New Mill Valley Pop-up shop!
We built it... you came and shopped! And we all had a great time... Thanks!
30 Miller Ave. Mill Valley 415 380-8189
Open every day 12-6ish except Saturday which is 11-6ish
Point Richmond
   Hidden City, exclusive lines
139 W. Richmond Ave Point Richmond 510 237-1199
Open every day 12-6ish except wednesday til 7ish
Along with the Farmers Market in the town triangle "square" Market is open 4-8) 
  for directions  www. devijuice.com 
Mill Valley Temple shopping
Hope shopping for Pile ou Face, JW and Alberto Makali in Mill Valley Temple Shop

Aloha LoveTribe,

I wanted to get out a quick email to give you the details of the fundraiser for Amira this Sunday. You can read about that below.

And let you know how fun it's been to have the new Mill Valley shop, which is such a beautiful space. I had a shop in Mill Valley over 20 years ago and women are coming by saying OMG, your back!
WOW!! I can barely remember, how can so many of you!!  And they are saying,
we're not letting you go this time! How cool, sweet and heartwarming ... and we'll see if that's true!
And many of the Lovetribe from Mill Valley, old and new are also visiting and discovering Pt Richmond, after enjoying the new shop.
Both towns are small community neighborhoods, the pace is very peaceful and relaxing.

We've been trying to find the right mix of clothing that won't interfere with other retailers in Mill Valley, and this week brought in lots of great Pile ou Face, coats, blouses, dresses, tunics and pants into both shops.

Venus ... she's transiting ... she's retrograde (for those following the planets), she's Outback (for those following the lovetribe). We are moving into the times where Venus is emerging into DeLight!
It's not the end of the world, just the masculine world order! And the feminine doesn't like to be controlled! So let go and let goddesses.
She will take care of you ... we will take care of each other.

Life is going at the pace of a busy city, as 2012 speed towards this new way of being as one. Stop, breathe ... and as our friend Ram Dass said many year ago ... be here now. Now is our gift, our joy and our moment to shine.

And on that shiny note ...

Amira & Leslie partying
Amira's life in stylish balance ...
As she says, "It's my time to shine!" 
For those of you new to this list, Amira is the goddess whose been serving the LoveTribe for the last 10 years, and is now holding court in the different hospitals and homes she is finding herself in on her healing journey.

Although she is being told by well meaning doctors that she doesn't have much time, she is letting them know she hears them but is not on their timeline. If fact she is already past their timeline, with so many beautiful stories to tell. Will it be a book? A movie? A blog? Stay tuned! In the meantime, Steve is throwing a  FUNd raiser party for Amira, this Sunday
. Steve, an artist, an epic party thrower and promoter for the arts, is appropriately hosting this party fundraiser at Bridge Art Space. What was once just a storage unit complex is now a vibrant artist studio complex.

 Here's Steve's is the invite for ya all! This Sunday June 10, 2-6 pm
Bridge Art Space 23 Maine Street, Richmond (map it!) See some of you there!

For those not able to make the event, that would like to send her a card or some $ support for this journey (I know many of you had said we should have a "tip jar" for our amazing stylists/therapists/hostesses, this could be it!
Send to Amira Jacquelyn Hayes 1266 Citrus Ave # 21, Los Angeles 90019. 


Temple Shopping
More Venusian shopping
Eric, the monk, lawyer, hospice worker, farmer, dancer, movie maker ...
who lives with us, just left for his solo mountain prayer fast. As he was leaving he said where he would be just in case ... Robert said, "In case you get eaten by a mountain lion?" He said, no, in that case, "May I be tasty!"
Life with a good attitude!
(being fearless - choosing love)

Love you, xoxo Devi    
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
Aberto Makali
Alberta Makali