Outback ... In the Temple of Venusin the Temple of Venus
Yes, Outback in Pt Richmond is still open!

And we have a new pop up shop at the Pacific East Mall called 11:11





 Year of the Rabbit

 Opening Party at 11:11

Opening Our Hearts and Minds 

Exploring a new venue and a new community

Shaye Reader 

I see more peace, love and flow in your life this year 


Dear LoveTribe  


Yeah! A rabbit year! OK, well I'm partial ... I'm a rabbit.
As my daughter (above) says ... peace, love and rainbows.

PLEASE join us in bringing the LoveTribe - LoveVibe to
the Pacific East Mall. An Asian Mall where we will explore and enjoy the riches of these cultures and this mall. See some of my favorite features below.

If you feel like it ... wear that garment, accessory, outfit that you said, "I love this but where will I wear it?" NOW"S THE TIME!
Your also welcome to come dressed as you feel ...
Check out the appetizers!

musicians, magician, healers, psychic readers, huggers,  dressers and hosts ... 

Come perform, give or receive hugs, sing, dance, film (even on your phones)

blog ... hang out in the newly opened Wine Bar (opened by 3 young men taking on other jobs to do this!), Stogies smoke shop and  hookah lounge ... 

Reflexology only $20 (full body) or a number of other treatments. drop in or make appointment. Golden Island   

Instant Jungle will be decorating and selling clumping bamboo ... beautiful addition anywhere

and thought to bring good luck.   

And ... Valentine Ritual Gifts 

tunes for 2  valentine

Tunes for 2                   Heavenly truffles in plush cool  

boxes (keepers) Chocolates 20% off for you! 

Just 2 of the many $11 treasures. Amazing prices on  

Jan Michae's Jewelry (reg prices $59-$139), and other jewelry, bamboo thumb pianos, candleabras silk Mary Green Lingerie, magic boxers and socks, tees, hoodies, shirts, blouses, leggings, pants ... the list goes on ... check it out!  

Plus!  $11 gift card ... buy $11 items and get 1 free!

This is the year to make new friends, family and community.

To have peace in the world we need to know our world family and appreciate the richness of each culture. This also makes a richer life style through sharing and co-creating.

Let's begin  by celebrating with some song, dance, healing, hugs and shopping together for beautiful co-created style. (can't help my rabbit self!) 


 xoxo Devi


Hours & Days

OUTBACK 12-6 daily

11:11 12-6 Sun-Thurs

12-8 Friday & Saturday 


Our party Event is this friday 2/11/11 from 11-11

at 11:11 shop (directions)    

 Outback (directions)  


Shaendyl & Elly hosted the community of shoppers this month at 11:11. Good Job!
they are wearing Johnny Was shirts which you can find at Outback and at 11:11 on the Outback Rack! 
Men's $11 jacket

WHAT $11 ?? You won't believe what shows up on the $11 rack Outback or the $11 shop! Here is a mens?

unisex (has drawstring waist pull) cotton jacket with leather trim and lots of cool pockets!
Mostly at Outback ... but a nice rack selection at 11:11
A few hundred beautiful pieces of Citron, Johnny Was, For Love & Liberty, Pete & Greta, Biya and more ...


citron image


Devi closeup