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Outback In Mill Valley CLOSED!

Come visit a very full shop in Point Richmond 
All clothing additional 25-50% off!!
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Alberto Makali and Weston Wear Fall preview 50%off
PLUS additional 25% off this Labor Day Week!

Alberto Makali 2
Fall Sept 2012

WOW ...That was a quick visit to Mill Valley! The times they are a'changin'! Growing with the flow! Which has included a flood in my life and I know many of you are going through the ebbs, flow, floods, waves of these times.
I've noticed a heightened ability to "let go and let goddess", to not suffer over suffering, to not stress over stresses, to let go of judgements before they turn into resentments (or shortly after) ... Have you noticed this?

We will be "poping up" in Studio City in LA in a couple of weeks, in Modesto in a month and possibly back on 4th in Berkeley and/or back in Mill Valley for the holidays. Following the flow!
In the meantime, The Point (Richmond), the "Hidden City" is our consistent home base and the best place to sell all our designer lines. Only 1 minute off the freeway, convenient to all locations.

AND, I've been shopping! In LA, at 12 tradeshows in Las Vegas and locally. There is a preview 100+ pcs of the clothing, some you can see pictured, that I've put into our shop now and will be part of the sale. New! Alberto Makali Fall at 50% off with an additional 25% off this week, and Alberto Makali Summer at 50% off with additional 50% off during this sale!
Plus WestonWear, new pcs of Noblu and 500 new pieces of Mary Green coming, maybe today.
After the sale, summer will go to LA and the rest of the fall will be put into Richmond.
Westonwear dresses
Weston Wear
Celebration of Amira's life date and location changeAmira & Leslie partying
Those that want to participate and it works for them to be in LA, the time of her memorial/celebration has changed.
Amira's Life Celebration- Save the NEW Date!
16 September at 15:00 at Industry Cafe & Jazz
I hear Michael Beckwith (Agape) along with family and friends will be celebrating her and her "LoveTribe".
Her spirit lives on ... and yes ... whaaaahhhh! I miss being with her in body.
My Favorite way to tithe is giving $ to individuals finding innovative ways to share their gifts ... so I fund a lot of indiegogo and kickstarter campaigns. This one I will probably fund a few times over the next 40 days. I love and cherish freedom ... and this is all about keeping and creating the game "rules"  to enable freedom. 

It's for Judith Ehrlich's new documentary, The Mouse that Roared. She is the Oscar nominated documentary filmmaker of The Most Dangerous Man in America (Although it could also be called, The Most Compassionate (and beautiful) Woman in America) ...
About Daniel and Patricia Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers ... whistleblowers.
Devi closeup

This new documentary, The Mouse That Roared, is also about a whistle blower, who is also a beautiful and compassionate woman. 
We are blessed to have the freedom to support whistle blowers, to have the freedom of speech and like the saying goes ... use it or lose it! 
Looking forward to seeing many of you Outback,

                              xoxo Devi