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Week of May 21, 2012









Every year, GALT helps not just retired racers straight from the track, but many greyhounds who have fallen into a "care gap" as strays or owner surrenders to area shelters. These greyhounds often need an extra hand to prepare for adoption, whether they have medical expenses or just need some extra TLC. 


One of our newest arrivals is a prime example of how GALT can reach out to those needy greyhounds. Jazzy is a four month old puppy who was brought to GALT's attention on May 18th as a greyhound in need at an Oklahoma shelter. With the help of local volunteers, we were able to pull her from the shelter just before she was scheduled to be euthanized! Jazzy needs some extra TLC to get in tip-top shape for her future new family, and our volunteers and foster homes are ready to help her. 


You can help GALT "bridge the gap" for these special greyhounds by donating to this $10,000 matching fund, generously provided by the Robert Tucker Hayes Foundation 


Reaching out to Greyhounds in need - don't let them fall in the gap! Donate






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GALT has earned the Guidestar Exchange Seal, demonstrating its commitment to transparency. 


GALT is a Top-Rated Animal Welfare Nonprofit for 2012.

Head South of the Border!
Join GALT and Maximo for a Tequila Tasting benefiting GALT!
Thursday, June 7th (Rain Date - June 14th)

5301 Alpha Road, Suite 80
Dallas, TX 75240
6:30pm - 9:00pm 
Tickets $45 each
Animal Whimsey Jewelry will be available for purchase
Suzanne Burke will be in attendance to autograph copies of her book, Logan's Secret

The Greyhound Adoption League of Texas - West Texas enjoyed a beautiful afternoon of visiting with animal loving folks at Muttfest 2012, which was held Sunday May 20. GALT-WT has been represented at Amarillo's Muttfest events since 2009 and have met some great people like Teresa Bushek of Shot On Site Photography. We were fortunate to meet her the first year we were at Muttfest. Teresa featured GALT on her blog this year. Please visit her blog and enjoy GALT's houndies, Ollie (fka Primo), Mo (fka Freeman), Sally, Nice Guy and their non-GALT packmates Mia, Argos and Apollo (who never let a Muttfest guest leave GALT's booth without loving on him).  
Teresa Bushek 
Facebook  - "Like" her Facebook page for specials and online-only announcements/contests!  
GALT-WT will be having an informal greyhound gathering on Sunday, May 27th at the home of Lonnie and Marian Jones beginning at 5:30pm. Please feel free to drop by and bring your greyhounds. The next event GALT-WT greyhounds will be available for loving on is the annual Borger Summer Celebration on June 15th from 5:30 to 9:30pm at Huber Park in Borger, TX. GALT-WT has been in attendance and educating the public on the joys of greyhounds as pets at this event since 2008. Stay tuned for future events in the Texas Panhandle such as the Borger Beach Bash, Canyon Fair on the Square and Pampa's Chautauqua. 

Leaving Tracks has picked GALT  to benefit from their benefit wine sales through June! Check out the exciting new greyhound-based wine labels - everything from Chardonnay to Cabernet is available for purchase. Many thanks to Leaving Tracks!  




video Capture the Spirit  

Your membership dollars will support transition and adoption efforts! GALT supports, welcomes and encourages an active, organized membership base of greyhound lovers who share the passion and vision of finding loving, responsible forever homes for greyhounds.
Without your support, we cannot further our mission to rescue and adopt these wonderful dogs.
Don't forget!
Gold Memberships have the option to take 10% off event tickets.  When ordering your tickets online, make sure to enter in your coupon code received in your Membership letter to get your 10%.

Logan's SecretWhat does a lightening fast racing greyhound do when he is suddenly faced with a crucial decision during the middle of an important race? Based on a true story, Logan's Secret is an inspirational story about one of GALT's own racing greyhounds (Rapido USA - aka Sam), whose critical decision during a race changed his life forever! Travel with Logan as he uncovers secrets to help him overcome adversity and the many obstacles he is faced with on his long journey home.
A rare find that is not just a children's story, but a story to be shared with the entire family - a book for all ages!  The book contains fun projects at the end for children to expand their vocabulary, critical thinking skills, and creative writing skills. This is available for pre-order only, to be published in May 2012.  Copy comes with Logan and author's signature. Pre Order


Air Freshener
GALT is the designated charity for Rain Dog Treats' air freshener sales for April and May!

These pretty greyhound-shaped air fresheners come in a lovely range of scents and are great for home or car use. 

Your purchases will benefit GALT - buy now
It has never been easier to support the GALT greyhounds! GALT Champions are dedicated GALT supporters who pledge monthly donations to ensure funds will always be available to care for our precious greyhounds. The GALT champions make "no grey turned away" a reality each and every day. 
You can choose your level of monthly support ($15, $25 or $36) or write in the amount that you wish to pledge each month to help the hounds. It's that simple! Donate


Marvin Commanche
Marvin & Comanche
Saturday, May 26, 2012
11:00am - 1:00pm
Petco - Frisco
15942 El Dorado Pkwy.  
Frisco, TX 

Three to four available greyhounds will be at this event




Saturday, May 26, 2012
12:00am - 2:00pm
Petco - Grapevine
1250 William D. Tate Ave. 
Grapevine, TX

Three to four available greyhounds will be at this event




Saturday, May 26, 2012
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Canine Commissary - Plano
1301 Custer Road
Plano, TX

Five to six available greyhounds will be at this event






Lauren, aka Wanego Lauren, is a beautiful 7-year-old fawn female born July 15, 2004. Her sire is WMS Castaway, and her dam is Greys Gold Star. Lauren has 42 races to her credit on starting February 7. 2007, at the now closed Corpus Christi, TX track and ending there on December 16, 2007. Lauren was then adopted, but due to economic circumstances a few years later, her owner requested GALT's help in finding Lauren's forever family. Lauren was then adopted for a couple of months, but has since returned to GALT as she would do best in a forever home with a canine companion.


Lauren is a very petite, dainty and feminine girl looking for someone to love. She has a few requirements: Lauren needs to be part of a pack, so having one or more greyhounds or other dogs to bond with is essential. She has some food allergies/sensitive stomach issues recently and has now settled into a food that agrees with her: Costco's Nature's Domain dry chow. She will need to be kept on this or something with a similar formula so her tummy will not become upset. Due to her previous digestion problems, Lauren has some anxiety if unable to go outside when needed, so a dog door is also a must. Otherwise, she is perfectly healthy, cat-friendly, child-friendly, and a pleasure to care for. She refuses to get up on any furniture even when invited, but occasionally I find her on the foot of my bed in the mornings. She starts out on the bedroom floor, but during the night she feels the need to get a bit closer! Lauren will tell you when she wants treats (never barking, but trying to talk instead), does great zoomies in the yard, gives delicate little kisses, is an attentive and empathetic listener, and a propeller-tail wagger. Lauren is very happy just to have a routine (she has her favorite bed in her favorite spot), some good food, her doggie buddies and a family to adore. Come meet her and let her tell you all about herself! 

-Lauren's foster mom



Gabriel is a light fawn 2-year-old male born March 2010. His tattoos are very readable but his litter does not appear to be registered - we are attempting to do further research on his background. He came to GALT via the North Texas Humane Society. This smaller boy is ready for a home of his own! 

Ozzie, aka Thundering Ozzie, is a 3 1/2-year-old brindle male born September 2, 2008. His sire is Red Thunder, and his dam is My Lil Mouse, making his grand sire the late, famous Molotov. Ozzie showed little interest in a racing career at all, but he sure wants to be part of a family! The staff at VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital fell in love with him, and they say he is one sweet, sweet boy! Ozzie was in a home for 2 years, but was not getting along with a small dog there, so he has returned to start his forever home search again. Ozzie will be retested with cats and other small animals. 
Jazzy is an approximately 4-5 month old black female greyhound with a big splash of white on her chest and 4 white paws! Jazzy was found as a stray and was taken to the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter. GALT received word through Facebook about her. When contact was made, Jazzy was 75 minutes from being euthanized. She is one cute, cute little girl with a BIG personality! Ironically, Jazzy and Rosie could be sisters, judging from their size and resemblance! 
Rosie is an approximately 4-5 month old black female greyhound with white paws on her back feet. Rosie was listed on Craigslist in Oklahoma City as a give away, and she was brought to GALT by a dog lover from the OKC area. (Thank you Chelsi!) Ironically, Rosie and Jazzy could be sisters judging from their size and looks. 



If you have been considering fostering, or know someone who is considering fostering, now would be a great time to jump in! If anyone can help, even temporarily, please contact 
Jennifer Vilches at jennifer@vilches.orgGreys waiting on foster homes at BARK! and Top Paw Resort are Autumn, Cactus, Comanche, Dimple, Gumbo, Gabriel, Gus, Jet, Kiwi and Kyrie. Greys awaiting processing at Houn' House are Canyon, Stampede and Story. 


      Kyrie  Cactus  Gumbo  Autumn

                   Kyrie                            Cactus                       Gumbo                         Autumn




      gus  Dimple  Jet  Kiwi

                   Gus                             Dimple                           Jet                               Kiwi




      Gabriel  Comanche

                 Gabriel                       Comanche




Fly, aka WKD Fly Levell
August 7, 2004 - May 18, 2012
Beloved and cherished by Dr. Kelly Nitsche


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