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April/May 2012                                                                             for directions  www. devijuice.com 
Devi Mothers day 2012
Honoring the Mother within and in our lives 
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Tuesdays have been slow which is why we stopped being open then. We decided to give it another try, as disappointed people do show up and have come from a distance and it provides another day of employment ... so we are offering another 10% off on Tuesdays to see if we can stimulate that day. 

Aloha LoveTribe ...

Last week 20% of all sales went to support the health and well being of Amira, Madeline and Shaye and this week discounts will go to honor the mother within and in our lives.

Amira, Madeline, Shaye and I, thank you for those that shopped and supported the $ raising for the sessions with Rhonda Lenair.
Amira continues to live fully,       Madeline continues to        Shaye continues to create.
thrive and inspire. For the            dance every day ... No           Here's her first ring creation.
letter Amira wrote explaining       matter what ....                        Full moon rising ...  
her situation      click here.          To see her dance click here     And her project here Atheneum 
Amira & Leslie partying           Madeline upclose    FUll moon ring              
Amira and Madeline are looking forward to a healing experience of discovering more of their truth with Rhonda Lenair's reflective (and miraculous) talent. Thank-you to those that have shopped and gifted to provide this opportunity. We will report back!

The Lenairs, Rhonda and her manager/husband Barry gifted us as well. They gifted me a session which I'm looking forward to next week and have a gift for you as well. Which I will tell you about next week, unless you feel in a situation that the sooner the better, you can email me by replying to this email.

I would also like to introduce one of our LoveTribe members who contributed to our healing
Christine Hodil. She is local and you can see her site here 

As I sit here in Hana writing this update ... the rains have begun to pour ... like the skies open and the tears flood. Cleansing, clearing and letting go. Sometimes I love to walk in these downpours (like today). To enjoy these wet walks and receive the gifts ... I just let go ... surrendering to the rains ... it is such freedom ... letting it all go... whew ... yummmm...
I also feel this in the arms of "The Mother", that lap of unconditional love. May you give and receive the gift of unconditional love this Mother's Day.  
xoxox  Devi

PS Note from this mother ... my daughter Diva is having a sale this week in her studio you can read about it on her blog              Diva Thanks!

Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
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