Aloha LoveTribe ...Devi Gardenland 2012  
Our last day in Hana ...  wonderful moments in time.
We are loading and looking at our time through our photos
and picking some to share.
This one of me shot by Heather Heitt.
Below is one of
Susanne, Heather and I that Robert took under the trellis
that Shaye painted years ago. We are all wearing Deca ...
all but the dress I'm wearing rolls up into a small mesh bag!

And we're all wearing the skirt/slip that is a great piece for
layering ... I just spoke with Tashi and there are still more
to be had! And more of the dresses Susanne and I are wearing.

As well as many other beautiful pieces still 75% or more off the regular prices!
As the sale will continue
until after I return from Las Vegas Trade Shows, where I will be going in a few days.


3 Hana Graces
Heather and Susanne       Heather in HAna      Sussane by Heather
                 photo by Devi                                                        photo by Susanne                                             photo by Heather
Waterfalls, bamboo forest temple,rainbows ... waterfall

Full moon walks... we received the the whole Hana mana magic!

rainbow magic
      Photos  by   Susanne Kaspar        

Bamboo Forest/Temple Bamboo forest Heather H
Photos by Heather Heitt

    Tree in Oheo Gulch
I'll be on a pretty busy travel  roll the next few weeks ... this is where tweeting or facebook
could work to keep you updated, although I and most of you aren't "fluent" there yet.
I will be shopping for more beautiful, functional clothing and accessories ... coming in regularly.
For now time to load a few more pics and go on a Hana adventure.

              xoxo and alota aloha, Devi 
                               Devi taken by Susanne DeviLawnHana