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Week of January 30, 2012




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GALT unveils an avenue for you to be a champion for its greyhounds every hour of every day!


Each day begins unknown to all what lies ahead. An example is Thursday, January 19, when a phone call was received from a shelter in East Texas that 2 greys had been surrendered to them from the owner, and he had 8 more greyhounds to give up. Stetson and Cupcake were picked up the next day followed by Onyx and Blade within 2 more days. All tested heartworm positive. Direct communication was established with the owner to make arrangements for the remaining 6, all the time hoping they too were not heartworm positive. This was not to be. In the ensuing 9 days Timex, Carbon, Harry, Stewart, Clooney and Charity arrived. 10 heartworm positive dogs in 14 days - a first in GALT's 11 year history. 


Please consider being a GALT Champion and join in this task force of "no grey turned away". It is not possible without your support. 


ChampionIt has never been easier to support the GALT greyhounds! GALT CHAMPIONS are dedicated GALT supporters who pledge monthly donations to ensure funds will always be available to care for our precious greyhounds. The GALT champions make "no grey turned away" a reality each and every day.


You can choose your level of monthly support ($15, $25, or $36) or write-in the amount that you wish to pledge each month to help the hounds. It's that simple! Donate now





The Officers, Directors, and Committee Members of Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, Inc.





GALT has earned the Guidestar Exchange Seal, demonstrating its commitment to transparency. 


GALT is a Top-Rated Animal Welfare Nonprofit for 2011





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Your membership dollars will support transition and adoption efforts! GALT supports, welcomes and encourages an active, organized membership base of greyhound lovers who share the passion and vision of finding loving, responsible forever homes for greyhounds. Without your support, we cannot further our mission to rescue and adopt these wonderful dogs.

GALT Membership | More Info 

 Auction Items Needed for the Gala!

The Gala is rapidly approaching and we still need greyt silent and live auction items. 


What should I donate?


Gift Certificates for just about anything allows the winner to personalize their experience.


Does your company offer a service to consumers - housekeeping, lawn care, pool maintenance, catering for an event, floral arrangements for a party are always popular!


Share your passion with GALT by donating an item for the silent or live auction at the Gala. We would love to offer a wide selection of event tickets, travel packages, art, jewelry, gift certificates, home décor....the list goes on! Think about an item you would like to bid on....and donate it for the good of the hounds!


Donations are tax deductible and donation forms are available. We also have a "formal" item request that can be emailed to you for corporate donor consideration. Items may be dropped off at VCA Preston Park Animal Hospital, 18770 Preston Road, Dallas, 75252, or contact us to make mail/pick up arrangements.


Auction contact: Marjy LaGesse, Tel: 972-822-5076 or email


We would appreciate items being turned in by February 24th, 2012.


 GALT respectfully requests your presence at the...
11th Annual Greyt Gala & Auction

March 3, 2012
1400 Plaza Place, Southlake, TX 76092
Cocktails & Wine   6:00-7:00pm
 Gourmet Dinner   7:15 pm
 $125 for a single ticket purchase
                                                   $100 per ticket (when two or more are purchased at the same time)
For almost eleven years, the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas (GALT) has been not only the organization of choice for retired greyhounds requiring adoption services, but often the adoption organization of last resort for many injured, abused, and neglected Greyhounds.


GALT's mission of "No Grey Turned Away" has resulted in unconditional intake of greyhounds no matter what their medical needs are.  For some of these greyhounds, the journey to a forever home comes relatively quickly, Many others require vast amounts of medical care to treat broken legs, heartworm infestation, tick borne blood diseases, the ravages of near starvation plus  time to heal.  As a result of this dedication, GALT saw its annual operating budget increase from about $280,000 in our fiscal year 2009-2010 to nearly $400,000 in our last fiscal year 2010 -2011 due to increased medical and rehabilitation costs for these sick and injured greyhounds 


The monies raised from your ticket and auction purchases will provide the funds needed for GALT to continue to provide care and substance for the injured, sick, abused and neglected greyhounds. 


Your FAITH in GALT, your never-ending HOPE that every Greyhound has a loving home, and your CHARITY at this event will make that possible.


Puppy LoveAnd they call it puppy love
Oh, I guess they'll never know 
How a greyhound puppy makes you feel! 
And why we love them so! 
GALT is proud to present 3 litters of crocheted puppies - ready to go home just in time for Valentine's Day! These are the perfect little land sharks without all the fuss and muss. They offer unconditional love and lifelong companionship. All they ask for in return is a soft spot to land and lots of cuddles. Please consider adding one of these gorgeous babies to your family today! All proceeds will benefit GALT's numerous heartworm positive Injured Reserve greyhounds. Bid Now
-Special thanks to Claire Nozza for making and donating the pups!



On March 24th, GALT is partnering with the Texas Handgun Academy to offer a concealed handgun license class as a fundraiser benefiting GALT. Classes are $100 per person. For more details on what to bring or to register, click HERE.  Driver's license, U.S. passport, or state I.D. required. 


Concealed Handgun License Class
March 24, 2012 
Texas Handgun Academy
10201 Plano Road Ste. 107
Dallas, TX 75238






Image MooneySaturday, February 4, 2012        
11:00am - 1:00pm
8300 Preston Road
Dallas, TX
Five to six availabe GALT greyhounds will be at this event.

Saturday, February 4, 2012
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Petco Carrollton MEET & GREET
2722 N. Josey Lane .   
Carrollton, TX
Three to four availabe GALT greyhounds will be at this event.
Sunday, February 5, 2012
1:00pm - 3:00pm
West Plano Plano MEET & GREET
1601 Preston Road
Plano, TX
Three or four availabe GALT greyhounds will be at this event.


Zali is my special fuzzy girl - she likely is mostly greyhound with a wolfhound somewhere in her lineage. She was supposed to be a hunter, but her mother died during her birth and she was given to a rescue group when she was one day old. I fell in love and 8 weeks later brought home a little land shark. My, oh my, what a first year of laughter and tears! Despite destroying a sofa x2 (including the red sofa in the photo) and stalking and annoying her older canine siblings, Zali always had the "but I LOVE you" look as she snuggled up after getting in trouble. She is now almost 4 years old and is a greyt girl. She loves to watch tv and will bark at any animals on tv. She is still goofy and makes me laugh everyday but she also has a sweet, wonderful soul. Our family wouldn't be complete without her. 



Jiffy is an untattooed, red fawn female believed to be about 1 1/2 years old. She is one of GALT's "Thank Heaven Eleven", who were abandoned in a dog trailer in Wichita Falls in November 2011. They were taken in by the Wichita Falls shelter, and volunteers brought them to join the GALT family on November 30th. This fuzzy little girl with a black mask nose is ready to find love and affection in a forever home all of her own! Jiffy has not yet been tested with cats or small dogs. 

Jiffy has made an amazing transformation from a shy, skinny dog to a playful, beautiful and affectionate pup. She plays well with our other four dogs and loves to run laps around the yard with our Saluki and our other foster greyhound, Jean. But she is also easily entertained by toys, shaking and tossing them into the air. She also has perfect house manners - she goes out the doggy door when she needs to do "her business," is not a counter surfer, and does not chew on furniture. She loves her crate and crates very easily. This girl is full of love and happiness, and would love to be a part of your life. Come see her at her next Meet & Greet, or see her on Facebook at GALT's Jiffy.  -Jiffy's Foster Mom 



    Home Forever
Levi                                     Lisa Zeise & Miles ChedekelK
Gretchen                             Lisa Fleming  
Speedy                               Curt & Lisa Haydt
Asia                                    Leonard Ray
Bess                                   Leonard Ray
Bandit                                 Brian Kane & Maria Nunes
Patrick                                Greg & Sally Quinton
Lauren                                 Deborah Gillis
Greta                                   Ed & Lori Price
Bert                                     Alice & Doren Deapen
Ernie                                   Jack & Karen Callaghan
Corky                                  Jim & Mary Caldwell
Katie                                   Tammy & Jeff Philipp
Ada                                     Melissa & Brian Spoon
Ladyee                                Patricia & Bart Eltiste
Tuesday                              Holli Rook

Charity, aka DG's Afterburner,  is a 10-year-old white and brindle female born January 1, 2002. Her sire is DG's True Blue, and her dam is Kelso's Pamela. There are two races to her credit at Raynham/Taunton in Maine in July 2003. Charity arrived from the same source as Stetson, Onyx, Blade, Cupcake, Timex, Carbon and Harry. Like them, she is also unfortunately heartworm positive and carrying a heavy load of intestinal parasites. Charity's fur is thinning, especially on her back, and she has a wound on her lower lip. Her treatment will have to wait until a foster home is available. Results from the tick panel preformed are pending at this time. 


Clooney is a 7˝-year-old black male born April 2004. He arrived from the same source as Stetson, Onyx, Blade, Carbon, Cupcake, Timex and Harry.  Unfortunately Clooney is also heartworm positive, and he is carrying a heavy load of intestinal parasites. He also arrived with a huge oval 3"x2" open wound on his left haunch which is at least 1 1/2" deep. He has a large seroma on his right side along with several scraped areas as well. Clooney is being monitored closely in an emergency foster home; the wound is not capable of being closed at this time. Results from the tick panel performed by Protatek are pending at this time. Clooney is tattooed; however his tattoos are being researched.


Stewart is a 7˝-year-old brindle male born in April 2004. He is also from the same source as Stetson, Onyx, Blade, Carbon, Cupcake, Timex and Harry. Stewart is also heartworm positive and carrying a heavy load of intestinal parasites. Treatment for Stewart will have to wait until a foster home is available. Results from the tick panel performed by Protatek are pending at this time. Stewart is tattooed; however his tattoos are being researched.  


The dogs at BARK! and Top Paw Resort are ready to go to foster homes.  Please consider giving one of these wonderful greys a foster home and help reduce GALT's boarding fees.  If you are available to foster, even for a short time, contact Jennifer at  


 image of Flash  image of Kit   Timex   Carbon

              Flash                             Kit                              Timex                          Carbon



  Harry   no pic logo   Stewart     

              Harry                            Marvin                           Stewart



Jay, aka JNB Open Game
March 26, 2002-January 25, 2012
Beloved by Leo and Denise DiMonda and Josie


If your greyhound has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, please let us know by sending a note to
If you have an article to submit for publication, a suggestion, or a "greyt" story, please email

If you have moved or need to update your contact information since you adopted your GALT greyhound, please email
Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, Inc.
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