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Week of January 2, 2012




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Holiday Spot, Santa Faith and her Eight Rein-puppies are here! 

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A brand new year means it's time for New Year's Resolutions! Do you incorporate your four-legged friends into your resolutions? Here are several ways to improve both of your lives in 2012.


Resolve to get some exercise by walking your greyhound on a regular basis - it's good for you and good for him!


Already walking? How about resolving to save some money on dental cleanings by brushing your greyhound's teeth regularly? Keeping his teeth clean can push out those costly cleanings, prolong your hound's quality of life, and also means fresher breath for those kisses. 


Resolve to get involved - volunteer at a GALT event. Helping needy greyhounds is sure to give you a warm, fuzzy feeling, and sometimes your greyhound can help out too! 


Already volunteering? Exercise your dog's mental skills by teaching him a new trick. It's great for preventing boredom and helps a dog learn self-control. It's a fun activity together, and may be a good exercise of your patience. Doggie Classes


Resolve to take time to "smell the roses." You and your dog will benefit from some quality time together ; in fact, studies have shown that having a pet is better at helping to control stress-related increases in blood pressure than prescription drugs! So take some time to play with your pet, just cuddle or scratch those ears. It's not goofing off; it's actually good for both of you!







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GALT is a Top-Rated Animal Welfare Nonprofit for 2011






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Your membership dollars will support transition and adoption efforts! GALT supports, welcomes and encourages an active, organized membership base of greyhound lovers who share the passion and vision of finding loving, responsible forever homes for greyhounds. Without your support, we cannot further our mission to rescue and adopt these wonderful dogs.

GALT Membership | More Info 

Gala12For over ten years, the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas (GALT) has been not only the organization of choice for retired greyhounds requiring adoption services, but also often the adoption organization of last resort for many injured, abused, and neglected Greyhounds.


Each year GALT unconditionally accepts numerous injured, abused and neglected Greyhounds from the animal shelters and the general public.  For some of these greyhounds, the journey to a forever home comes relatively quickly, Many others, however, require vast amounts of medical care to treat broken legs, heart worm infestation, tick borne blood diseases, the ravages of near starvation plus  time to heal.  GALT saw its annual operating budget increase from about $280,000 in our fiscal year 2009-2010 to nearly $400,000 in our last fiscal year 2010 -2011 due to increased medical and rehabilitation costs for these sick and injured greyhounds 


For GALT to continue its mission and to pay the costs to provide proper medical care to heal and rehabilitate sick and  injured greyhounds, so they too can transition to a new life in a "forever home," takes your continue commitment to financially support GALT's good works.


You can do this by attending GALT's biggest fundraising event of the year, the 11th annual Greyt Gala Dinner and Auction, March 3, 2012,  at the HILTON DALLAS IN SOUTHLAKE TOWN SQUARE, 1400 Plaza Place, Southlake, TX 76092, with cocktails/wine from 6:00-7:00pm and a gourmet dinner service starting at 7:15 pm.   Ticket prices are $125 for a single ticket purchase and $100 per ticket when two or more are purchased at the same time. Purchase Tickets


Our theme this year is Faith, Hope, and Charity, in honor of three of the many abused injured Greyhounds cared for by GALT over the past several years; Faith, a female missing her right ear, was removed from a hoarder (along with her 8 puppies); Hope, a stray discovered cowering under a house near a busy highway on a freezing morning after suffering for months in the open without adequate food; and, Charity, another stray severely underweight at only 45 pounds due to starvation.


As always, the event will feature besides good food and drink, a cadre of local celebrities and retired professional athletes who support GALT's mission of "No Grey Turned Away" along with numerous and exciting "must have" live and silent auction items.


The revenue from your ticket and auction purchases will provide the funds needed for GALT to continue to provide care and substance for the injured, sick, abused and neglected greyhoundsYour FAITH in GALT, your never-ending HOPE that every Greyhound has a loving home, and your CHARITY at this event will make that possible.


image of greyhound paintingSunday, January 29, 2012
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Let's Art Party Greyhound Benefit
1035 East 15th St
Plano, TX
Flyer | Sign Up
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Join us for an afternoon of fun and learn how to paint a greyhound! Snacks will be provided. It's BYOB, but you can also purchase wine by the glass there. Tickets are $45 and 50% of the proceeds go to GALT!  There are only 40 seats available, so secure yours now!


If you love our work then tell the world! You have an exciting opportunity to help us make even more of a difference in our community. GreatNonprofits - a site like Amazon Book Reviews or TripAdvisor - is conducting a campaign to identify the top-rated animal nonprofits in the country. 

Won't you help us participate in the campaign by posting a review of your experience with us? All reviews will be visible to potential donors and volunteers. It's easy and only takes 3 minutes! Go to: 

With your help, we can gain greater visibility within the community.



The holidays are over and it's time for the kids to go back to school! While the two-leggers are off learning math and science, the four-leggers can learn obedience and house manners thanks to trainer Mary Waugh Swindell and Woofgang Doggy Daycare in Carrollton.

January 25 - February 29 All classes are 6 weeks in duration, cost $125 per dog, and are limited to 8 dogs per class. Please pre-register to hold your space.  
Dolce school6:30-7:30pm Beginner Obedience
This class is designed for dogs who have not had much formal obedience training. Also appropriate are dogs who have learned some basic skills in puppy kindergarten, but who need polish and review to be more reliable in a group setting. Topics covered include: no jumping, loose leash walking, attention skills, sit, down, stay, come, leave it and matwork (teaching your dog to lay down on a mat), Treats and toys will be used to reward dogs as well as petting and love. 
7:45-8:45pm Greyhound 101
Bring out the hounds! This special class for our retired racers will help them transition into their new "careers" as pets and fast friends. This class will help you to understand how your hound thinks, how to communicate with them, and how to encourage good manners. Topics will include: sit, down, leave it, no jumping, food stealing, crate training/separation anxiety and more!
8:45-9:45pm Control Unleashed Class
We are pleased to offer this popular class in Carrollton! This class is for dogs who need to learn more self control. Typical candidates need to learn to restrain their enthusiasm around other people and other dogs, including those who are either overly distracted or overly stimulated by sights, smells, and running dogs. While this is an immensely popular class for agility dogs who have trouble focusing around other dogs running and playing, it's also appropriate for dogs who need to learn more focus and self control at home, when guests come over, or out on walks. Based on the book by Leslie McDevvit, this class will also work on relaxation protocols by Karen Overall and other influences. 

Lexi3Miss January 2012 - Lexi

Lexi is my "baby girl" and she is a true princess, and she knows and acts the part. She loves to take all the shoes and slippers she can find and hoard them in one place. We have to warn visitors not to put their shoes where she has access or they will disappear. She keeps my senior greyhound, Perry, young. He has actually copied some of her antics. She... loves sunbathing, and at times it is a challenge getting her back into the house. She hates the tile floors and sometimes will just stand there and whine until she gets the courage to move and then she just skitters like a deer on a frozen lake. Singing herself to sleep is her passion. You would have to hear it to believe it. She is a joy and we so love her. Thank you GALT!

-from Lexi's mom

The following dogs went to their forever homes in December. Congratulations to the lucky families who got picked! 

1. Henry - Geoff Ewing and Brittany Ford    
2. Spot - Jason and Holly Goodlet            
3. Tizer - Susan and Tom Hertz                
4. Friday - Luke Mojica                              
5. Bush - Mark Stanfill and Lisa Lundgren   
6. Jagger - Tom and Dawn Head                  
7. Nikita - Greg and Gayle Smith                
8. Rooster - Christie and Kyle Brusilow           



Saturday, January 7, 2012
11:00am - 1:00pm
8300 Preston Road
Dallas, TX
Five to six availabe GALT greyhounds will be at this event.
Saturday, January 7, 2012
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Petco Carrollton MEET & GREET
2722 N. Josey Lane 
Carrollton, TX
Three to four availabe GALT greyhounds will be at this event.
Saturday, January 7, 2012
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Petco West Plano MEET & GREET
1601 Preston Road
Plano, TX
Three to four availabe GALT greyhounds will be at this event.





Tabasco, aka Gable Tabasco, is a handsome, 10-year-old  fawn male born March 28, 2001. His sire is the late famous Gable Dodge, and his dam is Seegold Panache. Tabasco's AA racing career was some time ago, from July 7, 2003 to February 27, 2004, all at Wheeling Downs, West Virginia. Tabasco went on to be a stud, sire to 184 greyhounds! Those days are behind him, and he is ready to find his forever home. 

Tabasco is not cat tolerant and has yet to be tested with small animals. He was in a home for a few months, but has since returned to GALT and is ready to start his search again. 

Tabasco is a sweet and spicy kind of guy. But at age 10 - despite his enthusiasm for walks, his agility for jumping into an SUV, his occasional interest in chewing apart toys - he leans more toward the subdued. He's a pooch on a schedule he seems to love, and who wouldn't? Breakfast, snack, nap, potty break, nap, dinner, walk, bedtime. He makes good eye contact and is eager to please. He's not cat tolerant, and during pet store meet & greets, he seems to have more than a passing interest in ferrets, small dogs and cats. With us, though, he's a lovable bear who chatters his teeth when he's happy (which is quite often). He's tall, so the occasional cookie on the counter is within reach. Mostly though, he prefers chew toys or something beefy for snacks. He's a big boy needing a big crate, but he normally prefers to lounge on a dog bed near us. Tabasco had an active life racing and living on a farm - and, can we say, siring 184 offspring! so understandably, at times his back seems a bit weak. For that reason, quite possibly, he tends to avoid stairs. We'd recommend a house without them, as well as a family without small children. But mostly, we'd just recommend Tabasco. He's a sweetheart, and whoever welcomes this fawn into their home - well, we won't tell anyone if we hear them chattering their teeth in happiness. 

-Tabasco's Foster Family




Angel, aka CSL Wild Angel, is a 2-year-old brindle female born October 18, 2008. Her sire is Craigie Whistler and her dam is Y Knot Cady. Angel has 35 races to her credit on, all at Gulf Greyhound Park - she was quite the racer, competing in the AA class! Her record of races starts on October 8, 2010 and ends on April 28, 2011. She broke her leg in November 2011, and it was repaired, however she is suffering from complications due to a bone infection and joined the GALT family to receive necessary treatment.

Pixie, aka BI's Pace Setter, is a 2-year-old white & red female born February 8, 2008. Her sire is Lonesome Cry and her dam is Bow Pompey. Pixie has 56 races to her credit on, mostly at Gulf Greyhound Park. Staring on December 20, 2009 at Bluff's Run, she finished on October 6, 2011 at Gulf Greyhound Park with a broken leg. Her leg was repaired, however she is suffering from complications due to a bone infection and joined the GALT family to receive necessary treatment.


The dogs at BARK! and Top Paw Resort are ready to go to foster homes.  Please consider giving one of these wonderful greys a foster home and help reduce GALT's boarding fees.  If you are available to foster, even for a short time, contact Jennifer at  


image of Yogi    image of Flash  Ada

             Yogi                               Flash                            Ada


Vinny, aka Slim
February 2002 to November 15, 2011
Beloved by Deborah Gillis


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