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Robert and I went to Sacre Coeur  today ... it's been 15 years since we last visited and some cool traveler took our pic ... very similar to a pic of me Robert took here 15 years ago that was in my newsletter then! Seems like only yester....

Been old home week in many ways ...


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Paris Jewels

Paris jewels


Almost two weeks in South of France and Paris ... staying with friends that have a good 20-30 years on us in both places. Age, like time, is such an odd figment of our reality... point of view ... and sometimes like a dog attached to your pant leg that can't be shaken off! Although one of our hosts had an inspiring story about "shaking it off" that those interested can read at the end of this email. 


A great thing about traveling in summer is you can pack extra without it taking up much room or being too heavy. I packed quickly ... so of course not the best editing job. That turned out perfect as I had gifts (my new Citron pieces) for hosts I hadn't anticipated.  And most of you know how adding Citron, adds magic, beauty and comfort to a wardrobe.  


Paris Betty wearing Citron Jacket


Didn't get a good pic of Betty or the jacket, so here's 2 to give a better idea of them both!

Betty is another brilliant conversationalist and fiesty octogenarian! I was wondering on her quick wit and amazing ability to ingest, understand and communicate all kinds of information. When I asked her background, she gave me a 2 page story of her life in Paris. Went there at a young age (from U.S.) and became a top journalist for the Tribune among other great jobs ... that makes sense! Her husband was a top TV anchorman in France and she raised 3 talented offspring. A rich life can't be told in 3 sentences though...

Brought home gifts ... some jewelry from/made in Paris

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Paris Jewelry Shop

Shopping with a new friend and supplier Raju, who manufactures "costume jewelry" in Paris. On the last day after Robert and I just found the best Falafel cafe in Paris (thanks to Diva!)... yummm ... we happened on the jewelry wholesale street! The trip was an eco/spirulina/nature kind of trip ... and then walking all over Paris ... but shopping? Robert is NOT my shopping buddy ... though he tried. But at the 9th hour ... here was an opportunity to bring you all some gifts home.  So ... mention LOVETRIBE and you will get 50% off.


We spent a week with Ripley and Denise Fox who have been friends of Robert's for over 30 years. They have been pioneers in Spirulina with a mission to feed starving children everywhere, with a focus on Africa and India. Now in France over 100 small community Spirulina Farms have sprouted and we ate yummy fresh spirulina every day. Although in the picture to the left we are eating the best crepes in the world in an ancient village. 

Ripley has a dream and a plan to grow large quantities of spirulina in a sea farm ... using sea water to grow (which solves the problem of water shortage) and has designed large digesters to use food waste ("waste is food") as nutrients to grow spirulina instead of using expensive and limited chemical nutrients ... use our unlimited waste!  Nestle ... the evil empire in Europe has blocked his (and many other good works) for years ...  though the time maybe near for a breakthrough. "Life works in mysterieous ways" and it could be that the sprouting of small farms may be the path. Robert is bringing the small farm seed here as well as consulting on some projects to create the larger farms in new and exciting growing models.  



A personal story of renewal and  the power of love ...


Ripley is 92 (by far exceeding his family's life expectancy which he attributes to Spirulina ... especially since he had been a sickly child ... growing up with health challenges (opportunities).  


Last week he broke his collar bone on a fall around the swimming pool. This made walking (with canes) challenging, especially since he was now unable to use his only good arm. Of course his spirit, wit and brilliance is indominable. Very

inspiring, knowledgeable and creative ... he is VERY fun to hang with!

Denise Fox 

Watching Denise take care of him ... from lifting support out of a chair, driving us all over the place, cooking, cleaning, hosting a large Spirulina event at the house .. I was marveling at her strength, energy and youthfulness.

 When I asked her about it, she told me just a few years ago, she was in a facility and preparing to die! Wow, unbelievable!   


They had spent much of their lives working to set up small spirulina farms in Africa and India, with a particularly challenging last trip in India. Some time after that trip she began losing her memory until it reached a point where she couldn't  remember how to chew! The doctors reccommended she go to a nursing home. That was not a place of healing, but of dying. Not being able to chew, she was dying of malnutrition. She was becoming old and feeble and Ripley wasn't doing so hot either ... so she thought this was the end of the line for the two of them.     

Ripley went to visit her every day ... over 50 miles away and had to find someone to drive most of the time ... for over a year! Every day! 

Around the time she thought was the end ... Denise said, she saw the hand of God ... Jesus let her know he had her back and she told Ripley to get her out of there or she would soon die. He fought the administration and got her out that day! The rest is herstory!  

Resurrection! Jesus, Ripley along I'm sure with Spirulina and her own strong will ... And she's back younger and stronger then ever (memory seems perfect to me as well!)


We've all reached those times when we thought something in our life was over ... end of romance ... then fell head over heals in love ... end of career ... then the biggest opportunity ever ... end of passion in a number of ways ... then one day we woke up and there it was (or will be for those waiting/given up). The spirit of god/goddess in her many forms. Denise gave me a book about the bible written by a woman and given to her by her mother. That's one smart women ... she knows how to intice a person ... I'm reading it! She grew up in a missionary family ... with the mission to bring love/god/spirit into center stage in ones life. 


Spirulina World

Here's one of the French Spirulina farmers Tarome (originally from Tahiti), and me, in southern France ... 

I am so grateful to be able to see this beautiful world  and in a strong body too! Oh lucky me. Paris is so awe inspiring in it's grandeur, beauty and elegance. It's a city version of the Grand Canyon or Himalayas ... And so many people I met with that beautiful elegance ... Speaking of awesome people ... I look forward to seeing and playing with some of you this weekend ... Outback. 


Bonsoir mon ami xoxo Devi

Paris Views