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Add'l Note Regarding: Saturn & Jupiter
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Saturn & Jupiter 2008

Add'l Note
   Saturn going Direct in Virgo (May 2, 2008) reactivated the Eclipses (radical shifts) from February 2008 and a good concept to keep in the back of your mind when co-creating your life and planting the seeds of your dreams is to check in at 3mo / 6mo / 9mo / 12mo.  There are all kinds of cycles in nature which honor this pattern.  This will be the 3mo check-point since the Eclipses essentially pushed you out of your comfort zone in February by telling you that you were "pregnant w. possibilities". That is when we entered a 10-month gestation period culminating in Nov 2008.
   Thanks to Power Circle Member, Bridget H., I was reminded today that this means we are just completing the "first tri-mester" and moving in to the "second tri-mester" when (generally) you're over the initial 'shock & morning sickness' and shifting into 'glowing w. joy' and 'nesting' / creating a space for the new life you have created. (Are you even READY for what you have been calling forth to arrive?) And that is where we are NOW. Another reminder here, is that the Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse at 1 degree Virgo on Feb 20, 2008, was a complete cycle from the EXACT same eclipse on Feb 20, 1989.
  • So what have you TRULY COMPLETED in terms of your life cycle, inner education since then?
  • How can you applied what you've learned over the last 18-20 years to the crossroads you find your Self at NOW?
   Another major cycle to be aware of at this time, is Jupiter in Capricorn, which last happened in 1996 and prior to that, in 1984. (Jupiter is in a sign for approximately one year and retrogrades about 4mo of that year.)
     From then - to now - can you identify similar:
  • 'life-shifts'
  • 'tests of faith'
  • 'making your Truth tangible'
  • a 'new dedication to figuring out the contribution you are here to make'?

If so, again, how can you APPLY WHAT YOU'VE LEARNED in the last 12 years and WHAT STORY do you want to tell going forward?

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   MAY:  Jupiter Retro
Your Truth Meets
Your Reality
In every community
there is work to be done.
In every nation,
there are wounds to heal.
In every heart
there is the power to do it.
     Jupiter represents your personal "story". Every year we get a chance to revise the story we are telling. And every 12yrs, we have the option of telling a completely *NEW* story! What is the story of your life? How does the "story" you are telling reveal your deepest beliefs? (Sag) and what contribution (Cap) are you making through the "story" that you are telling?
     Jupiter in Sagittarius got us connected to our deepest Truth and apparent belief systems. Jupiter in Capricorn is guiding us to making the necessary adjustments to strengthen a more inclusive and effective belief system and make that Truth tangible in the world by creating new structures and systems to support and uplift individuals as well as the community.
     These two energies together indicate that we need to both expand, as well as consolidate various aspects of our lives. When it goes Retrograde, your efforts should turn inward to review how things are going now that it's been in Capricorn for a couple of months.
     The last couple of times Jupiter was in Capricorn was 1996 and 1984.  Can you remember how your reality shifted then?
     Any tweaking you need to do to align your beliefs with how you are living, will be revealed at this time and you are being given a potent opportunity to make adjustments before moving forward again.  
It is shifting from
defining your Truth ...
(Jupiter in Sag)
to making that Truth
tangible in the world
and actually LIVING it.
(Jupiter in Capricorn)
     Jupiter Retrogrades for a couple of months each year to reevaluate what in your life needs to increase and what in your life needs to decrease. Once it moves forward, you will have some powerful months ahead of you to expand outward from a much more solid foundation (if you have done the due diligence).
We don't accomplish
anything in this world
alone ...
and whatever happens
is the result of the
whole tapestry of one's life
and all the weavings
of individual threads
from one to another
that creates something!
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    Happiness cannot be traveled to,
    owned, earned, worn or consumed.
    Happiness is the spiritual experience of
    living every minute with love,
    grace and gratitude.
    - Dennis Waitley, Author/Speaker
    Hi All,
         We are moving through an incredibly powerful portal and on the other side is a new way of existence. Embrace it!  Be grateful! Moving into the unknown can be frightening, fascinating and yet familiar. You were "born" at least once this lifetime already. Sure, it was a long time ago but you did it. You went:
    •  from Spirit ~ to Form
    •  from Invisible ~ to Visible
    •  from an Intangible Idea ~ to a Tangible Reality
         Since ALL IS ENERGY ~ you've been essentially shape-shifting all along, so add that innate GIFT to ALL these other GIFTS available at this time:
    • the GIFT of accessing fertility (Sun/New Moon in Taurus) and power (2 Full Moons in Scorpio)
    • the GIFT of distilling information to find numerous viable options (Mercury in Gemini)
    • the GIFT of cultivating a delicious, comfortable reality that reflects your true values  (Venus in Taurus)
    • the GIFT of knowing who you are and what you want (Mars in Leo)
    • the GIFT of re-telling of your personal story, with more dedication and faith in your contribution to society (Jupiter Retro in Capricorn)
    • the GIFT of creating new systems which more effectively serve your new reality  (Saturn Direct in Virgo)
    • the GIFT of accessing more freedom by 'letting go and letting God'  (Uranus in Pisces)
    • the GIFT of dreaming up a community which serves and nourishes all living beings  (Neptune in Aquarius)
    • the GIFT of re-building the foundation (Cap) of your life, based on the new Truth (Sag) recently revealed (Pluto Retro in Cap/Sag)
    • the GIFT of activating your destiny (NN) within the context of the new community (Aquarius) you are growing  (North Node in Aquarius)
    • the GIFT of healing (Chiron) of the global community (Aquarius)
         We are ALL simultaneously ~ consolidating and expanding; working inner soul and outer contribution; dying and being born anew. Whew! That's a lot! Then here comes the talk of the day, what's called in astrology, a Grand Earth Trine, which is 3 planets - all in Earth signs - in a TRI-angle formation to each other.  (More blessings to be grateful for!) And we've actually had TWO - one in April including Sun (your core identity)/Mercury (your voice) ~ Saturn (your reality) ~ Pluto (your transformation).  That prepared us for this month's trine, which now includes Venus (your values) ~ Saturn (your reality) ~ Pluto (your transformation).
         This is unprecedented access to creating your dreams and visions in TANGIBLE FORM. This is your chance to truly ground your Highest intentions and bring them in to 'form' to serve the greater good, which will attract blessings beyond your wildest imagination ... *IF* you maintain integrity and DO THE WORK! Earth energy requires getting real ~ getting serious ~ and getting dirty! It is a chance to co-create, contribute and allow Great Spirit to breathe life in to the seeds you plant at this time.
         You should be making a conscious effort over the next 2wks organizing your "garden" and planting the seeds, watering them and infusing the "garden" with prayers of healthy fruitfulness. When the second Full Moon in Scorpio gets here, it will shine a light on anything you overlooked, and it will also give you a Divine Opportunity to connect directly with Great Spirit and SURRENDER! We entered this 'powerful portal' with April's Full Moon initiated the Scorpio energy of creation and May's Full Moon in Scorpio is completing the cycle.  At the end of potent cycles, there is often a TEST of some sort to see how well you navigated (learned/mastered) the material at this level. This is a monumental opportunity to SHOW THE UNIVERSE what/how much you have mastered. So in the face of this (inevitable) test, you must summon all your strength, knowledge and understanding to face the test head-on and RESPOND in a completely new way ~ with consciousness, compassion, detachment (from the outcome) and grace, as well as an unwavering faith in the Divine Plan for your life.
         Check out the origination of the word RESPOND ...
    Latin ~ From respondere: re- "back" + spondere "to pledge" / "respond, answer to, promise in return".
    You did the work, clearing karmic debris and creating a space for the garden (your new life); you planted the seeds you chose in your new garden; and with the coming Full Moon in Scorpio, you are entering a covenant with the Universe that if It breathes LIFE in to your dreams, you will be RESPONSIBLE for nurturing them throughout their lifespan. 
         Which leads to the French ~ responsible: "answerable (to another, for something)" / Meaning "morally accountable for one's actions".
         You CHOSE to create this life, now you are responsible for it and all that comes with it ... the good, the bad and the ugly! (As well as the knowledge that ALL IS PERFECT in the eyes of Great Spirit!) So take advantage of all these delicious (and potent) Earth energies to get 'real' with your Self and your deepest desires and values and THAT will be the life you will be living. All experience prior to now, was preparation for THIS! You're more ready than you think and this is no time to chicken-out, you are standing in the doorway which leads to a whole new existence, but you still have free will and choice. However, remember, you also have the supreme strength of some very powerful planets behind you, beside you, beneath you, above you and WITHIN YOU!  It is time.   
    Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.
    It turns what we have into enough, and more.
    It turns denial into acceptance,
    chaos into order,
    confusion into clarity.
    It turns problems into gifts,
    failures into success,
    the unexpected into perfect timing,
    and mistakes into important events.
    Gratitude makes sense of our past,
    brings peace for today and
    creates a vision for tomorrow.
    - Melodie Beattie, Author
    If you are feeling the tremendous shift and powerful forces working in your life (or know someone who is feeling it strongly too), I highly recommend you get the two following tools. Pluto Retrograde Audio + Activations ~ it's *FREE* and will guide you on this year long final test. Email Kelly to request yours TODAY!
    Also, the Cosmic Switchboard Feature is Amara Rose, who offers the Inanna Initiations, which I have found to be extremely useful as I navigate this terrain with you. It is only $13 for eCourse or $91 for eCourse + her INVALUABLE coaching support. Scroll down for more info and links to Amara!
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    June and July are my months to travel and things are booking up fast. (Other months of the year require more advanced planning but can be done.) Please Email Kelly with your city and what you would like to do and we will make it work!
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    Also, in the spirit of 'initiation', I am open to collaborating with other Lightworkers around the country. For those of you who have different modalities and would like to integrate a little "planetary assistance" to what you already do, I am developing an astrology course specifically for you. Please let me know of your interest.  
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    (You don't have to register to listen to the show *LIVE* at 3pm Monday, however, if that time does not work for you, you will have to register on (it is FREE & EASY) to get to the Archives. It's actually a fabulous idea because all you have to do is enter your email (you can opt to receive mailings from them or not) and you will have access to all the great metaphysical teachers and speakers from around the world.)
    I am excited to BE A GUEST on my friend, psychic and medium, John Holland's radio program, Spirit Connections on ~ May 12th @ 3pm estJohn's goal is to push the limits of your consciousness, explore your own inner-guidance, and provide confirmation that we are all more than just these physical beings - that we are spiritual beings with unlimited potential. John provides listeners with a gateway to the Other Side as he opens the "Spirit Connection." 
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    I have always been the "Cosmic Switchboard" ~ 'connecting' people to tools and resources to improve their lives. Here, I'd like to spotlight other Lightworkers and resources as I am intuitively led to share. If you would like to be featured here, or know of a resource you'd like to share with the community ... Email Kelly with/for Details.
    Taurus Cosmic Switchboard Feature
    on ...
    Amara Rose is a catalyst for conscious evolution. She's a midwife who doesn't deliver babies, a weaver without a loom, a heart specialist who does no surgery. Synthesizing ancient and modern wisdom, she helps birth you into your highest purpose and potential, so you can remember and reclaim the Love that you are. 
    Click Here for Amara's Complete Bio
    Note from Kelly:  I recently began the Inanna Initiations and words will not do it justice, but I will share the initial notes I wrote in my journal after getting thru the materials the first time ...
    "I actually do not have words for what I am feeling right now but we will start with RE-NEWED ~ RE-DEDICATED ~ FULL-FILLED (and bursting at the seams) & READY! to embark on this PROCESS."
    Amara's done an amazing job of consolidating an infinitely complex process into easy-to-digest and understandable language which will help you DO THE WORK.  Sometimes on the really difficult tasks in life ~ like personal transformation ~ we quit or postpone because it is overwhelming.  The Inanna Initiations by Amara Rose makes you WANT to do the work so you can hurry up and BE the *NEW YOU*! If you are truly ready to shift and willing to invest in your Self, this is an excellent program to work with during this powerful time of internal and global shifts.
    In addition, Inhale Inspiration & Illumination with Amara's *FREE* monthly What Shines Newsletter!    
    Also, Tap into Multi-Dimensional Abundance with Amara's *BLOG* ~ Health, Wealth & Wisdom Blog!  
    Amara is based in California. 
    Add'l Connections
    Brynda Johnson
    Note from Kelly:  I have worked with Brynda since 1998, and this is a note to her of gratitude, "You are my mentor and Master Teacher - you're my friend and sista4life! My life is so much richer, so much sooner for having studied with you for the last 8 years. I am eternally grateful that you found me a worthy student. Can't wait to do the DNA Activation NEXT!" Well, that's 10 years NOW we've collaborated and Brynda too as evolved, along with her work. Please go to her website for more info on her various workshops and seminars. 
    Workshops & Seminars for
    Personal and Spiritual Development
    • Body Wrap Certification
    • Ascension Reiki Intensive
    • Wellness & Abundance for Life
    • DNA Activations
    • Higher-Dimensional Soul Retrieval
    • Emotional Freedom Techniques
    • The Vibrant Women
    • Total Image Works
    • Home Spa  
    I'd like to especially recommend the Total Image Works for those of you feeling this NEW LIFE energy strongly.  Is it time for a whole new "image" too? In addition to all the deep spiritual work you've been doing, working on your health & well-being, Brynda can guide you in any area of your life you are looking to improve.
    Brynda is based in the DC/VA/MD area.
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