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Farmers Market Wednesday's until 7:30ish 




Devi Aloha LoveTribe,    


Just a quick email to let you know about our Mother's Day special. We bought out a huge "lot" of NoBlu, Breakfast in Tokyo and Oragami... over 1000 pieces now in!!


So not only do we have amazing prices on some great pieces for all sizes ... we can also offer this Mother's day special for one month.



Devi & Susanne, photo taken by Shaye,  

last week during a spontaneous tea 


And our Mother's Day special is ... buy one ... NoBlu, Breakfast in Tokyo or Oragami, for a mother ... get one free, for yourself!  


For instance I could take Susanne shopping and buy her a cool Noblu jacket for $39 (normally $168) and get one free for myself (if I didn't already own them all)! Or my daughter could take Susanne shopping for Mother's Day and get one free for herself.  

Ahhh ... mothering in these times ... it can get easily mixed up. But thanks goddess for our community. See a our LoveTribe Mother book birthing at the end of this letter.  

NoBlu * Breakfast in Tokyo  

Over 1000 NEW pieces now in the store! A small sampler below ... $39 each!! 


         NoBlu collage

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Origami - beautiful line of gabardine jackets, blouses, pants, skirts in cream, sage green, slate blue and black. Each piece only $59 (reg $138 - $248)

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Mother's Day is usually a party Outback. A good way for mothers and daughters to spend time together. Especially if that is challenging to do and still have fun!

Many conversations unfold. I heard a daughter telling another mother something she was having trouble with in her relationship with her mother. It was obvious the woman she was speaking to had a similar problem with her daughter and yet it as much easier to hear and understand it from this other daughter, without the usual defensiveness. Was fun to see the light bulb go on in that woman's face and healing happen. 

It takes a village ... yet there have been so many single mothers ... Then there is all the strange new energies and health challenges/opportunities ... along with the minimum wage going up only 40% and rent 10 + times what it was, back in the day.  And parents balancing giving financial support when possible with not taking on their off springs life challenges. There are no rules as we navigate moment by moment and situation by situation.

Hmmm .... maybe with so many moving back in with parents ... the village is once again forming. I don't know about that, but I do know that sharing our stories is healing ... lifting guilts, shoulds/shouldn'ts and sharing what is and isn't working.


I've been thinking about collecting stories for a book for many years and when I was in the dressing rSewllynoom with Sewellyn Kaplan (writer and editor pictured to the left in her new hat and jacket from Outback) yesterday ... we decided to begin.

We'll be writing a book about the path of motherhood in this day and age ...collecting stories. Stories about raising children and dealing with the challenges mentioned above. Some of you may want to use a "pen name" ... to protect privacy and/or have that just be an old story that is no longer you and yet can serve another. Start writing yours ... You can start with ... I never would have thought ...




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