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Amira's progeny, Chips off the elder blockess: Nathenial, Misha, Quincy, Ben with Charity

Aloha LoveTribe,

WOW! What an outpouring of love this last week. So many emails expressing love for Amira and for me. We will be posting the letters on her web page soon, along with a video of a song written for her at the intimate family celebration of her life, that I went to last Sunday. You can read more, and read her last words at the end of the email.  

And then my daughter Shaye surprised me and cheered me up with her beautiful letter about voting for me for the Chase grant and the support from many of you! 
Thank-you!!! More on that below. 


More also on my full week below. Including buying a few hundred pcs from Alberto Makali and a couple of other lines in LA. Plus a couple hundred more pieces from the Bay Area Noblu line. 

We will be moving most of the Johnny Was, Biya, Pete and Greta and For Love and Liberty, to the Point Richmond store as it is a problem for a couple of shops in Marin that we are carrying it in Mill Valley. So I brought in these other lines to replace them. 


We will be having a Sale starting Wed 7/4 


See more details of all of this below. There are those of you on this list just to stay up on LoveTribe news and there are those of you just for the clothing, and many for both. I try and be respectful to all. I know your time is precious.

July 4th SALE 11-4ish
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7/5 only after that, these labels will be in Pt Richmond shop only ...
Johnny Was, Pete and Greta, For Love and Liberty, 3Jworkshop 
These labels are currently in both shops, although the bulk of these collections are in Mill Valley until Friday                                                                                                              
Citron, Deca, Mary Green ... 
These labels are only in Point Richmond
Johnny Was in both shops 100's of styles
Deca tashi & Calvert

Johnny Was BlouseJWLA T DressBernis shoes        Citron Heather
  Many new styles  ... Tashi and Calvert in Deca in Point Richmond
300 NEW pieces of Alberto Makali Aberto Makali

No time for new pictures ... We do have these yet there are MANY new looks, in solids and prints. Sweater, Jackets, skirts, dresses, pants. For all occasions.
150 new pieces of Noblu and Breakfast in Tokyo NoBlu runner

Cotton Lycra knits, Linen, cotton wovens, Rayon

Jackets, pants, skirts, blouses, dresses                                                                          ALL Pieces $39
Regular prices $98-228

The Grant
YES! We got over the needed 250 votes to be in the running Shaye & Devi
Thanks to many of you for voting for Outback for the grant. It was a beautiful acknowledgement from my daughter Shaye and from so many of you. The outpouring of all your appreciation gave me a wonderful (and needed!) boost this week. We did get enough votes and so are in the running ... along with thousands of other companies.  
It is so ridiculous that there isn't stimulus money for small business. Statistics show over 75% of new jobs come from (women owned) small business. When I asked my friend who was working with Obama on stimulating Green Jobs, why they don't just give a stimulus package to all small businesses who have managed to stay in business over a period of time. He said sarcastically, though truthfully, yes but that would be too easy. And it doesn't fit the agenda of the corporatocracy! Speaking of small businesses ...  
Last shout out for Shaye's project only 5 days left! Athenaeum skit
Hundreds of you have clicked through and looked at her project and a couple of you have pledged $10-50. I think many may be confused about it looking like your signing up for the library. No, it's a one time donation, please consider this.
It will happen ... even if she doesn't reach her dollar amount we will at least put a clothing library in an Outback Temple Shop. Though it's a good chance she will be opening the library as it's own example, again.
Check out her project here:    indiegogo/athenaum
To see the project you don't need to sign up just scroll down

MAdeline emergesdeline emerges ...

She is in hospice ... living longer then any of their other "patients". The medical system is so corupt. They yell at her for not following their program, while also acknowledging she wouldn't be alive if she did. I think this is what was meant by "death panels". In the meantime she is growing, opening to more love, making music videos, I'm in the process of editing a music video I made of her singing Season of the Witch with her inpromtu  band last week. Here is a picture I took of her wearing a Deca coat dress ... she's working as my model!
Finding jobs for friends in every situation is my forte as Shaye mentioned in her email to you.

What a beautiful outpouring of love from our Tribe to her and her family  Amira & Leslie partying

Spending time with Amira's beautiful son's and then her family at her intimate family celebration of her life. As things settle in we will be having another celebration somewhere here in the Bay Area, I will let you all know, and we are looking at Agape Church in LA.

In her last week she spoke very little. She went to the hospital a last time and when asked if she wanted to go home, she said, she was going home. After a few days of silence, one of her son's put the phone up to her ear because her stepson Nathaniel was on the phone from South America (the one on the far left above). She listened and responded to him in her beautiful, gracious, shining and loving way with words. Then she didn't speak again those last few days ... except ... She would say, Wowwww ... amaaaazing ... wow ... amazing ... She was on her way home
Romio's visit Devi & Romio
Returning from LA to my partner Romio's visit. We are working on projects, products and events that open the flow of love and beauty. We are planning events to invite you to as well as the gorgeous clothing we are designing with his exquisite images.
These photos were taken by Heather Heitt at a meeting in my home. He did a ceremony for Amira at the Mill Valley store, you can see him on the phone chanting a blessing to Madeline and one going out to all of you by the Bay. (and our famous photographer friend Robert Zuckerman, taking Heather taking pictures!)

Romio chanting to Madeline           Romio chanting Bay Area     HH by RZ                     
My heart goes out to others in our LoveTribe that have let us know of their loved ones who also moved on.  We have an altar for Amira at the stores and you are welcomed to add your loved ones, they will be in great company.

Much love, Devi 




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