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Dress up Outback Rachel

Aloha LoveTribe,

Getting close to my big 60!! Wow... and I've never felt better!!

The picture to the left was from the 11:11 party last week and above, Rachel, dressing up Outback, as she's done since she was 2! (2,8 or 80 ... dressing up is fun to do!) 


My birthday gift for you ... actually for us both (synergizes, and magnifies the gift) is 20% off of a beautiful adornment or outfit for you. Your beauty brings beauty to all of our lives!   


A friend visiting from Bosnia last week, reminded me of her story that our friend Judith used to tell. A story about how dressing up kept the womens self esteem up (while most men succombed to depression)  ... the women dressed to the max going out to get water, dodging bullets, during the war! She said, also if they were going to die that day, they wanted to be beautiful ... Now that's dressing up to go out! Fortunately most of us can get dressed up to go to the grocery store, while dodging the bullets of fear coming from so many places!   


We have a full shop right now of Citron, Johnny Was, Biya, For Love and Liberty, Lan Vie and lots of great $11 items.


Speaking of $11 items ... 11:11 our pop up shop in the Pacific East Mall had a very successful Holiday season and party. Thanks to those of you that came ... it was really fun! We will probably be closing it in a couple of weeks ... come check it out! 12-6 all days. Party Pics here! 


Lan Vie Leslie  ... Thanks for modeling Leslie! (She said she could now cross that off her life list!)

Lan Vie Leslie

New Lan Vie ... skirts, jackets, blouses, t-shirts, dresses ... many new styles ... all more then 50% off!  Plus your additional 20% off discount for my Birthday


Lan Vie $11!! Rack

Lan Vie 11 T
Thanks Sharon! Modeling a couple of pieces from our $11 Rack!

 The shirt on left is mostly a soft pima cotton knit with light weight woven stripe.

The graphic "zipper shirt" is a soft drapey knit ... then worn as an undershirt.  Reg. price was $58. now $11


Out of my 60 years in this beautiful dream (filled with challenges/opportunities) ... many of you have been with me ... some a few days ... some a few years ... many for 30+ years! 


Thank-you all for supporting me. Thank-you for supporting the many people that have worked with me over the years. And Thank-you for supporting each other (in the dressing rooms) over the years ... for being part of our LoveTribe and being fearless by choosing love.


Outback ... In the Temple of Venus

My birthday gift to you (I of us) is 20% off on one item ($11 items not included)... or a free Mary Green Cami, Boxer or Undies, or a cool light up ring.

Offer Expires: March 31th