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Week of March 5, 2012




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Southlake belonged to the Greyhounds Saturday night!   The Gala was a huge success - we ate, drank and bid all in honor of the greyhounds and our mission:  No Grey Turned Away.  Guests were treated to an outstanding meal, sharp event glasses, greyt music and a dazzling selection of auction items.  No one went home empty handed and a good time was had by all!



   Greyt Thanks to all our sponsors, members and volunteers for making this year's Gala a huge success!


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The Officers, Directors, and Committee Members of Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, Inc.





GALT has earned the Guidestar Exchange Seal, demonstrating its commitment to transparency. 


GALT is a Top-Rated Animal Welfare Nonprofit for 2012.









GALA Special!!


For those that attended the Gala, a very special auction item was donated by Cheeky's Glass Works - a custom glass mosaic greyhound!  If you missed out on this item, there is still an opportunity to get one of your own.



Cheeky's is offering a custom mosiac greyhound to the first 50 orders for $120.  Size of the mosaic is approximately 45" X 12". 

Please contact Cheeky's directly to order:


Shipping for non-local orders will be extra.


15% of the proceeds will be donated back to GALT!


Offer expires September 30, 2012 




video Capture the Spirit  

Your membership dollars will support transition and adoption efforts! GALT supports, welcomes and encourages an active, organized membership base of greyhound lovers who share the passion and vision of finding loving, responsible forever homes for greyhounds.
Without your support, we cannot further our mission to rescue and adopt these wonderful dogs.
Don't forget!
Gold Memberships have the option to take 10% off event tickets.  When ordering your tickets online, make sure to enter in your coupon code received in your Membership letter to get your 10%.


On Friday, 2/24/12, we received a call about a Tia sighting, still in the same general area. It was unconfirmed, but we have since confirmed it by a second witness who we deem reliable. We are looking into the possibility of moving the feeding station, and we are also concentrating our efforts with the flyers. Unfortunately we have also had to sort through some prank calls. Please keep Tia in your thoughts and prayers. Updates

It has never been easier to support the GALT greyhounds! GALT Champions are dedicated GALT supporters who pledge monthly donations to ensure funds will always be available to care for our precious greyhounds. The GALT champions make "no grey turned away" a reality each and every day. 
You can choose your level of monthly support ($15, $25 or $36) or write in the amount that you wish to pledge each month to help the hounds. It's that simple! Donate





Congratulations to all the greys who found their forever homes in February! 
Prancer               Alice and Simon Watson
Emery                 Danielle Lancomb and Matthew Drake
Cactus                Rick and Jean Sullivan
Piper                   Diane Lee
Image                  Kathy and Jimmy Weldon
Elsa                    Sarah and Justin Else
Rock Star            Jackie Leveridge
Dash                   Shawn and Samantha Cox
Niche                  Arnie and Amy Mech
Jiffy                     Gary Carlisle
Cosmo                Rebecca and Jeanette Van Houten
Mooney               Sonia Gonzalez and Stephen Liddick
Gigi                     Lisa and David Hightower
Yogi                    Angelo and Barb Calabrese
Paulette               Lisa Bengelsdorf



On March 31st, GALT is partnering with the Texas Handgun Academy to offer a concealed handgun license class as a fundraiser benefiting GALT. Classes are $100 per person. For more details on what to bring or to register, click HERE.  Driver's license, U.S. passport, or state I.D. required. 


Concealed Handgun License Class
March 31, 2012 
Texas Handgun Academy
10201 Plano Road Ste. 107
Dallas, TX 75238






Tabasco, with Brad photobombing
Saturday, March 10, 2012        
11:00am - 1:00pm
Three Dog Bakery Southlake MEET & GREET
1251 E. Southlake Blvd. #323  
Southlake, TX
Two to three available GALT greyhounds will be at this event.

Saturday, March 10, 2012
12:00pm - 2:00pm
Petco Plano MEET & GREET
801 W. 15th St.  
Plano, TX
Five to six available GALT greyhounds will be at this event.
Saturday, March 10, 2012
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Petco Grand Prairie MEET & GREET
5236 South State Highway 360 
Grand Prairie, TX
Two to three available GALT greyhounds will be at this event.
Saturday, March 10, 2012
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Three Dog Bakery Plano MEET & GREET
5960 W. Parker Rd. 
Plano, TX 
Two to three available GALT greyhounds will be at this event. 





Harley, aka Zam Ammo, is a 7-year-old red brindle boy born July 14, 2004. Harley's sire is Fortified Power and his dam is WW Lenny Lumina. Like his brother, Bison, Harley was not competitive and has no recorded races. Harley is a very cute, playful, smaller boy with a docked tail, which just adds to his expressive personality. Harley was adopted out for five years but has been returned due to his owner's health problems and no fault of his own. So, once again Harley is looking for his FOREVER home. Harley is small animal and cat tolerant. 

Harley has a gentle, cute personality and expressive face. He occasionally roaches, but is more of a curl-up kind of guy. He gets along greyt with the other hounds of the house, and lives with three cats. He mostly ignores the cats, but gives half-hearted chase if he's in lively mode. The cats are relaxed with him. Harley loves his walks and outings, and is prone to a few zoomies around the backyard. He responds happily to an enthusiastic voice, especially when he hears his name. Very cute! He gets a little excited when going to a meet & greet, and has quite the endearing soprano vocals. I've found it best to get the singing out of the way in the beginning, so Harley makes a big entrance! Then he's mellow the rest of the time and is content to quietly get all the loving he can. Harley had to have quite a few teeth extracted, so hard toys aren't his thing. He can crunch some treats, but does better with softer treats and the sandwich cookie-type treats. His kibble gets soaked overnight for breakfast, and through the day for his dinner. 
-Harley's foster mom




Harlyn, aka Pinny's Hot Rod, is a 6-year-old red male born December 13, 2005. His sire is Stan's //boy Flyer, making his sire the famous Gable Dodge, and his dam is Rooftop Pinny (GALT's Pinny). Harlyn raced in only 3 races in Corpus Christi Texas, beginning on December 6, 2007 and ending December 29, 2007. He is a large boy with a very sweet disposition and ears that can point in all directions. Harlyn was in a home for three years, but has returned to GALT due to a change in family. 


Megan, aka Kwicher Naggin, is a strikingly dark brindle 4.5-year-old female born May 8, 2007. Megan's sire is Frank Furter and her dam is Cals Clever Kara. Megan has 107 races to her credit on, starting October 15, 2008 at Dairyland. She then moved to the Bluff's Run track in 2009, Sarasota in 2010, and finished her career at Gulf Greyhound Park in Texas with a torn plantars ligament on February 15, 2012. Megan is under the care of Dr. Stephen Kerpsack at  Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Austin, who peformed surgery on February 29th. His diagnosis was a right intertarsal joint (ankle) dislocation and plantar ligament rupture. She received an ankle joint fusion with a 5 hole 2.7 mm plate applied along the lateral aspect of the calcaneus 4th tarsal bone with 3 screws placed in the calcaneus and 2 in the fourth tarsal bone. It is imperative that Megan stay quiet with exercise restrictions; she will be in a cast for approximately 8 weeks. Dr. Kerpsack predicts a good prognosis with normal function expected. The ankle fusion may take up to 12-14 weeks. 


Cracker, aka WWW Firecracker, is a 2-year-old black male born January 1, 2010. Cracker's sire is the Irish-bred Ballymac Flight and his dam is R's Fire Wire, making his grand sire the late, great Dodgem By Design. Cracker has 35 races to his credit on, all at Gulf Greyhound Park in Texas. He started on August 10, 2011 and ended his career on February 19, 2012 with a broken toe. Cracker is under the care of Dr. Ron Stried of VCA Tanglewood in Austin. After evaluation of the compound break, Dr. Stried amputated the toe. Cracker is now recovering quietly in a foster home.


Truffles is an 18-month old black female greyhound who came to us from an Amarillo coyote hunter, Her tattoos are being researched, and we are waiting on the results of her initial medical tests. 



This is a busy season for vacations and with spring break coming up, we need to reduce the number of dogs in boarding. If you have been considering fostering, or know someone who is considering fostering, now would be a great time to jump in! If anyone can help, even temporarily, please contact 
Jennifer Vilches at jennifer@vilches.orgGreys in Boarding at BARK! and Top Paw Resort are Kit, Flash, Wyatt, Smoke and Kyrie. Greys at Houn' House are Timex, Carbon, Ida, Darlin abd Dedi.


   image of Kit  image of Flash  Kyrie  Smoke     

                 Kit                              Flash                           Kyrie                             Smoke      



   no pic logo  Timex  Carbon  no pic logo

               Wyatt                           Timex                          Carbon                           Ida



   no pic logo  no pic logo               

                Darlin                            Dedi


March 5, 2012
Running with the wind at the Rainbow Bridge
Cherished and Beloved by Spirithorse

May 1999 to March 2012 
Beloved by Darla Szalla and Stephani Patterson
July 11, 2001 to February 27, 2012 
Beloved by Barb and Chet Gadola
EZ, aka EZ Lord Penske 
September 23, 2003 to February 22, 2012 
Beloved and Cherished by Beryl Powers 


If your greyhound has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, please let us know by sending a note to
If you have an article to submit for publication, a suggestion, or a "greyt" story, please email

If you have moved or need to update your contact information since you adopted your GALT greyhound, please email
Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, Inc.
P.O. Box 680  Addison, Texas 75001-0680