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Aloha LoveTribe ... .

New Citron, Nataya and Mary Green!!
As usual they will be sold at 50% + off of regular retail.

I have been shopping and being with, filming, playing, hanging out, taking care of ... friends and family in L.A., especially 2 of my long time loves "rocking" their extreme health challenges/opportunities.

One of my loves, Amira, who is also very dear to many of you, and this will probably come as a shock, as you last saw her very vibrant on 4th Street. I'm sure it won't come as a surprise though, that Amira has been in great spirits and has been "holding court", giving "darshan" to all the nurses and doctors at the 4 different hospitals she's found herself in, each better then the last. She has needed to keep her process this last couple of months, to a small circle of friends in order to conserve her energy and be with what's true for her without other peoples projections and fears interfering. She is now ready to share her process and I will be sending out a letter from her soon.

My best friend from High School has also been hanging on the edge in a completely different way . In home hospice, not hospital, she has been going to dance class every day. You can see her in dance class by clicking here.

And as many of you know, Shaye has been "rockin" her chronic health "challenge/opportunity" by creating and continuing her "mission in life" now raising funds for her clothing library The Athenaeum on indiegogo here.

The next 10 days, 20% of the sales will go towards a healing session for each of the women, with a miraculous person/energy Rhonda Lenair.  I had some experience of her amazing intuitive skills 10 years ago when I was looking for someone to help a loved one clear up an addiction. When I found out her work and abilities had progressed beyond her miraculous ability to shift energy so that addictions and their cravings disappear without withdrawals or the need to detox, into repairing "all that is broken" through an enlightenment experience, I brought the possibility to these 3 women. They are all excited to connect with her first through a short phone session to see the possibilities for healing, and possibly have the more in depth personal experience.  I know besides your concerns for these women, many of you or your loved ones need something like this as well. We will keep you informed as the process unfolds. In the meantime know your shopping is forwarding this happening. 
New Citron
New Nataya
New Mary Green
New Citron - over 150 new pieces   - Amira

                in Citron                                  on 4th st                    in Citron                    Amira on 4thCitron Amira

Lot's of new Citron in sizes XS - 4X          

Our Beloved Amira ....

Those of you that have known about this have come by with cards, money prayers and good wishes. Those now finding out and would like to donate to Amira's healing and/or gift her, send cards and well wishes (her birthday is May 5), you can drop off cash, checks, cards at Outback or mail to (and write checks to, her legal name) Jacqueline Hayes 1266 South Citrus Ave. L.A. Ca 90019

New Nataya - Shaye         For more Nataya pics see my blog
Shaye in Nataya in Mx  Shaye & Charlie Athena

Shaye in Nataya in Mx
                             Shaye's indigogo fundraiser for her dream of
                                                        a new economy
and a more sharing world
If you'd like to support Shaye (and me) make a donation (of ANY size) here
to support the opening of The Atenaeum ... a clothing library, in the Bay Area. She opened  one in the Mission a few years ago and just completed a "pop-up" library in San Miguel De Allende. You can see the pictures of those she dressed up in Mx on her blog here.



New Mary Green
Mary green     MG Cami   slipMary Green SlipMary Green OUTFIT
New shippment Lot's a gorgeous pieces 50-80% off
Slips, gowns, chemises, tanks, camisoles, bikinis, thongs, lace boy shorts, silk sleep masks, robes, I XL white silk  PJ's and more... most sizes small & Med although some L & XL
Also new styles, patterns and colors not shown here.


Madeline in Deca
MAdeline in Deca                       Madeline upclose
We did a photo shoot in Mady's back yard... hard to tell in this small pic but very yummy Deca leggings with a beautiful sheer knit tunic, some of it laced . All Deca an additional 50% off  (now 75-90% off). She is also wearing stylin' compression arms ... one of our new products.
Although Madeline is in Hospice and not in denial of her situation, she is also wanting and seeking a recovery. In the meantime she is dancing... full on!
If you'd like to send her some support, card, communication you can write to [email protected] or Madeline Ridley
  8961 Keith Ave W. Hollywood, ca 90069
There is a movie being made with so much amazing footage from her life, including a long interview with Andy Warhol
... don't know who was interviewing who, filming while Andy was taking pictures of her, and the 15 bands and many performances she was in, art and dance videos ... they are just now being pulled from the archives. If any of you movie makers or wannabes are interested in participating let me know.

All three of these women have to be with much pain and fear, yet they are
living so fully, much of the time, that takes a back stage. And for me as well, being with them in the love we share and the fun we have together no matter what.
And then of course there are those moments of big sighs ...
When the pain needs to be heard and the fears voice their opinions.
Amira said during those times she does Ho'oponopono

People always ask me how I stay so healthy and vibrant. I'd say a large factor is that besides taking care of myself proactively ... I take care of others! Try it!!
  be fearless choose love, health, beauty 
xoxox  Devi

Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
20% of
all sales

Goes towards a healing session for Amira, Madeline, Shaye and if there is extra I'll get a booster as well!

Offer Expires: May 4