Namaloha LoveTribe,

Been on a busy road since closing 4th St. I'm still on the road, but when I return I will write a shorter and more informative Newsletter (that takes longer and I'm off to the Natural Products show to see the lastest and greatest health products). This week Outback checked in Johnny Was and Deca ... If you go in this weekend before everything is priced ... you will get first picks and low prices, and have to ask for pricing. Next week we will finish pricing as well as receive Citron and Tienello.
My last 5 week walkabout ...

Hawaii ... time of my last email. Last night was the biggest storm in Hana my friends could remember .. shakin' in their beds ... ride that dragon (year of the dragon ... time to get proficient riding it!) I know many of you had an early morning quake wake last week.

Las Vegas, friends, Valentine's day with Roberto in a gorgeous room & view while visiting 12 huge Trade Shows. Finding the best of the best for ya'll!

Optimum Health Institute for a physically cleansing retreat. While visiting one of our main suppliers, Deca, where I found hundreds of great pieces ...

LA visiting Alexis and Fancher  and buying ... Johnny Was, for Love and Liberty, Biya, 3J Workshop and Pete and Greta.

New York ... My birthday party, which was a fundraiser put on by my friend Paulette (below). Got to party with Obama, Russell Simons, Deepak Chopra and many of my biz friends there including Eileen Fisher.
Stayed with one of my best friend's Joanne in the big apple, while we played, shopped (for you all ... jewelry!) and edited the myth of the transformation of humanity ... once upon a time Yashudara and Sidartha fell in love ...

Back in LA today I went to Citron and Tienello, a line I've always thought many of you Citron Fans would enjoy and finally met Steve the owner in Las Vegas and visited today He will be sending us 150 pieces to try out at amazingly low prices!

As I write it's International Women's Day and a very potent time ... astrologically with the full moon surrounded by many beautiful, benevolent planets.  Shaye just skyped (from Mexico) to tell me that tonight in Tibet it is a day when your prayers will be magnified by 1,000,000. We are still in the glow of this energy  for  a few days ... what do you wish to magnify?
Shaye sent out her dream through Indiegogo and asked me to share it with you (taking advantage of the million times affect!) Please check it out (and support if your inspired to) by clicking here Athenaeum  .  If you do donate, I will give you a 25% off couon as a thank-you.

Shaye's Dream
Shaye & Charlie Athena
Athenaeum gogo
Shaye Launched her
indiegogo campaign last night, after a ritual launch party with friends in Mexico.
Support the dream of a shared closet ... unlimited creativity ... dressing the goddess while keeping her individual closet simple.
Deca from Paris
Hundreds of new pieces-Dresses, tops, tunics, pants, leggings ,skirts
coats, jackets, cardigans
Johnny Was Blouse
Johnny Was

Blouses, Tee shirts, dresses
hoodies, jackets, pants
xs-3x  50-75% off reg retail
3 Goddesses in my life ...
Nicholas Roerich
Nicholas Roerich
I went to Nicholas Roerich Museum in New York a couple of days ago. This painting became a prayer of mine ...
 3 of my long time Women friends (in Bay area, LA and NYC) have BIG health "opportunities" (and/or challenges). I would like to take a moment and visualize health, healing, love spreading over and through them ...include your loved ones and yourselves along with my 3 goddesses...
ABC Home
ABC window
Window at ABC.
This is from the window of ABC Home. Paulette who has the most beautiful store in New York (the world?) knows about beauty and sees it within and without.
She has a new partnership and Center in hr shop with Deepak Chopra for discovery the beauty within.
In the Dressingroom
Dressing in room
Deca dressing ...
One of our long time LoveTribe goddesses
Dressing "Outback" in the Temple of Venus (where Venus hangs out and becomes one with all)
I promised I would share with you her amazing dance but can't find info ...have to share next week.

father, son, holy ghost ... mother, daughter, spirit of poetry ...
Joanne gave me a book to read on the plane returning from New York last night. The Shack about the meeting of a perfectly imperfect human with God(dess), Jesus and the holy spirit ... basically a book about our wholeness and the I of us.
In this year as we "Ride the Dragon" ... remember ... re - member ... we're all in this together. We can acknowledge mistakes we and others have made, even out of or in love ... forgive and move on in love ...
May compassion multiply a million times ...
xoxo, Devi
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
510 237 1199
Be Fearless Choose Love