Amira lights 4th street
Amira lighting 4th street. Taken by Sara

Aloha LoveTribe,

Amira my goddess, sister, deep friend and partner in bringing love, beauty, peace, compassion and STYLE to our "LoveTribe", from the first day she walked into Outback many years ago, has "relocated" (as Wavy would say) into her new light home. She passed peacefully this morning at 4:15 with her family around her.


She was the hostess with the mostest and I'm getting messages she will continue in her light form to be that for us all. I know this will come as a shock for many, who have held her as well, as she wanted us to do. And I would say she is well, just not in body.

At the moment I'm very sad, letting go of the form of the relationship we had, which was such a blessing and I was/am very attached to. And letting go of her beautiful form in body ... her smile, her laugh, her hugs, little kisses and lot's of beautiful conversations. Her beautiful fashion style which she shared with us all.  Yesterday, someone was describing some of the young people coming in as crystal children (an evolution of indigo children), who are beautiful, joyful, gentle, peaceful spirits, bringing in light and delight. I have a new baby in my family like this and Amira was/is  all that and more. I don't have to tell anyone who knows her, this. She could always be counted on to be shining. Dark clouds crossed quickly over her, disappearing in her light.

Many of you wanting to know the details of what she was being with, I will now share. She didn't want everyone's thoughts and opinions about this, coloring her experience and process. She had septicemia, an infection throughout her body that she had to have multiple surgical procedures to clean out. This kept her very week in body. She was bedridden the whole time, in and out of the hospital. She also had pancreatic cancer. She was told from the beginning she didn't have long, maybe a couple of weeks, but let them know she was on her own time, and spent the last 4 months thriving. One time when I knew it had been a physically rough stretch, I said to her, "Howzit? Hangin' in there?" And she said," No, I'm thriving!" She had so many miracles, deep love (fun too!) with her gorgeous sons, Quincy and Ben, precious moments with friends and beautiful synchronisities and teachings, that I will share over time. She didn't have a lot of energy, so she had to learn to conserve it even though she may have liked to see many people, she didn't have the energy to do that and wanted everyone to know it wasn't for lack of love that she couldn't accept a lot of visits and calls. Her intention was to keep sharing her gifts. She told me she would, she told me she would be back, she just didn't know how or in what form.

Amira has been in Los Angeles the last couple of months where most of her family and many long time friends live. And, she loves her bay area tribe and her beautiful life here. As the last stage of her transition began, I was thinking of her and then looked out the window and saw a beautiful wild turkey (a private message to me), perched on the peek of the pyramid roof, looking at the Bay. She stood there for about 10 minutes, and looked down upon her beautiful home on the Bay these last years, and then turned around, looked at me, and flew off. That night she came to Tashi in the astral (Tashi travels there frequently and consciously). She reached out her hand to Tashi and said, "Is this it?" Tashi held her hand as her body shifted into its perfect state,she let her know it will be fun. You can read the full letter here.

Then Christine, the next day happened to be at my shop in Mill Valley and checked in just as I was tuning in to see what Amira needed. Christine had looked into giving her some remote healing early on, but saw that she was clearly on a path not to be interfered with at the time. This had been reiterated by other healers as well. The store was very busy that day, but had just cleared, and stayed cleared the forty minutes I was on the phone with Christine who was with Amira (energetically), and then as soon as they were complete, people began coming back in the shop again. In that forty minutes, Amira was accepting Christine's support to clear things and receive energy. Christine saw that her spirit wanted to be free, but her blood (body) was fighting to be here and her personality felt a duty to remain. Christine held the space as Amira brought her duty into her spirit, and released energy in different parts of her body, letting energy into her cells, and some relief from pain. She said although Amira was now feeling much better and at peace, it looked like she would be transitioning soon.

So many friends feeling her and checking in. I received this picture above, of Amira at the 4th street store, from Sara next and sychronistically our lives came together to hold, her, acknowledge her and do ceremony with her.

I have been getting messages from others who travel between the "veils" saying they will be adventuring with her.

Of course this is all a mystery, and everyone has their own experience of life and death. Though knowing Amira, I wouldn't be surprised if she continues her "ministry" through her adventures in her new perfect body.

Amira & Leslie partying


  wild turkey messaganger
wild turkey messenger
For those that want to send flowers, contribute to her memorial, acknowledge to her family the gifts you've received from her, you can send emails to me to pass along, and make contributions to support her sons with the expenses of the memorial. You can pledge to me and I will deliver to them.
I will have altars set up in the shops.
I'm off to LA.
I know we will all miss her ...
 xoxo Devi    

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