Outback 1717D 4th Street in Berkeley
4 days left!  Sharing the  space with the 4th St. Gallery...  
Berkeley 4 more days 11-6  Sunday until 10ish

Yes! Pt Richmond shop will still be open
Everyday BUT Tuesday 12-6 


Last 4 days!
Clothing an additional 50% off!
30% off everything else!
Last Day 50-60% off everything!

Aloha LoveTribe!

A funny thing happened on my way Outback... (read bottom right)

It's been sooooo fun ... our time on 4th street. It's been something I've been planning on doing (Party on 4th) for many years and this was the year! I have some other "gestalts",  long time dreams, to unfold this year ... you?

For now, 3 1/2 more days to have fun, find beauty, treasures, friends and GREAT deals in our 4th St pop up temple/shop! So many people have enjoyed our being back in Berkeley. And we have been getting SO much appreciation, a few of many comments:

"My life has been transformed! I look forward to waking up and getting dressed!"  
"I feel like a new person and also like my "old self" re-awakened and now excited by life!" 

"The clothing from Outback seem embued with magic."

"I felt like royalty the way I was served and taken care of ... I was walking on air for days!"

Many people are very appreciative of the wonderful Outback hostesses/stylists that see the beauty in each woman and bring it out.  Including all of you who party in the dressing room supporting each other to BeYouToFull, beU2Ful, be beautiful...    
And of course, appreciating the quality high fashion  and low prices. And because we didn't have much for the guys, what we did have was comfy, stylin' with amazing prices! (unfortunately just few pieces left). 

Yeah! It's been fun for all of us, to make this kind of difference to ourselves and each other.

So, 3.5 more days and 1 more night... 50% off all clothing and 30% off everything else (lingerie, scarves, socks, shoes, boots, gifts, jewelry, homeware, displays and furniture).
The 4th St Gallery paintings are amazing prices too!

Last sale day will be Sunday, Jan 29, 2012

We will have a fun closing party (see right!). Dress at Outback or wear one of your new favorite outfits (or one of your old favorite Outback outfits!) Final discounts 50% off EVERYTHING ... plus special racks at additional 60% off (on already marked down pieces). 

Ready to grow with the flow and delve into 2012!
xoxo Devi  

 PS I'm off to Hana soon ... will write from there ...  

                                 Outback ... In the Temple of Venus      Devi
139 W. Richmond Ave.                                1717 4th Street
Point Richmond, CA 94801                Berkeley, CA 94710
510 237 1199                                                510 5271777


d collage
D collage2

The new Miracle body corderoy jeggings that just came in (instead of saving until after the sale, we will sell at half off (not 75%).

Stretch woven corderoy jeggings (waist at waist!) may go well with the great tops many of you have bought.
In wheat and dark moss.

More wool coats showed up!
We will be bringing in clothing from Pt Richmond to the 4th St shop and we've uncovered some boxes of great items. Many now on the $24 ($12!) rack too!

Our Price:
List Price: $495
S & H: $5
Citron Nov 11We will be bringing the Citron over to 4th ST for the last day ... Sunday
Delve into 2012 ... Some intuitive insight with Dawn
DawnWhat are you creating as your part of The 2012 Shift?  Perhaps you've heard the prophecies of doom, gloom, destruction and loss; maybe some fear is even affecting you. Somehow the "growth" prophesies haven't gotten as much press time.  Here's a secret to be shared with everyone: this Shift includes new ways to make money in line with our values, changes in power structures to allow more true democracy, breakthroughs in health and wellness, an opening in the heavens for love and other wonderful changes.  Come get a mini-reading on the energy of any one question of your choice - relationship, prosperity, career, health, family, etc.  Suggested gift: $15 for 10 minutes, nobody turned away for excess or lack of funds :-); cash or checks


This last week
additional 50% off all clothing

30% all gifts, jewelry, lingerie, accessories  


Closing Party  Sunday 6- 10ish...
well ... all day Sunday! ... well everyday is a party!

But Sunday evening we will have ...

Drinks, food, friends, fun...
A peek into the last party for those that missed it...
Outback Love Tribe Party
Outback Love Tribe Party
Although this party will be filmed ...
tell us if you don't want to be filmed.

LoveTribe entertainment:
Poet Terry Taplin
(youtube  5 years

Intuitive Dawn Trygstad you can see her in the party video above ... Her mesage and offering are written below left.

There will be other readers as well ... tarot, palm astrology, human design..
Calling in my community of
magicians, musicians, healers, huggers, dancers, artists

4th St Artist ... Kim Bass below, wearing her new Outback duds! Photo by Heather HiettArtist Kim Bass
A funny thing happened on my way Outback....
The night before, I was skyping my soulfriend David, in Bali. Before we signed off we said we would begin building the Temple. Him being a wood dragon Temple builder and me being a metal rabbit Temple manifestor, it seemed the thing to do (wood and metal). He said ...
 "Time to delve into 2012"
feeding David ideas & ...
The next moring I went to the Outback Point Richmond TempleShop...
 Someone. that morning, had dropped off a brick from the favorite, funkiest and longest running Outback ... on Sacramento St. in Berkeley!

When I was Outback in Emeryville 10? years ago, someone came in and said the Outback building was being torn down that day and I should go get a brick. I didn't go right away but then I thought it could be cool to get and recreate some of the mural that was painted on the building. So, at the end of the day, I went. The guys doing the work said I was too late... there were hundreds of people who went there already to get a brick and there weren't anymore! He said it must have been a very special place. It was and is ...

Hmmm ...  I had just said I would build the Temple (watch what you say!) ... and someone dropped off the first brick ... the cornerstone of the new Temple!
Now, Jane just called with a beautiful new mirror for us to look into ...
Now, where to build?...
Be Fearless Choose Love