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Week of March 19, 2012









The GALT family is very saddened by the loss of Diane Whiteley, a true champion for greyhounds in the state of Texas. Diane was Executive Director of the Texas Greyhound Association from 2004 to 2011. She was a catalyst for change in the greyhound industry and made a large difference in our greyhound world of adoption.


In recognition of Diane's love for greyhounds and her wish that GALT's work continue, a generous GALT donor has established this fund in her honor. All memorials received will be used toward GALT's mission of "No Grey Turned Away" - something Diane fiercely supported. We send our heartfelt condolences to Diane's family and friends at this sad time.



The family of Diane Whiteley, along with the TGA, invite you to a memorial service to celebrate her life and to remember her. The service will be held at Christian Life Church, 3015 Robinson Drive, Waco, TX on Saturday March 31, 2012 at 11:00am. 




The Officers, Directors, and Committee Members of Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, Inc.




GALT has earned the Guidestar Exchange Seal, demonstrating its commitment to transparency. 


GALT is a Top-Rated Animal Welfare Nonprofit for 2012.






 GALT's 11th Birthday - It's Time to Celebrate!


Saturday - April 21, 2012

11:00am - 4:00pm


Simone's 10th Birthday




Doubletree Ranch Park

310 Highland Village Road
Highland Village, Texas
Map & Directions


Bring your chairs and blankets.

Greyhound Only event.


Advance ticket prices available through April 15th!

$15 ~ Adults  (Increases to $20 week of and event day)  

$10 ~ Kids (8 and under)


Online tickets will be available until Thursday, April 19 at 10:00pm


Purchase tickets 


Included in your ticket:

- Choice of BBQ or Veggie Burger

- Sides (Macaroni & Cheese, Potato Salad, Jalapeno Beans, Coleslaw)

- Banana Pudding

- Condiments

- Soft Drink or Water

- Birthday Cake for Human & Hounds

- Three raffle tickets

- Doggie bag (recyclable) including vendor freebies



What's to Eat?: 

- Greyt local BBQ - Served from 12:30pm - 2:30pm

- Human Birthday Cake - Served at 2:00pm

- Hound birthday cake by Three Dog Bakery - Served at 2:00pm

Event glass for $10 - free beer refills during the event



 What's to do?:

- Lure Coursing - exhibition and attendee participation  - Off Leash Greyhound Play area - All Greyhounds must wear muzzles inside the enclosed area - for safety of all participants there will be NO EXCEPTIONS!!

- Greyhound Spa including Pedi's (Nail trims) ($10) - Spa will be open from 12:00pm to 3:00pm
   - Reiki Sessions ($10) - schedule your 15 minute session online!  


Friday @ GALT's 5th Bday Party




What's an event without shopping?: 


- GALT's GreytStore  - The Unruly Hound - Martingale Collars

- Animal Whimsey - unveiling their new Greyhound Eternity Band

- Danielle Bennignus - Greyhound Art
- Greyhound Pens - customized for you!

- Compass Bank    

- Greyt Raffle items (tickets are 3 for $5)





More fun in the works so buy your tickets now!


Do you have photos of your greyhound in their birthday hats? 

(we know you do - don't be shy)  Send .jpg files to Sara Ramadan at and we will post them for all to see. 

Please include greyhounds name and birthday (6th, 7th, etc.) for proper credit!



Bring in a voucher to raise funds for GALT! From each associated sale on Tuesday March 17th, 18% of the subtotal will be donated to support Greyhound rescue and adoption. Stock up on all-natural and wholesome treats, food, rawhides, toys, collars, leashes, harnesses, bowls and more for your furry loved ones and help save the lives of Greyhounds! This fundraiser is good at both Three Dog Bakery locations - Plano and Southlake. Download Voucher

It has never been easier to support the GALT greyhounds! GALT Champions are dedicated GALT supporters who pledge monthly donations to ensure funds will always be available to care for our precious greyhounds. The GALT champions make "no grey turned away" a reality each and every day. 
You can choose your level of monthly support ($15, $25 or $36) or write in the amount that you wish to pledge each month to help the hounds. It's that simple! Donate




video Capture the Spirit  

Your membership dollars will support transition and adoption efforts! GALT supports, welcomes and encourages an active, organized membership base of greyhound lovers who share the passion and vision of finding loving, responsible forever homes for greyhounds.
Without your support, we cannot further our mission to rescue and adopt these wonderful dogs.
Don't forget!
Gold Memberships have the option to take 10% off event tickets.  When ordering your tickets online, make sure to enter in your coupon code received in your Membership letter to get your 10%.




For those that attended the Gala, a very special auction item was donated by Cheeky's Glass Works - a custom glass mosaic greyhound! If you missed out on this item, there is still an opportunity to get one of your own.



Cheeky's is offering a custom mosiac greyhound to the first 50 orders for $120. Size of the mosaic is approximately 45" X 12".

Please contact Cheeky's directly to order:


Shipping for non-local orders will be extra.


15% of the proceeds will be donated back to GALT!


Offer expires September 30, 2012








On March 31st, GALT is partnering with the Texas Handgun Academy to offer a concealed handgun license class as a fundraiser benefiting GALT. Classes are $100 per person. For more details on what to bring or to register, click HERE.  Driver's license, U.S. passport, or state I.D. required. 


Concealed Handgun License Class
March 31, 2012 
Texas Handgun Academy
10201 Plano Road Ste. 107
Dallas, TX 75238





We have received permission from one resident to set up a new feeding station, and are working on getting permission for one or two more in different ares of the same neighborhood. We have new flyers to pass out to neighborhood residents this weekend to spread awareness and acquire new locations for feeding stations and the camera. Please keep Tia in your thoughts and prayers. Updates




Gertie, aka Gunpowder Gertie, is a 4-year-old red fawn female born October 16, 2007. Her sire is Maryville Rumble, and her dam is Hoops Slamdunk. Gertie has no races to her credit on She was injured in an accident at the farm after returning from the track - her left front leg has been amputated, but that hasn't stopped Gertie from getting around quite well. Gertie can still hop around with style, and would like to hop right into your heart! Gertie is not cat tolerant. 

Maybe it's the tripod in her, but Gertie is fast and strong for such a little girl. She has done very well for just recently living in a home for the first time - no potty accidents at all! She's still getting accustomed to being a pet, so for the time being, she is crated when no one is home. Although she's not fond of her crate, she does relax and nap once she's inside. There are still a few things she is learning about, like the dogs barking on tv are not hiding somewhere in the house, and food will always be there so there's no hurry. She loves food - maybe a little too much. It is her favorite thing. I try to keep her weight stable so she doesn't put too much strain on her front leg. The quest for food is a very serious matter, in her opinion. Gertie sleeps thru the night and is happy on the carpet or on a dog bed. She likes to roach but needs help keeping her balance so something to roach against like a wall or doggie bolster bed with the nice edges helps her out. She is definitely a velcro dog and will follow you from room to room. She also loves to cuddle and give kisses - lots of kisses! Because she only has one front leg, she doesn't have the same ability to balance herself and scratch with her hind legs the way most dogs can (yes, she can still scratch herself, but it's just not quite the same), so she really appreciates those scritches and leans on you when she really gets into them. Gertie is still honing her car riding skills but she has proven she learns quickly and I have no doubt she will soon understand it's not her job to drive. Gertie loves people and gets along with her grey sisters and the Border Collies next door. You can tell how happy and excited she is to be a pet! She's ready to give all her love to you!
Follow Gertie on Facebook to read about her daily activities! 
-Gertie's foster mom




Lynn, aka Cousin Lynn, is a 2-year-old brindle male born July 1, 2009. His sire is Lonesome Cry and his dam is Cousin VI. Lynn has two races to his credit in May 2011 on, both at Gulf Greyhound Park in LaMarque, Texas. Lynn arrived with an injured toe, which was not broken, but had an open wound which would not heal due to irritation from the neighboring toe. Dr. Ellis and Dr. Soileau of VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital determined that the best medical decision was to amputate the toe. The surgery went smoothly, and Lynn is healed. Lynn was in a home for a few months, but because of separation anxiety, he's back on the hunt for his perfect forever home. Lynn is cat tolerant and would do best with another greyhound companion. 


Keeper, aka Keeper Fantastic, is a gorgeous black male with white accents born November 5, 2009, Keeper's sire is TK Quick Strike and his dam is Cira's Lemon. Keeper has 24 races to his credit on, all at Gulf Greyhound Park in Texas. He started his career on October 22, 2011 and it ended abruptly on March 15, 2012 with a broken leg. Keeper has been evaluated by Dr. Christy Soileau at VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital and in consultation with Dr. Radasch of the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center, it was determined that the best outcome for Keeper is to amputate his leg due to the severity of the break. It is not yet known if Keeper is small animal or cat tolerant. 


Nick, aka Sharp N Witty, is a handsome 4-year old black male born November 2, 2007. His sire is Super Lee, and his dam is Pearl Hart, making his grand sire the late, famous Gable Dodge. There are no races to Nick's credit listed on He arrived with 4 other greyhounds - Kelly, Davis, Joy and Noel - on December 16, 2009, from a coyote hunter in Amarillo. Nick was in a home for two years, but has returned to GALT due to these difficult economic times. He's got great house manners and just look at those adorable ears! Nick is not cat tolerant, but is small dog trainable. 


Lucky is an 11-month-old brindle male with a broken right hock - his condition was evaluated and surgery was performed on March 20th by Dr. Gower of the Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Clinic in Austin.


Autumn is a 2.5-year-old white and brindle female born August 29, 2009 to sire Flying Penske and dam Robin's Alexis. Autumn is the "E" pup in her litter, but had no record on She and Tiffany are litter-mates. 


Dimple is an almost 2-year-old white and brindle female born April 21, 2010 to sire Lonesome Cry and dam Go Go Dream. Dimple is the "J" pup in her litter, but has no record on  She and Kaiser are litter-mates. 


Gumbo is an almost 2-year-old white and brindle male born in May 2010. has no record of his litter at this time and we are researching her tattoos with the NGA. 


Hazel is a 2-year-old red female born January 2010. has no record of her litter at this time and we are researching her tattoos with the NGA. 


Kaiser is an almost 2-year-old brindle male born born April 21, 2010to sire Lonesome Cry and dam Go Go Dream. Kaiser is the "D" pup in his litter, but has no record on He and Dimple are litter-mates. Kaiser had a previously broken right hock as a puppy, which was successfully repaired with a plate and screws. 


Kiwi is an almost 2-year-old white and black female born in May 2010. has no record of her litter at this time and we are researching her tattoos with the NGA. 


Tiffany is a 2.5-year-old black female born August 29, 2009 to sire Flying Penske and dam Robin's Alexis. Tiffany is the "F" pup in her litter, but has no record on She and Autumn are litter-mates.  




Saturday, March 24, 2012        
11:00am - 3:00pm
WT White Street Fair MEET & GREET                                         
WT White High School
Dallas, TX
One available GALT greyhounds, Bella, will be at this event.

Saturday, March 24, 2012
11:00pm - 1:00pm
Petco Frisco MEET & GREET
15942 El Dorado Pkwy  
Frisco, TX
Three to four available GALT greyhounds will be at this event.
Saturday, March 24, 2012
12:00pm - 2:00pm
Petco Grapevine MEET & GREET
1250 William D Tate Ave. 
Grapevine, TX
Three to four available GALT greyhounds will be at this event.
Saturday, March 24, 2012
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Petco Carrollton MEET & GREET
2722 N. Josey Ln.  
Carrollton, TX 
Three to four available GALT greyhounds will be at this event. 



This is a busy season for vacations and with spring break coming up, we need to reduce the number of dogs in boarding. If you have been considering fostering, or know someone who is considering fostering, now would be a great time to jump in! If anyone can help, even temporarily, please contact 
Jennifer Vilches at jennifer@vilches.orgGreys in Boarding at BARK! and Top Paw Resort are Kit, Flash and Kyrie. Greys at Houn' House waiting to be medically processed are Ida, Darlin abd Dedi. Timex and Carbon are waiting for IR foster homes. 


     image of Flash  Kyrie  Smoke  Nick 

                  Flash                           Kyrie                           Smoke                            Nick                        



     no pic logo  Timex  Carbon  no pic logo 

                 Truffles                         Timex                          Carbon                           Ida                   



     no pic logo  no pic logo  no pic logo  no pic logo     

                  Darlin                             Dedi                           Autumn                         Dimple



     no pic logo  no pic logo  no pic logo  no pic logo

                 Gumbo                          Hazel                           Kaiser                            Kiwi



     no pic logo 



Blitzen, aka Rodeo Brite Lite
November 6, 1998 to March 17, 2012
Greatly missed by Jennifer Young and Jack Schell

Liberty, aka Ksons Liberty
April 15, 2002 to March 16, 2012
Beloved by John, Michael & Jeremy Reinert
Crystal, aka Crystal City
February 28, 1999 to March 5, 2012
Beloved by Jo O'Donnell


If your greyhound has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, please let us know by sending a note to
If you have an article to submit for publication, a suggestion, or a "greyt" story, please email

If you have moved or need to update your contact information since you adopted your GALT greyhound, please email
Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, Inc.
P.O. Box 680  Addison, Texas 75001-0680