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25% additional off ...

NoBlu, Breakfast In Tokyo, Origami, Mary Green 

And 25% off 1 piece new Nataya & Citron

New Citron, Nataya,
Pile ou Face
Jan Michels jewelry
 Frederick bags
NoBlu, Breakfast in Tokyo
Johnny Was, Biya

Aloha LoveTribe,     


Just Returned from Shopping in a couple of my favorite warehouses in L.A.

Nataya for fun, festive, romantic, costume, dressy or everyday wear to invite the mystery into life. This time I was able to get all sizes including PLUS SIZES!

 Nataya 1

Nataya 2 

Citron ... here's a few quick pics Shaye took of me tonight.  Many beautiful pieces ... lots of pants, blouses, tunics, tank tops, some dresses and coats.  



In ALL sizes from  XS- 4X.

This last trip offered MANY PLUS SIZES ... so obviously a time to let your abundance shine.  



Farmers Market Wednesday's until 7:30ish  

And special for this weeks treasures coming in Wed and Thurs ... Thursday (tonight) until 7:30ish (will go later if needed).


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I'll be going to France for a couple of weeks with Robert ... yeah!  

As many of you know, Robert Robert loves Deviand Larry Switzer were the first to grow Spirulina for food and founded Earthrise farms, the largest Spirulina farm. Robert, along with his French spirulina loving friends, Ripley and Denise Fox, partnered in putting in small community ponds in Togo Africa many years ago. We are visiting them in France, where they have been involved in small micro urban farms, and visiting some of the 50 farms that have sprouted since.  Robert is working on a project to sprout micro farms here along with his International Algae Competition 

I will probably meander off on some solo mystery for a bit of that. I may also check out a couple of cool companies I've spoken with and have some needed quiet flow time.

But while I'm gone ... I made sure the store is VERY well stocked!  

xoxo Au revoir Devi 



Off on any one item.


Offer Expires: July 11