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May 12, 2010

"All young people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to achieve their full potential." Harvey Milk

The momentum is building as the first annual Harvey Milk Day nears.  GSAs across the state are preparing actions for the schools on Friday, May 21 and volunteering on Saturday, May 22 to promote LGBT rights.  Check out our website as we keep updating it.

Unfortunately as you'll see below some school districts such as the Kern High School District are trying to silence their students from honoring Harvey Milk Day.

But as Harvey Milk, himself, said:  "Hope will never be silent."

We urge you to fight for your right to celebrate the historic Harvey Milk Day.  GSA Network has worked with the ACLU of Northern California to produce a FAQ on Harvey Milk Day and students' rights.  You can read it here.

We encourage you to keep emailing us about your school's Harvey Milk Day events, and to send us photos and videos from the day when it is all done.

In solidarity,
GSA Network
NETWORK NEWS HIGHLIGHT: The Power of Peer Education

The problem is all too familiar.  Students harassing other students at school, getting called anti-LGBTQ names, getting physically hurt, facing threats, or getting their property vandalized.  And rarely do other students step in.  There's peer pressure not to step in.  If you do stand up for whoever is getting bullied, you might get labeled as "gay" too.  So, what is the best antidote to this peer-on-peer harassment?  Peer education.  We all know that students often won't listen to what adults tell them, but if students start doing the teaching, their peers will listen.

That's why GSA Network has been training students how to conduct peer education workshops to combat anti-LGBT bullying and name-calling at school.  It's all about youth empowerment - youth learning how to use the power of their own voice to change how they're treated at school.  Recently, we've been working with Acalanes High, Las Lomas High, and Oakland Tech in the East Bay who are incorporating peer education workshops into the classroom.
The effect of peer education at Acalanes High, in particular, has been transformative.  Erik Honda, the GSA advisor, believes "...over the last 7 years, as Acalanes has implemented a Peer Education program in all freshman English classes, I have seen the school go from quite homophobic, to quite tolerant, to quite accepting."  For him, peer education is the solution.  "Experience shows us that students listen more attentively and remember material for longer when their peers present it compared to when adults do, especially with moral issues, like confronting racism, classism, and homophobia on campus."

Saskia Levy-Sheon, a junior at Oakland Tech and GSA president, agrees: "We think that education is much more effective when youth learn about it from their peers so we decided to put together a workshop that we could present in classrooms to educate students about the impact of homophobic slurs and create a discussion about homophobia in our communities."  Saskia and the Oakland Tech GSA will be facilitating their workshops within the next couple of weeks and have already had teachers ask them what they should do about homophobia in their classrooms. 
How does peer education work?  First, you have to find or create a peer education curriculum that you are going to teach.  Next, you have to get your GSA members trained on the curriculum and learn some skills for facilitating workshops in a classroom setting.  And you'll want to practice a lot before you actually give your first presentation.  Your GSA will need to work with teachers at your school who will agree to let your GSA come in to their classes, and you may have to get approval from your administration.  Then, GSA members team up in pairs to deliver the lesson plan combating homophobia and transphobia to their peers.  Before the workshops, you may also consider doing a survey of the student body about how often they hear anti-LGBT name-calling and then doing the same survey after the workshops to see how the school climate has changed.  A survey can also help you prove to your school administration why your peer education program is needed.
The GSAs at Acalanes and Las Lomas used curriculum provided by Ally Action, an organization that was instrumental in spear-heading peer education on LGBT issues in Contra Costa County.  A big shout out to Ally Action!

Students at Oakland Tech created their own short curriculum to use, and got training from GSA Network staff on how to deliver the curriculum most effectively.  They focused their curriculum on the biggest problems they see at school.  Saskia believes, "We really do think that it will increase acceptance of the LGBT students at our school and decrease bullying and name-calling."

Does your campus need peer education?  Erik recommends that "every campus in California should implement this program, and immediately.  It is the easiest and best way to carry out the promise of AB537 to make all our campuses safe and welcoming places for LGBTQ students. The GSA Network is an excellent resource to train your students, and even a small group of young students (we pulled it off with 10 freshmen this year) can make a tremendous difference."
If you would like more information on creating a peer education program to address LGBTQ issues at your school, please contact the GSA Network Program Coordinator in your region:

Southern California: Daniel Solis
Central Valley: Julia Valle
Northern California: Kiely Hosmon
And be sure to check out GSA Network's resource guide for tips on conducting Peer Education Workshops.

Kern ACTION ALERT: Kern High School District Threatens to Stop Harvey Milk Day

On May 3, 2010, Kern High School District Board of Trustee Vice President Ken Mettler introduced a proposal urging Kern High School District schools NOT to honor Harvey Milk Day.

Speak up and tell the Board of Trustees that Harvey Milk was a civil rights hero and should be remembered in our schools!

Get Involved:

Send letters! Ask the Board of Trustees to vote against Ken Mettler's motion to stop schools in the Kern High School District from remembering Harvey Milk's legacy and the LGBT community's fight for equality. Send emails to:

Call the Board of Trustees!
Dial 661.827.3154 and say that you're calling to urge them to vote against Ken Mettler's motion to stop schools in the Kern High School District from remembering Harvey Milk's legacy and the LGBT community's fight for equality. Call as often as you can!

Attend the Board of Trustees meeting on May 19th at 10:30am where the Board will be voting on Ken Mettler's motion. The meeting will be held in the Board Room at the Kern High School District Administrative and Support Services Office, 5801 Sundale Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93309

If you plan on attending the meeting on May 19th, please contact Daniel Solis at or 213.482.4021.
1. L.A. GSAs, celebrate HMD and win a chance to have lunch with Dustin Lance Black!
LGBT Youth and Student Activists, help make Saturday May 22nd the largest day of action for LGBT Rights in the state's history as we celebrate Harvey Milk Day!

Recruit the most volunteers and your GSA could win lunch with DUSTIN LANCE BLACK, Oscar-award winning screen writer for MILK, in Los Angeles!

Check out the EQCA website to learn how your GSA could have lunch with Dustin!
2. Harvey Milk Day Celebration in Fresno with the Gay Men's Chorus!
Join the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus in Fresno for a performance with full chorus of 80-100 men on Harvey Milk Day.

When: Saturday May 22, 1010
Where: Tower Theatre at 815 E. Olive Fresno CA 93728.

Tickets available online at for $35.00 reserved and $20.00 General Admission.

If seats are available students $5.00 day of event at door at 6:30pm. Beneficiaries are PFLAG and future LGBT+ community center.

GSA Network will host concession stand in the lobby as a fundraiser for the organization.  Anyone who wants to volunteer for GSA Network, contact Julia at or 209-559-6098
3. GSA Summer Activists Camps! Save the Dates!
Coming this summer:
camp logo
NorCal GSA Activist Camp: July 30-August 1, 2010
SoCal/Central Valley GSA Activist Camp: July 23-25, 2010

Online registration is open for SoCal/Central Valley Activist Camp. 
Apply Now.

UPDATE: NorCal Camp Applications are now open! Apply here.


Check out: for more info.
4. San Francisco Youth, Holla Back: Apply for a NEW Leadership Program!
You know you wanna apply for this NEW leadership program where you get a $200 stipend and FREE gifts!
Did we mention free Fast Passes?
Oh, and free food?

And don't forget that little Certificate of Recognition from District Attorney Kamala Harris when you successfully complete the program!

What is it, you ask?!

The Youth Hate Crime Prevention Peer Leadership Program is a collection of dynamic youth of different races and sexual orientations from San Francisco*. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and discuss issues of discrimination, harassment, racial violence, hate crimes, and tensions in their schools and communities.

Led by local experts, youth will participate in two hour workshops spanning eight weeks. You will learn to advocate for positive change in your schools by being role models. In effect, you will educate your peers about bigotry and acts of youth violence or intimidation based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or other differences.

Opportunities will be provided for you to set your own program goals relating to projects and to practice skills learned in real life settings. Food will be served at workshops. Fast passes will be distributed for transportation. Additionally, a $200 stipend and a Certificate of Recognition will be awarded to successful participants by District Attorney Kamala Harris.

Email for an application!

**Applications must be RECEIVED by Monday, May 17, 2010; 5:00 p.m.**

Mail, fax, or drop-off to:
District Attorney's Office
Attn: Jackson Gee (
850 Bryant Street, Room 322
San Francisco, CA 94103

The Youth Hate Crime Prevention Peer Leadership Program is a collaborative initiative between the District Attorney's Office, Bar Association of San Francisco., Department of Justice, Gay-Straight Alliance Network, Community Youth Center, United Playaz, Brothers Against Guns, Boys and Girls Club-Columbia Park, and other community organizations.

*Please note that this is for SF youth only who are currently in high school or middle school in San Francisco!

5. Cool Seniors and Alumni: Fill out the GSA Network Alumni Survey!

Are you a graduating GSA SENIOR? Wanna give GSA Network a graduation present?

Are you a GSA alum? Not in a GSA anymore but miss your GSA friends, memories, and activism?

Help us help you stay connected to your GSA Network activism by taking 10 minutes to fill out the GSA Network ALUMNI SURVEY!!!
Fill it out here!
GSA Alumni are clamoring for ways to get involved after they graduate, but we can only develop programs if we hear ideas from YOU!
Need more reasons to fill out our survey? Look no further!
1. Don't have time to volunteer? No sweat, fill out our survey! Your input will help GSA Network for years to come.

2. SWAG! If you fill out the survey, you will be entered into a drawing for GSA Network T-shirts, buttons, and other awesome surprises!
Have any other questions or comments you'd like to add? Feel free to email Alexander Tran, Program Associate with GSA Network, at or call 415-552-4229. Looking forward to hearing from you!

REMINDER: GSA Network has a new Facebook fan page devoted exclusively to its alumni! Join us at and connect with other GSA Network alums.
6. FREE DVDS! It's been a while, but YIM is back in MOTION!

YIM 2010

Frameline and GSA Network are proud to announce that due to the renewed support from the ever-generous Bob Ross Foundation we are to keep Youth In Motion moving forward!

First off: We are going to produce more copies of our current DVDs.

If your school didn't get any or all of the DVD series due to short supply, send an email to:, informing him of which ones your school still needs:

   ·    Gender Matters: Expressions and Identities Beyond the Binary
   ·   Global Currents: Broadcasting Change in Latin America
   ·   In The Family: Marriage Equality and LGBT Families
   ·   Visionaries & Victories:Early Leaders in the LGBT Movement

And the big news: We're creating two brand new DVDs, which will be ready this fall! Stay tuned for more information!

GSA Network News is a publication of Gay-Straight Alliance Network. Events, resources, and news items listed under "Other Announcements" are not sponsored or written by GSA Network, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of GSA Network.

7. PARADE All America High School Service Team Award

Service, by its very nature, is about finding the best in ourselves and in each other.  Everyone's effort is important.  Service, when we do it well is about growth and win-win.

Stories that touch and inspire students are often ones they hear from their peers.  

PARADE Magazine and The LEAGUE (a national youth service-learning organization which empowers young people to make a positive difference in their communities) are seeking nominations for a new form of award, The All America High School Service Team, to recognize students who have made exemplary contributions in the service areas of: health, education, environment, economics or community.  These students show service as a solution to solve community problems and the power of stories to inspire others to action.

All nominees will receive our thanks, those who are selected as final recipients will be invited to receive an award and accept the challenge of a task: developing their own ideas as a national group for promoting service and service-learning in schools nationwide.  Winners will be asked to share their stories, and help reach out to other youth towards finding the best in each of us.

To learn more and submit your nomination, visit:
8. Southern California LGBTQ YOUTH PROM (L.A.)
This Friday!  MAY 14, 2010!

This year's LGBTQ Youth Prom is scheduled for Friday evening, May 14, 2010, from 8 PM to 12 midnight, at the Friendship Auditorium, 3201 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027.

YOUTH, AGES 14 TO 20, ARE INVITED TO ATTEND. Prepay tickets (due no later than Monday, May 10, 2010) for students is $40 per person. Tickets at the door are $50 per person.

Adult Chaperones (adults accompanying youth) must pay the full ticket price of $60 per adult.

*We are looking for individuals and community organizations who would like to sponsor a student ticket (for youth who are unable to pay the student price). The cost of the full ticket is $60.

Contact Friends of Project 10 Inc. at or call 626.577.4553 if you or your organization would like to sponsor a young person. This is a tax deductible gift (tax id.#95-4080446).

Visit for more info!

9. Long Beach Pride May 15 & 16
Join us for the 27th annual Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride celebration on May 15 & 16, 2010 from 11 am - 10 pm along Shoreline Drive.

Tickets are $20, or volunteer to get in free!

More info:
10. Movie Night to Honor Milk (L.A.)
harveymilkmovienight Gabrielino High School GLSBA Club (Gay Lesbian Straight Bisexual Alliance) would like to invite you to a night at the Movies...

In Honor of Harvey Milk day of remembrance we are calling all High Schools aged LGBTQ Youth and Straight Allies to come to a Night of Free Popcorn,  Movie and Fun, Here at the Christopher Wahl Youth Center! (address below)

All advisors are welcomed too! :)    
It will be on Friday May 21st, from 4pm-7pm. Bring a friend.

If you would like me to mail you some flyers just email me back with your address and I'll be happy to do so!

Don't Let this opportuinty pass for you students! It is a great way for them to meet others and feel support throughout their community.

Any Questions Please Contact me!

Sherry Gonzalez
Christopher Wahl Youth Center
12401 Slauson Ave., Unit G
Whittier, Ca 90606
Phone (562) 693-2247

11. 11th Annual Queer Latin@ Youth Conference! (L.A.)

La Familia de UCLA (UCLA's Latin@ Queer Group) coordinately invites you
and your school's GSA or queer youth group to our 11th Annual Queer
Latin@ Youth Conference.

This conference is a one day FREE conference held on:

May 22nd at
from 9am to 5pm

With performances from Adelina Anthony and Cherrie Morraga as key note speaker.  Food will be provided as well as transportation. Registration opens at 8am.

We would be honored to host a delegation from you school and through
the conference's workshop provide them with useful tools and knowledge
as well as give them the chance to meet students from other high
schools and colleges.

Here are The Digital Registration Forms:



If you have any further question feel free to email us at:

12. Spring Hike for LGBT Youth, 5/22 (L.A.)

Sign up for the LifeWorks Spring Hike & Picnic at Elysian Park on Saturday May 22!

This is a FREE event for LGBTQ & ally youth ages 12-24. If you'd like to bring your friends and family they are welcome to join us too. You'll receive an email confirmation a few days before the event with all the final details.

Join us for a great morning in beautiful Elysian Park near downtown LA. We'll go on a nice beginner-level hike around the park, take some photos of the LA skyline, then settle in for a picnic and some fun in the sun. Friends, family, and dogs welcome!

Please RSVP online at
13. GSAs support our community!
A Child's Dream will be presenting a charity Basketball game May 22 at the Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center.

A Child's Dream is an organization that puts together fundraising events for local children's charities. This year we have decided to fundraise for Camp Laurel.

Camp Laurel is a non-profit organization started by Margot Andrew-Anderson in 1992. Their mission is to provide educational and support programs to children, youth and families affected by or living with HIV/AIDS. For more information about Camp Laurel, please click on the link below.

All proceeds will go to funding Camp Laurel's children's summer camp this July.

- Any person participating will need to be between the ages of 18-35
- There are 5 male or female players per team
- Each player will need to pay $20 to enter the tournament
- Each team will receive a customized t-shirt with their team name and number
- There will be a great prize for the winning team

Food and Beverages will be there for purchase.

BEST OF ALL one lucky person in the crowd will have a chance to win a great prize in our raffle!!

We would love to have members of the GSA support us, by playing in a team or watching the games.

If you would like more information or would like to sign up please email us at

Or on our FaceBook Site!/event.php?eid=108016709219148&ref=ts

14. Creating Bias-Free Classrooms: Training Preview (L.A.)

Join ENCOMPASS for a free preview of Creating Bias-Free Classrooms, a powerful training program that uses live, interactive theater to equip educators to build safer and more inclusive classrooms for students targeted by homophobia.

Creating Bias-Free Classrooms: Training Preview
Wednesday, May 26, 2010 | 5:00 - 7:30pm
Cal State LA | The Golden Eagle, 3rd Floor, Ballroom 1
5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, 90032
$2 Parking in Structure C | Refreshments Provided

Utilizing a cast of high school theatre students, the Creating Bias-Free Classrooms transports educators into contemporary classroom settings. Each training explores various methods of handling student bias and illuminates teachers' power to increase equity for all students, regardless of sexual orientation and gender expression.

Program info at

RSVP to or Call 626-358-3442 for more information.
15. ˇYA BASTA! / Enough is Enough!: Summer Youth Organizing Institute (L.A.)
 ˇYA BASTA! / Enough is Enough!:
Summer Youth Organizing Institute
planting seeds through a concrete foundation

Hosted at Catalyst Space: 430 E. 1st Street, Long Beach, CA

The government that represents YOU engages in unprovoked wars for financial gain and power, imprisons and tortures innocent civilians without being charged with crimes or given a trial, cuts funding to your education while spending more on defense than any other nation in the world, bails out corporations while millions of homeless people starve and live on the streets, discriminates against queer/trans people, immigrants, poor people, women, people of color, and disabled people...

We say ˇYA BASTA! Enough is Enough!

This summer 2010, One Imagination offers ˇYA BASTA! / Enough is Enough!: Summer Youth Organizing Institute, a program building the leadership and power of youth ages 13-19 in the South Los Angeles, South Bay/Harbor, and Long Beach area. Through political education and organizing skills, youth will receive the resources and tools to exercise their power as leaders through campaign development, community building, advocacy, and direct action organizing.

ˇYA BASTA! / Enough is Enough!: Summer Youth Organizing Institute is an intensive summer youth leadership and organizing program that provides local middle school and high school students with the skills necessary to resist injustice and oppression within their communities. Through nontraditional teaching methods including interactive workshops, group discussions, guest speakers, field trips, readings, and hands on experiences, youth will learn the basics of direct action organizing, community building, campaign development, and see how these tactics and strategies have been applied in movements all throughout the world present and past. ˇYA BASTA! / Enough is Enough! provides a historical foundation of U.S. and global resistance to key issues directly connected to young people and demonstrates methods of how to resist and organize alternatives.

Email Andres today at for an application TODAY! Or call us at (310) 614-4713. Deadline to apply is June 1st, 2010.

One Imagination

16. GSAs help Sponsor Youth Today: Walking for Equality (L.A.)
Equal Action is looking for queer and ally youth to help organize their 2nd annual queer high school youth march in LA this October. Our first march last year, Youth Today: Walking for Equality, was LA's first-ever queer high school youth march! It attracted around 300 people, a majority of which were youth, as well as various media outlets such as CBS and Univision. If you know of any youth who might be interested, please let them know. All Queer youth of all backgrounds are encouraged to participate. You can click here for more information.
More Info:
Stephanie Van
Equal Action, Co-founder
Equal Action is a youth-powered, anti-racist, multigenerational organization that mobilizes the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) community to join the fight for social justice. In organizing and supporting actions for change in overlooked communities, we collaborate with those who work to end oppression in all its forms.
17. Marmonte League of GSAs invite you to Network!

An association of 7 high school GSAs

A social network for Marmonte League Gay/Straight Alliance clubs at Agoura HS, Calabasas HS, Newbury Park HS, Oak Park HS, Thousand Oaks HS, Westlake HS, and Malibu HS (not in the Marmonte League). Discuss issues, plan and advertise local events, get connected, have fun.

1. All seven local high schools will have functioning GSA clubs.
2. GSA club members will plan and conduct frequent, local, social events: dances, film nights, hikes, bicycle trips, bowling, picnics, volleyball, etc.
3. GSA officers and members will have regular communication among the clubs.
4. GSA club advisers will communicate regularly.
5. GSA advisers, officers, and club members and community organizations will plan and conduct monthly activities together.
6. Traditional teen activity sponsors (teen centers, recreation centers, YMCA, Churches/Temples, Rainbow Alliance, PFLAG, LAGLC, etc.) will all be involved.

ACTIVITIES (information about all activities available on the Marmonte GSA Facebook page):

Friday May 14 - LAGLC Gay Prom
Saturday May 22 - Westlake GSA Dance - Thousand Oaks Teen Center - 7:30 - 10:00pm
Date TBA Harvey Milk Day Dance and Film - Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center

Saturday 6/12 -  PFLAG/GSA Outdoor Movie Night
Monday 6/14 - PFLAG Support Meeting - Church of the Epiphany, Oak Park 7:30pm

Saturday 7/10 - GSA/PFLAG activity
Monday 7/12 - PFLAG Support Meeting - Church of the Epiphany, Oak Park 7:30pm
Friday 7/23-Sunday 7/25 - GSA Activist Camp

18. OUTspoken Sessions (L.A.)
OUTspoken Sessions

an open mic for queer youth and straight allies 19 and under

Every 4th Friday from 6:30-9:30 pm.

2170 W Washington Blvd., 90018

for more info or to reserve your spot email:

outspoken 2
19. LGBT Youth Calendars (L.A. and San Diego)

Check out these new calendars for LGBT Youth!
Los Angeles Youth

San Diego Youth

20. Harvey Milk Day Community Canvass and Picnic BBQ (Fresno)
Join EQCA, GSA Network, and other community organizations on Saturday, May 22nd for canvassing and a post-action picnic with games galore!
Where:Einstein Park, 3566 E. Dakota Ave.
When: Canvass: 10am - 1pm, Picnic: 1pm-4pm

For more information on this and all events happening on Harvey Milk Day, check out GSA Network's Harvey Milk Day page at
21. Fresno Rainbow Pride 20th Annual Pride Parade

The 20th Annual Central Valley & Fresno's GLBT Pride Parade and Festival will take place on SATURDAY, June 5th 2010fresnopride in the Tower District between 10am and 3pm.

More info:

(559) 266-LINK
22. Trans-E-Motion Meetings in Fresno on Saturdays (Fresno)

Trans-E-Motion Meetings in Fresno on Saturdays.
Trans-e-motion has a social meeting on the first Saturday of each month.  Time and location to be announced.  See calendar or call (559) 255-4075.

There is a Trans-e-motion business meeting on the third Saturday of each month at 5:00 p.m. to about 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Equality California office,  Van Ness Towers office Bldg., 1055 N. Van Ness Ave. "C", near Alhambra (South of Olive), Fresno, California, 93728, U.S.A.
23. Community Link's Youth Meetings Friday Night (Fresno)

Meets Every Friday Evening
7:30pm -9:00pm

Fresno's GLBTQ Youth group's weekly meeting is every Friday evening.

1584 N. Van Ness Ave. Map to event

More info :
24. LGBTQ YOUTH KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: You Have a Right to be Yourself (Nor Nor Cal)

knowourrightsMay 12, 2010
5:30 PM
Planned Parenthood Offices
2935 Bechelli Lane,
Redding, CA 96002

The ACLU of Northern California will hold a Know Your Rights Training for
community members, teachers, students, program directors, youth services,
and anyone else interested in learning how to teach others about
their rights as LGBTQ youth in California schools. We will also give a brief
introduction on the rights of LGBT employees.

Hosted by Planned Parenthood Shasta Diablo.
For questions call 530-351-7112

RSVP appreciated, e-mail
25. "Girlfriend" at Berkeley Rep Theater (East Bay)

Romance unfolds in a new musical wound around the tender love songs of Matthew Sweet's landmark album, Girlfriend. Meeting in homeroom. Cruising through town. Holding hands. Cheering from the stands. That awkward first kiss. In the world premiere of Girlfriend at Berkeley Rep, boy meets boy. It's an eternal story turned upside down, a dual-Romeo duet directed by Les Waters that's innocent-and Sweet. Fall in love with the boy next door at Girlfriend.

UPDATE: "Girlfriend" has been extended to May 16th! See schedule here.

Berkeley Repertory Theater
2025 Addison Street
Berkeley, CA 94704-1164

Student matinee tickets are $10 each, and a complimentary chaperone ticket is included with every ten student tickets purchased. Performances listed as "Student Matinees" are reserved exclusively for student groups, and include post-show Q&A sessions with the cast.

To learn more about the student matinee series or to book a group, please call Elissa Dunn at 510 647-2918 or e-mail
26. Free Women's and Girls Self Defense Class, May 15 (East Bay)

In celebration of our anniversary, we invite you to a FREE One-Day Self Defense Class. The Saturday class is for middle school and high school girls. Women over 18 can attend a similar FREE class on Sunday, May 16.

Saturday, May 15, 2010
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Hand To Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center
5680 San Pablo Avenue
Oakland, CA

Hand To Hand has been offering self defense and martial arts to the Bay Area community for THIRTY YEARS.

For more information, and to register online, please visit

More info Contact:
Vanessa Wilson
510 501-5231
27. LGBT Youth and Senior BBQ (East Bay)

PFLAG Fremont/East Bay will host a BBQ Jamboree for local GSAs and the Lavender Seniors!

Saturday, May 15th
WHY:    Meet fellow GLBTQs from another generation, and share stories. Enjoy swimming (brrr!), dancing (bring your favorite CD for the DJ), volleyball, croquet, and other games. Gorge yourself on hamburgers, veggie burgers, hotdogs and chips! Win lots of cool prizes! Meet fellow GSA members from the Tri-Cities and East Bay! Laugh until your sides hurt!

WHO:     PFLAG Fremont/East Bay

WHAT:    Host a pool party/BBQ for members of all local high school and college Gay Straight Alliances, their parents, and Lavender Seniors.

WHERE:    Cabana and Pool on corner of Spetti Drive and Spetti Court in Fremont, near Mowry and Mission.

WHEN:     Saturday, May 15th, 11 am - 4 pm.

An easy walk from Fremont BART.
 Or call for free shuttle from the station: (510) 684-6506

More info: Contact PFLAG East Bay
(510) 226-6816
28. GSA Students Volunteer to help other Youth!

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teens in America.


Training begins May 20, 2010
Must be at least a freshman in high school to volunteer!

Do you know a teen that has always been a good listener and cares for others?  Has an interest in volunteering?  Or maybe you are that teen?

Do you want to be a chat room counselor?  The website was created for teens, by teens and features LIVE PEER COUNSELING!  Teens can chat anonymously to other teens about their problems and get advice from a trained peer counselor.  The chat room is open weeknights, 4:30-9:30 pm, when most teens are using their computers.  During our volunteer training we will give you the tools you need to help teens in crisis.

*Help teens around the country
*Gain counseling skills
*Looks GREAT on college applications
*Meets volunteer requirement for graduation
*Time to work on homework in between chatting
*Meet new and fun people

Visit for more info and to download an application!

Training session begins May 20, 2010 : Please apply now!!!

AmeriCorps BAYAC
Ashley Hopkins
650-579-0359, ext. 30
29. Hayward Gay Prom 2010
LGBTQQI and Allies, 20 and Under Bay Area and Beyond

It's Prom! Your Prom! Dress to Impress! Bring who you want to... there's a KING, KING, QUEEN, QUEEN Contest and Fabulous Raffle Prizes

It's Beautiful!  It's Fun!  It's Gay Prom!

How Much? $25 or ($20 with Current School Picture ID)
Where? Hayward High School, 1633 East Avenue, Hayward, 94541
When? June 12th, 2010, 7pm to Midnight

Call 510/247-8200 or go to for more info!

Lambda Youth Project is a program of Project Eden, Horizon Services, Inc
30. Youth Calendar (S.F.)

San Francisco's LYRIC Youth Center hosts events almost everyday for LGBTQQ youth. 

LYRIC's mission is to build community and inspire positive social change through education enhancement, career trainings, health promotion, and leadership development with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth, their families, and allies of all races, classes, genders, and abilities.

Calendar of Events
31. Models of Excellence Scholarship

It's that time, once again, for eligible senior high school students, living in Southern California, to apply for the Models of Excellence Scholarship (MOE).

Awards of $500 and $1,000 are given annually to graduating seniors who have demonstrated a commitment to LGBTQ civil rights issues (i.e., participate in a GSA, school and community activism, school project).

Applications must be submitted no later than May 15, 2010. Winners MUST be present for the awards ceremony which takes place the last weekend of June, 2010 (exact day and time TBA).

 Visit more information and to download an application.


32. Scholarships for Students in Santa Clara County and Northern San Benito County

The Health Trust is currently accepting applications from high school students in Santa Clara County and Northern San Benito County for its Student Wellness Champion Awards. The $500 awards will recognize area high school students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in promoting and improving the health of their school, peers, or community.
The deadline is May 17th and the application materials can be accessed online at

(408) 961-9851
33. LGBT Activists Apply to be a Mass Promise Fellow
Are you looking transform yourself and your community through service? The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship can help you do just that.  Visit to learn more and apply to be a Fellow!

Learn The Skills

    * Develop your organizational and communication skills
    * Grow as a leader of your own project
    * Build on your passion for national and community service
    * Learn skills that will prepare you for the real world

Gain a lifetime of experience

    * Coordinate statewide mentoring partnerships
    * Conduct health insurance outreach
    * Lead after-school programming
    * Create and staff teen councils and coalitions
    * Develop and lead youth service programs

A Chance to receive

    * Develop your organizational and communication skills
    * Grow as a leader of your own project
    * Excellent training opportunities
    * Free courses at Northeastern University!
    * A $4,725 educational award

Fellows Need:

    * Excellent organization and communication skills
    * The ability to work independently and as part of a team
    * Proven leadership and project management abilities
    * A passion for national and community service
    * The desire to work with diverse constituencies
    * Flexibility and a good sense of humor
    * To be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident Alien



GSA Network
Gay-Straight Alliance Network

National & Statewide Headquarters:
1550 Bryant St., Suite 800
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: 415-552-4229
Fax: 415-552-4729

Southern California Regional Office:
1145 Wilshire Blvd. #100
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: 213-482-4021
Fax: 213-482-4027

Central Valley Regional Office:
Phone: 559-268-2780
Mail for the Central Valley office may be sent to our headquarters in San Francisco.

In This Issue
NETWORK NEWS HIGHLIGHT: The Power of Peer Education
Kern High School District Threatens to Stop Harvey Milk Day
1. L.A. GSAs, celebrate HMD and win a chance to have lunch with Dustin Lance Black!
2. Harvey Milk Day Celebration in Fresno with the Gay Men's Chorus!
3. GSA Summer Activist Camps!
4. San Francisco Youth, Holla Back: Apply for a NEW Leadership Program!
5. Fill out the GSA Network Alumni Survey
6. FREE DVDS! It's been a while, but YIM is back in MOTION!
7. PARADE All America High School Service Team Award
8. Southern California LGBTQ YOUTH PROM (L.A.)
9. Long Beach Pride May 15 & 16
10. Movie Night to Honor Milk (L.A.)
11. 11th Annual Queer Latin@ Youth Conference!
12. Spring Hike for LGBT Youth, 5/22 (L.A.)
13. GSAs support our community!
14. Creating Bias-Free Classrooms: Training Preview (L.A.)
15. ˇYA BASTA! / Enough is Enough!
16. GSAs help Sponsor Youth Today: Walking for Equality (L.A.)
17. Marmonte League of GSAs invite you to Network!
18. OUTspoken Sessions (L.A.)
19. LGBT Youth Calendars (L.A. and San Diego)
20. Harvey Milk Day Community Canvass and Picnic BBQ (Fresno)
21. Fresno Rainbow Pride 20th Annual Pride Parade
22. Trans-E-Motion Meetings in Fresno on Saturdays (Fresno)
23. Community Link's Youth Meetings Friday Night (Fresno)
24. LGBTQ YOUTH KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: You Have a Right to be Yourself
25. "Girlfriend" at Berkeley Rep Theater (East Bay)
26. Free Women's and Girls Self Defense Class, May 15 (East Bay)
27. LGBT Youth and Senior BBQ (East Bay)
28. GSA Students Volunteer to help other Youth!
29. Hayward Gay Prom 2010
30. Youth Calendar (S.F.)
31. Models of Excellence Scholarship
32. Scholarships for Students in Santa Clara County and Northern San Benito County
33. LGBT Activists Apply to be a Mass Promise Fellow

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