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Aloha LoveTribe,



For the last 20 years or so, I've played with and served my Michfest LoveTribe at the amazing Michigan Womens Music Festival ... living in the safety and juice of a womans' world ... yummmm. I've missed an occasional year and this turned out to be one of them.  


I bought lots of extra Citron and Nataya for the festival this year and now they will become part of the Semi-Annual Sale. 


Seems like it's world sale month ... so time to join the party!

There will be 3 mark downs during the month. My 1st offering is ... 


Additional 50% off!! ... Johnny Was, For Love and Liberty, 3J Workshop, Biya, Dolce Cabo, Lan Vie, Mary Green and assorted others ... (all our clothes already average 50% off to start with) This makes most of these pieces  

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50% off  Noblu, Breakfast in Tokyo and Origami which means 90%- 95% off reg retail! All pieces $11-$29


Pile Ou Face coats, Nataya and Citron already marked down at least 50% is an additional 30% off (65-75% off reg retail)   


We also have a special sale offer .... Bring in a Citron piece you no longer wear CLEAN and in GOOD shape and get a new Citron piece for only $29! Bring in a Pile Ou Face coat you no longer wear (if that's possible!) and you get a new one for $59! I'm considering adding the other labels as well... but I'm beginning with these.   


AND ... All Jewelry, purses, socks, gifts & accessories an   shaye jewelryadditional 25% off.Paris Views


Nataya ...

Nataya 2


Nataya 1
NoBlu Knits
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Sweatshirts, tanks, pants, skirts, jackets with really interesting details like zippers, asymetrical closures and hems, decorative pockets, etc.   

Johnny Was
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Citron Dress


Sara wearing a wonderful soft, summer dress from Citron. Many styles & sizes XS-3X over 150 pcs
Citron assort


3J Workshop









embroidered and embellished in gorgeous creativity and colors



I'm working on a project that has been in my studio for a long time ... it is at the heart of beauty and compassion for me.


And I'm seeing many you, also coming to what is at the heart of your heart as well ... or yearning to go there.


One of the guidepost for what makes our hearts sing is often what doesn't ... feeling something not quite right.


When I was in the 3rd, 5th and 8th grade I was either sent to the principles office or "kicked out" of school for not saying the pledge of allegiance. I was very shy and wasn't trying to make a point ... just doing what felt right for me ... how could I pledge allegiance to one country when I felt like I was a part of the whole world and all were my family?  I was reminded of this story by this link sent about Garry Davis, the first legal Citizen of the World. I'm amazed I never knew there were (legal) World Citizens! You can see the 8 minute video (worth watching even half of it)  My country is the World or check out his website www.worldservice.org/  Garry is 90 years young ... having found his passion mission. 


I've followed what has felt right for me, without being "right" about it and thankfully without being in jail (well maybe once at 19 for contempt of court (in court for a ticket), for speaking my truth (a bit rightously!). Although I honor those that stand up for their beliefs and have visited jail many times for it (Daniel Ellsberg 80 times in his 80 years of life!) I realized, that wasn't my path, my truth. My truth is to live in paradise ... in love and beauty. And as I've said many times ... it's an easy job, but/and someone's got to do it! Save Paradise! Okay!   


Part of this job is communicating with all my relations.

I'm seeing new relationships form as well as new forms of relationships.  

New forms often take letting go of old ones ... of old ideas and ideals that no longer nourish paradise.


I'm seeing a lot of fighting, yet I'm also seeing a lot of "making up". This is in response to the need to open to new ways, new forms and new flexible expectations that allow truthful communication.   


So we can fully be ourselves and fully be with others. A process Cora Williams calls "Involution". Which is after the individuation of evolution we are now coming back to a wholeness to the one we are all a part of ... involuting. And the key to involution is love.  


When we are "fighting" we can be fearless ... choose love over being right. This takes loving ourselves instead of defending ourselves and finding partners that can do the same. Sometimes that is loving from a distance someone we can't stop fighting with ... and sometimes disarming that lover with the tools of listening, understanding, not taking things personally, communicating our needs with the awareness the person we are trying to get them met from may not be the right person for that job!


With Mercury retrograde this month, it also gives us an increased opportunity to grow with the flow in our relationship to life as well. 


Thanks for joining me here in Paradise and making it so beautiful!  

By being fearless and choosing love with the courage to beyoutofull! 



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Outback ... In the Temple of Venus