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Outback ... In the Temple of Venus  

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Gail in Pile ou Face

Aloha LoveTribe,

 The sale continues and here's an update  ... 

But first ... Meet Gail (to the left). Amira has had some health challenges and Gail stepped in to serve our "Tribe".

Amira is feeling MUCH better (YEAH!), and will be back Tuesday afternoon and Gail will continue to fill in when Amira or Tashi need to take care of themselves.


Gail is wearing her NoBlu rib knit dress ... now $11!! along with a new sweater coat/tunic/dress from Pile ou Face $62 (also in gray) and the travel bag ... more came in, in 8 different colors and patterns. A great bag for travel on planes, to Farmers market, has 4 pockets including padded for computer. Handle dissappears into bag to carry, with great wheels, now $82.  


Also new from Pile ou Face (French company),we received quite a few wonderful  styles of coats, jackets, tunics, dresses and skirts. Not to mention my favorite travel scarf ... and the favorite in Paris as well! I saw in the movie Dumb stupid love the other night too. It is as big as a blanket yet so light it wraps easily without bulk around your neck, or as a shawl. The first 10 disappeared in a couple of days, so I called and made a deal for the rest ... coming in Monday or Tuesday. I will get a picture of it in next email.  

New Pile ou Face at wholesale prices and now an additional 30% off!! WOW!


Amira not working has given me a chance to see and dress many of you, and find bags of great NoBlu pieces that were hidden along with the dwindling stock of the over 2000 pcs that I bought. There are still LOTS of great pieces left at $11, 19.50 and $29. And I have dyed many new colors which come in weekely. 


Many of you have enjoyed the beautiful finds now at EVEN lower prices!


We will continue with our special sale offer .... Bring in a Citron piece you no longer wear CLEAN and in GOOD shape and get a new Citron piece for only $29! Bring in a Pile Ou Face coat you no longer wear (if that's possible!) and you get a new one for $59!  


Nataya will now go from the additional 30% off ... to 50% off! (of already discounted 50%)

Nataya 2


Nataya 1


Just a quick email as I'm off to the dozen trade shows now happening in Las Vegas. Where I will be connecting with biz friends, suppliers of fabrics, printing, cutting and sewing and great finds of clothing, gifts and accessories for the fall. 


The sale will continue until I get back from Burningman where I will be going after Las Vegas (2 weeks in the desert!). Now that's a challenge to "keep cool" ... or as I saw in a couple of booths at the gift show, products with "keep calm and carry on" ...  as my burningman friend's playa name states ... No Matter What! May the "what" be filled with love and beauty ...  



Outback ... In the Temple of Venus