New Mill Valley Pop-up shop!
Opening this Saturday!
30 Miller Ave. Mill Valley 415 380-8189
Still open ... our Pt Richmond shop too!
139 W. Richmond Ave Point Richmond 510 237-1199
Now open every day 12-6
Wednesday Pt Richmond open until 7 ish for Farmers Market
 in the town triangle "square" is open 4-8
Tuesdays extra 10% off!

Aberto Makali
Memorial Weekend fun events & sales
Pt Richmond: City-wide Garage Sale!
additional 50% off  Deca & JW & 25% off Citron, Mary Green, Nataya

Mill Valley: Weekend side walk sales around the square & Memorial Day Parade. Many special sale items

Aloha LoveTribe ...

Very fun events this weekend. The annual city wide garage sale in Point Richmond. If you like garage sales ... this is the mother of them all!! And we have so many new pieces at AMAZING prices!
And in Mill Valley fun events as well. Mill Valley?! Yes, I find myself back in Mill Valley... how fun! We had a shop here over 20 years ago and are back ... at least for a couple of months and then we'll see.  I'm enjoying being brought back ... love the redwoods and the small town square which we will be on. 
Don't worry, I'm still loving the Point too and will still have our Temple shop here as well. 
There are a couple of collections that it won't work to have in Mill Valley,
Deca and Mary Green, as other stores there sell it at full price. So these lines will only be sold at our Pt Richmond shop. There are MANY new pieces from both these collections, especially Deca which we will continue to sell most at 75% off! 
I got around 100 pcs of Alberto Makali (currently at Pt Richmond but will be moving to Mill Valley in a couple of days) , 300 pcs of Dolce Cabo (both stores) and 1100 pieces!! of the lines, Johnny Was, Biya, For love and Liberty, Pete and Greta and 3J Workshop. 
You can see some of the pieces by clicking here.

Johnny Was will be a bit higher in the Mill Valley store (higher overhead) but if you (and your friends) mention LoveTribe to the stylist-goddess assisting you, you will get additional 25% off. 
And for you Citron Lovers ... over 100 pcs, all sizes which will be split between the 2 stores on Friday, but for now in Pt Richmond.  
Amira's Vital life journey
There will be a FUNd raiser party for Amira  in June ... view here

Amira & Leslie partying

I've been watching the power of love birth miracles. And the strength it takes to stay with that love. Amira has been AMAZING at being love and the incredible stories and miraculous synchronicites abound. I would love to tell you some of these stories, but don't have the time for that right now. If you see me in one of the shops though, I would be happy to share them.  


In being with the healing process of so many different people,  I've been seeing some of the "ruts" in the road. Some of those cause stumbling, some getting stuck. Stumblings are those fears which actually aren't a problem, they just come up to be expressed and released.  

Getting stuck comes up with addictions. Seeing the difference between keeping true to ourselves (listening to what is true for us) AND staying in our comfort zone. The comfort zone can became one of those ruts we get stuck in. When those comforts become addictions and those addictions run us they make it extremely hard to navigate when challenges come up. And "being true to ourselves" becomes an easy justification. Yet, "beating ourselves up" about it only adds insult to injury, only makes us more stuck. If you find yourself in this spot, what I find works best is just being with it .... facing it ... don't turn your back on it. Do what your gonna do ... do your addiction ... just don't justify that addiction. Be with it and pray that it loses it's grip ... until it slips ... away. If you find yourself with a loved one grappling with this, what I find works best is saying what you see if asked for help and then "allowing" (with love) that person their own choices. 

That's what I've been looking at this week! 
Love you, xoxo Devi 

PS If your dealing with addictions Rhonda Lenair can be of assistance. You can ask Heather or I about her when you see us. We may set up a phone seminar for those interested in getting an experience of that possibility. Let us know if your interested.
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