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Just as dream images can be transformed in dream,
so emotional states and conceptual limitations
can be transformed in waking life.
With experience of the dreamy and malleable nature of experience,
we can transform depression into happiness,
fear into courage,
anger into love,
hopelessness into faith,
distraction into presence.
What is unwholesome we can change to wholesome.
What is dark we can change to light.
What is restricted and solid we can change into the open and spacious.
Challenge the boundaries that constrict you.
The purpose of these practices is to integrate
lucidity and flexibility with every moment of life,
and to let go of the heavily conditioned way
we have of ordering reality,
of making meaning,
and of being trapped in delusion.

~ Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche ~
Excerpt from: The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep
Chapter: Developing Flexibility

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Advisory: I recommend that you *scan* this eMail to the *END* and then you may want to *PRINT* this eMail (PDF/4-pages), get a cup of tea and take a *time-out* to savor and reflect. However, do come back to it because there are several relevant Events, Resources & useful Audio Links.

Hi All ~ *PISCES* time is so precious! It is where your whole year comes together and asks you to *Create* a Greater *Vision* from the *Raw Materials* of your experience and where you *Surrender* any attachment to the Past or the Future and BE *Present* ~ Go With the *Flow* (at least try ;-)) *Mutable* Energy: PISCES/Initiation ~ VIRGO/Integration ~ GEMINI-SAG/Growth ~ is the *Idea/Ideal* Realm ~ it's where you *Learn & Process* Life and where you discover exactly if/how what you *Believe* supports you, which activates the evolution of your Personal *Truth* ... something becoming more and more *FLUID* for all of us as Neptune & Chiron settle in for 8-14 Years in *Pisces*. This too will shape your Individual experiences, especially those of you with these Signs strongly placed in your chart.

Any time I feel the Neptunian *Fog* rolling in, I take a time-out and turn on my *Receiver* - think of it as *SONAR*, a device used to Navigate *Under Water*. With *7* Planets in *PISCES* this month, we may need *Assistance* clarifying our direction. I have been finding *Diamonds* when I *Open & Surrender* to receive Spirit's Guidance these days and when I block *Flow* (on any level/in any way) I see only a lump of coal that will require more energy than I have to convert. I have found soothing *balm* in Nature which always replenishes me! ("Break to Re-Align") I am then better able to *Give My Flow a Structure* and convert my worrisome (6 planets in) Virgo in to the practical, natural order Virgo so I can come back to the Current *PISCES* party (of Life) and contribute! As I type this, it occurs to me that this is a nice illustration of the *Balance/Integration* process of the Virgo (Earth) & Pisces (Water) energies ... Virgo says, "Surrender to the *Natural Order* and Experience *Miracles/Magic*!" and Pisces replies, "Surrender to the *Miracles/Magic* and Experience *Natural Order*!" Play with that! ;-)

PISCES: Healing Requires Faith
VIRGO: Unity
Require Order

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Sign Intro/Overview
Energy of the Month
Inspiration Point
Retrograde Planets
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Brief Overview of Current Sign Energy

Click Here for *PISCES* Energy of the Month
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Click Here for *PISCES* Inspiration Point
Prayers, Affirmations & Medicine Card

Click Here for *Saturn* Retrograde ~ 2.7.2012
Click Here for *Mercury* Retrograde ~ 3.12.2012

I played with a couple of ideas and reviewed our *Recent Past* work (2-3 years) in the *Pisces/Virgo* realms and found some extremely relevant *gems*. I may have gotten a little carried away on the Divine Guidance for each week, as I went "diggin' in the crates" (an old DJ term that means digging to find that Great *Inspired* Music that will keep the energies *Flowing*) ~ when you go "diggin' in the crates", you are sometimes looking for something you will only know when you see it because the *FEELING* is so distinctly *YES*!! I followed my *Feelings* that there was something *Useful & Relevant* from our Collective/Cumulative work in the *Pisces/Virgo* realms in the last couple of years and sure enough, I found many juicy morsels of work we've already done, that we can NOW *Build* ON with the *Current Energy & Support*. It is THIS work (last 3-6 years) that informs our *Choices & Decisions* NOW ~ 2012 - 2013 - 2014 and beyond.

*SPECIAL* Offers ~ One of my goals for *2012* is to get MORE Members and MORE Call Participants to join this already *STELLAR* Inner Circle! What we do as a *Team* when we get together on the calls is evolving in to a powerful *Support System* for, not only us, the Power Circle that gathers *3* times per month, but everyone each Member then turns to *Touch* in their journey. Ripples in the pond. Energetic Support, Community Fun & Co-Creation on many levels happens when we gather to raise the *Vibration* as a group. And to that end, I have created some Incentives ~ *BONUS* Materials you can get when you *Support* Kelly &!
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Weekly *Audio* Update
Weekly *Written* Forecast
Weekly *Lunar* Divine Guidance

Weekly *Audio* Update ~ Transits & General Cycles
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Weekly *Written* Forecast ~ Written Highlights of this Week's Transits
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Weekly *Lunar* Divine Guidance ~
Lunar Note & Divinations is the
Energetic *Support* for the New/Full and First/Last Qtr Moons
*PISCES* New Moon ~ 2.21.2012 ~
~ Guidance
(2-pages/PDF) + Chart (1-page/PDF) ~
*GEMINI* First Qtr Moon ~ 2.29.2012 ~
~ Guidance
(2-pages/PDF) + Chart (1-page/PDF) ~


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(PDFs + MP3s)
Monthly Personal *Astro* Reports
Monthly Student *Tools*
*Lunar & Solar* ~ Monthly Updates, Guidance & Support

Monthly *Lunar* Tele-Classes Include:
Breathwork, Overview, Chart + Activations
& Divine Guidance

There is much progress being made, albeit behind the scenes ;-) but I'm happy to share the *Progress Report* each month! The new site is coming together and I have done some tremendous upgrades to all the Karmic *TOOLS* in preparation for the launch (in Divine Time & Order). For now, Monthly *TOOLS* are available by the 20th of each month when the Sign changes. I want to encourage more people to *use* the Tools and it seems there are many of you who would appreciate Monthly *Reminders*. Each month, your Custom *Astro* Reports are available, as are the *Lunar* Tele-Classes, which are great supplements to the Individual & Collective *Tools* we use to navigate these pivotal shifts. Even if you do not join us every month, please consider a $35 Donation for *PISCES/VIRGO* Lunation (Audio + Activations) or $5 for your Personal *Astro* Reports & Tools *THIS* Month!

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I am deeply grateful for all of you in
the Power Circle Community!
Infinite Gratitude & Blessings to ALL!!

* The *LUNAR* Tele-Classes are on-going and great for those who resonate with the group energy and prefer to *listen* (versus *reading*) and they also include custom information about what each Lunation is activating for you personally. If you cannot do them all the time (2-3 times per month), then I highly recommend doing your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign Lunations (3-6 times per year) ~OR~ the Seasonal shifts, Eclipses and rare alignments so you know the big aspects activating social and collective shifts. This is another terrific way to support the expansion of this vital work.
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* The *POWER CIRCLE* Premium Membership is where Students of astrology and those working closely with their own personal, individual charts will find tools, support, audios and custom reports to guide and assist their learning and exploration. There are easy, quick reference materials that help you in the short-term, while there are other deep-delving materials that are more suited to a long-term process. All are useful in their own right and have proven effective over the years. Plus, many *fun* additional perks that are added upon intuitive whim!
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