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Sustainability Planning Guide for Healthy Communities: A Summary
ACA Federal Funds Tracker
Working Together: Local Health Officials and Their Attorneys
Tips from Former Smokers Campaign: Resources and Media Materials
Upcoming Health Observances, Events, and Releases
Want to Know What's Happening in Chronic Disease?
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Sustainability Planning Guide
for Healthy Communities: A Summary 

NACCHO has compiled a document to summarize the 120+ page Sustainability Planning Guide for Healthy Communities from the CDC. The purpose of the original document is to help coalitions, community leaders, and other public health professionals develop, implement, and evaluate plans to sustain their public health efforts. This NACCHO document is a condensed, easy-to-read and use summary that LHDs can use to inform their own sustainability planning efforts. Access the document here

ACA Federal Funds Tracker

The Kaiser Family Foundation has released an interactive tool that provides state health reform-related grant information and tracks the funds awarded by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Users will have the ability to compare and analyze the total funds authorized and appropriated to states, community organizations, employers, and others to date. Click here for more information.  

Working Together: Local Health Officials and Their Attorneys 

In a recent report, the Institute of Medicine's Committee on Public Health Strategies recommended that every public health agency have sufficient access to lawyers with public health expertise. However, many local public health officials face difficulties in accessing the needed legal counsel. These relationships can be challenging, however, resources are available to assist public health practitioners when considering legal counsel. To read more about the challenges in providing legal counsel to local health departments, click here

Tips from Former Smokers Campaign: Resources and Media Materials 

As the CDC rolls out their Tips from Former Smokers campaign, resources are being made available for local communities, including resources and media promotion materials. Access resources in English and Spanish on the Tips website. LHDs can also reach out to media outlets and other partners by sharing the broadcast quality versions of the Tips PSAs, which can be found here.

Upcoming Health Observances, Events, and Releases   

Below is a list of upcoming health observances, events, and releases for the month of May. These events may provide an opportunity to promote chronic disease prevention via media and to develop programs in your community around each event. Visit for the full list of National Health Observances, tips for planning a health observance, and much more.


Arthritis Awareness Month

Healthy Vision Month

Stroke Awareness Month

National High Blood Pressure Education Month

May 7-9: Weight of the Nation conference

May 13: Mother's Day

May 13-19: National Women's Health Week

May 14: National Women's Checkup Day

May 14-15: The Weight of the Nation documentary film series (HBO)

May 30: National Senior Health and Fitness Day

May 31: World No Tobacco Day

Want to Know What's Happening in Chronic Disease?

NACCHO has three exciting newsletters that are available for free.  To receive more information on nutrition, physical activity, tobacco, cancer, sodium, and cardiovascular issues, please subscribe to the Tobacco Prevention and Control newsletter, the Chronic Disease Prevention Update (this newsletter), and the Big Cities Chronic Disease Community of Practice newsletter.

Chronic Disease Prevention Toolkit


This edition's featured tool is the Asthma and Air Pollution Toolkit. The Asthma and Air Pollution Toolkit was developed by CDC's National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network. It provides key messages, talking points, and social media communication examples that can be used when communicating with scientists, decision makers, or the community about the association between air pollution and asthma. 


NACCHO's Chronic Disease Prevention Project has collaborated with national organizations and the CDC's National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion in an effort to connect local and state public health practitioners with publications, tools, and other resources related to chronic disease prevention and health promotion.

NACCHO welcomes any tools or resources you would like to share with local health departments. To submit a tool to the Chronic Disease Prevention Toolkit, please contact Kelly Dawson.