of the community I found there. Compared to Canada, the weather is by far milder and that very much appeals to me.  In general, people are very nice as can be expected from the Midwest.
TT: What do you like best about working with Alliance? 
EP: Alliance is a wonderful firm to work for because each individual has an opportunity to make a difference.  Most certainly Alliance cherishes their clients' relationships and this also translates to employer/employee relationships.  I get along wonderfully with (President) Dick McFarlane and do appreciate the access to higher management at Alliance. Mr. McFarlane is a straight shooter.

TT: What hobbies do you enjoy in your free time?
EP: Playing basketball and hiking keep me in shape.  I also enjoy taking an active part in the community where I live and help people with their needs.

To request Erez for your next project or to view his full profile, visit our web site.