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Casual Holiday Dressing

Comfort - to ease any stress
                    while running around
Beauty to inspire
                      deep breaths
Swingin' to dance in ...
                       at a moments notice

From embroidered Johnny Was velvet shirts, to irridescent tafetta skirts, yoga pants, or Ophra's favorite stretch jeans
soft tees from Rebecca Beeson's, to stylin' French wool coats and puffy jackets
... we've got you covered ... in love and beauty. Plus, socks, scarves, freakers and all kinds of cool gifts.
And you get to shop local and small WHILE getting the deals of a big box store!
Aloha LoveTribe ...

Amazing times ... I think the next bestseller will be "Don't sweat the big stuff" (for those that don't know there was a bestseller called Don't sweat the small stuff ... and it's all small stuff).
Last week I watched a beautiful woman transition out (die) in the arms of her husband, their community and our cyber community on facebook (click on picture)
 in a matter of days ...
It was shocking and inspiring ... how beautifully it was held.

 Also last week, Romio was visiting to work on projects including our White Tara project.  We explored partnership fears ... our partnership and the many invoved with us (the whole world as the ripple moves out). The project is a vehicle of compassion, love and beauty. Compassion first to ourselves, our fears and our "cover-ups", our shadows which our fear hides in.
Loving ourselves and each other ... seeing  the God/dess in all ... with all his/her warts and lies. As the light shines on these new discoveries ... it allows more beautiful dressing ... choosing our cover-ups. On that segue ... we're working on a collection of clothing with Romio's sacred images translated to dressings for our body temples.

20% Off
one item
Offer Expires: December 30th
accessories gifts$8- $11 leather purses and fun cotton socks
Richmond Goddessess in Citron
For more pics ... check out our blogspotPile ou face jacket on Heather
Heather wearing a Pile ou Face jacket ... so cozy and stylin'! With an $18 scarf, next to an $11 scarf, cute hat, Westen Wear top and this super cool activewear sling that has built in wallet, pockets, reflector, water bottle holder ... a total organizer/bag more aero-dynamic then a back pack for hikers, skaters, boarders or urban hipsters ... fun!
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