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Devi Aloha LoveTribe   


Here's Shaye and I at 2 a.m. this morning ... after taking turns working on the photos for this email, and Shaye working on her new collection. A bit tired but happy to have Shaye back for awhile!   

Shaye is visiting from (living in) Mexico and was just told she was famous in Sweden. Do you remember her Community Closet, Socialist Boutique, clothing library... La Library, that many of you help win Best of the Bay? Well, she had inspired a friends' Swedish friends to open one and now there are over 400! Wow!  Look what a seed and a community can do! 


Last week, I bought a large closeout of hundreds of pcs of NoBlu, Breakfast in Tokyo & Oragami. And from a sales rep friend, 160 hats, socks, scarves, purses and assorted pieces ... all one of a kind!  Plus coats, clothing and purses from Pile ou Face. You can see a few pics I took from the visiting LoveTriber's and some Shaye and I took today.    



sizes XS-4X

Citron Dr JudyOver 100 pcs in all sizes ... wholesale and below

This is why we're in the "Hidden City" so we can bring you these prices! 





Hat assort

a few of the 150 assorted hats ... many fun knit hats as straw hats as well as above ... all half of retail!


Many great one of a kind pieces

Biya Dr Judy

Embroidered knits
T-shirts, cardigans
hoodies, shirts,
blouses, dresses  

Lot's of scarves and assessories

This faux fur one worn by a beautiful young
LoveTribe shopper! Most only $11 !!

  purses      love        Pile ou face purses             Love & Liberty chiffon  
                                        dress w/ Mary Green slip   

NoBlu * Breakfast in Tokyo * Oragami

hundreds of NEW pieces now in the store! A small sampler below ... $39 each!! 


         NoBlu collage

I went on a spontaneous journey this past weekend, to our farm in Washington wildthymefarm.com and had a great hike and visit with the bros, seeing the amazing beauty they have stewarded. Then off to touch in, catch up, dance and party with friends in my SVN family at an SVN conference also in Washington.

Always fun being around people doing inspirational work making this world a more beautiful, greener, fun and peaceful paradise. Speaking of peaceful world, last weekend went to the birthday party my peaceful warrior friend, Daniel Ellsberg, who just turned 80 and a week prior was arrested his 82nd time in a peaceful protest!  He shares birthday party time with my equally peaceful warrior loves, Wavy Gravy and Ram Dass. They all had a party together in Maui ... wowie! Their movies all came out last year and I highly recommend them ... Wavy Gravy our amazing  "Saint Mis'Behaven' and Daniel Ellsberg The Most Dangerous Man in America, and Ram Dass, with his Fierce Grace

And I had my birthing day a few days ago ... my other beautiful (warrioress) daughter Diva's birthday. This goddess also gets the press! (And LoveTribe support)  You can see Diva's website  & blog  

I'll be hanging OutBack today ... come vsist!
                                                  (Join in the photo shoot and the herstory!)




Outback ... In the Temple of Venus