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Sept 2011 


Outback ... In the Temple of Venus    


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  Aloha LoveTribe,
This is my Halloween pirate channel of my friend who passed over, wearing Ashawna's necklace. I had my Pile ou Face coat over my pirate gear... great party coat. You can now get one not only half off but an additional 20% off! (see coupon below) As one of my hostess/stylist would say, "Steal this!" (When someone told her my prices were so low, it was almost stealing!).
Then I went off to the land of Day of the Dead, my home in Mexico. Where my Berkeley friend Edie gave a talk on being with death and grief, your own and others. She also grew with the perspective of "dancing with" death in Mexico, being there on day of the dead, Dios de Los Muertes.
I hadn't been to my home in San Miguel de Allende for a couple of years ... my friend Judith Jenya's wedding is what brought me (and Edie) down there.

On my way back from Mexico, I stopped in LA to go shopping. The shopping Goddess was with me and showered us with GREAT deals on many of your favorites.

Citron, Johnny Was, Biya, 3J Workshop and a new line Alerto Maliki ... PLUS another 150 pieces of Rebecca Beeson and new French coats and scarves!  

Johnny Was, Biya, 3J Workshop, JW ... these are some of the labels from one of the companies I visit and warehouses I clean out. And this time we did an end of the year clearance of almost 300 pieces. In all sizes from xs-3x ... coats, sweatshirts, long sleeve embroidered T-shirts, dresses and assorted other pieces, including those above.

Citron Nov 11
Citron ... 250 pcs xs-4x ... from prints to solids, Mens and flannel shirts and PJ's (see Robert and I above in ours!). Citron  will only be in the Point Richmond store (other then the flannels which will be in both)
as per our agreement.

Alberto Maliki

And a bit of Alberto Makali ... (sold in Nordstroms)75% off 
I have been looking for an easier way to keep you all up to date of what comes in and when. Have short frequent instead of long monthly! I have tried facebook, but many of you aren't on facebook and even though it's easier I haven't been good at kepting it up!
NOW ... my daughter Diva is writing my blog (and hers ... even while she is traveling in Turkey where she is this week.). The blog will post on facebook, twitter and you can read it when you want to check out what's new at Outback and/or you can have it sent to you.

San Miguel de Allende Mexico  ...  Casa Guadalupe    (my home)     

Judith & Marks wedding

Mexico is beautiful and the wedding was in a gorgeous home. It was an inspirational ritual and a very fun and colorful fiesta, with mariachis, 10 ft puppet dancers, fireworks and fire balloons set off, tequila donkey visiting the house, great food and drink ... and GREAT people. Judith, a very strong independent woman, winning many international peace awards for her work creating a children's theater camp, taking the children from a war zone onto an island where all "sides" got to know, interact and heal with each other. She visited my home in San Miguel years ago, to get a rest and fell in love with it. She moved there, got her home, her community, her dog and then Mark. A sweet gorgeous guy who loves and respects her.  

Just for you all to know ... 70's can be new beginnings too! 



Patrice Wynne
Also Spent time with Patrice (remember Gaia book shop?) now living in San Miguel and locally producing these fun Aprons, with many fun designs of Frida, Day of the Dead (pictured here), and colorful florals. They are fun gifts and I brought a couple of dozen to put Outback. They make fun, practical (for cooks)gifts, as do the bags below
Mexican bolsasSan Miguel Bolsas
                                                             Indigeneous women made dolls      card purses, make-up bags
It was fun hanging with my community of friends in San Miguel and the wonderful lives they have created. They all feel very blessed to live what seems to them a much easier, graceful and grace filled life.
If any of you are interested in checking that life out, I offer my home at a third the price to my LoveTribe. 
San Miguel Betty

Here is a frie
nd Betty, who has been in San Miguel over 50 years and just had her 90th birthday!  She does yoga classes 3 times a week and you can see she's an example of gorgeous at any age! And as you can imagine, she has a great life story...   

Now back by the Bay ...

In much gratitude for being alive ... in this beautiful Bay Area with the extraordinary community here.  

Thank-you for many years of support, appreciation and love


In Gratitude xoxo Devi


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In Gratitude

Leslie in Biya
 Biya Jacket comes in black, gray, navy