Outback ...  Is not closing and is open everyday 12-6

It will have a sale along with 11:11 to keep it simple 

11:11  Everything Eleven - Pop up shop, is popping!  It will be gone in a week! Come experience and partake in the  

Closing SALE  

thurs, fri, Sun 12-6 Sat & Mon 12-8 

 Last Day Monday 3/11/11

directions to 11:11 (click) 

Claire Devi bday 

Aloha LoveTribe ... 

I made a wish as I blew out each candle ... and this was my second cake!  

And my wish for us all is to feel the fullness, richness, yumminess of each moment ... trusting we are moving towards more mastery in life ... that we are safe to feel and safe to tell the truth ... at least to ourselves. Seeing beyond blame, shame, guilt, justification or judgement ... to the god(dess) in all ... the I of Us.

Claire hosting a celebration of my 60 years in this dream ...

I'm open to receiving this year and asked friends to take me on dates ... here was the first one ... time with girlfriends at her family beach house ...yummm.

I'm off to LA with Robert, in the early morning (and to the beach house of Alexis and Fancher)... so wanted to get out a quick email before packing and sleeping!

I thought the 11:11 shop in the Pacific East Mall might close next week but wasn't sure until now receiving an email that someone else is ready to move into the space next week.

So we will be starting the closing sale tomorrow. The Outback Racks will be 25% off and the $11 items will be $11. To avoid confusion and make room, Outback in Pt Richmond will also be having this sale. You can still use your gift from me, of the 20% off one item, on top of the sale price.


Then on the last day, Monday March 14, 11:11 will be open until 8ish (possibly later) the Outback racks will be 50% off and the $11 items will be 25% off. (only at 11:11) 


There are already many GREAT $11 deals at 11:11 ... If you haven't been, it is now or never ... if you have been we have brought many new things over.


AND at Outback, there is also much new ... new Dolce Cabo knit cardigans, vests, sweaters and faux fur vests with hoods! Many new items ...  

I'll be picking up larger sizes of the Johnny Was & Citron while in LA. 


Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
Save 25%
off the Outback racks at the 11:11 Shop   and Outback Shop 3/10/11 - 3/14/11


off the Outback Racks (at 11:11 only) 3/14/11 12- 8      last day of the 11:11 Shop