Outback ... In the Temple of Venusin the Temple of Venus
139 W. Richmond Ave. Pt Richmond 510 237 1199 directions

 11:11 Outback's new $11 at the Pacific East Mall directions

L.A. score! ... Citron (shhhh) Johnny Was! For Love & Liberty 

11-11 card

Grand Opening PARTY 


Magicians, musicians, dancers, artists and huggers ... come and entertain, enliven, enchant ... by being entertained, enlivened and enchanted.

11:11am - 11:11pm



Friday ... rev up the love for Valentine weekend.

Love Rituals ... come take a turn with the free hugs sign or allow hugs to open the flow of acceptance and unity ... (click for inspiration)


To add to the gifts of spirit we have an $11 selection of ... gourmet chocolate truffles in beautiful furry, leapard, black or red satin hearts, heart ipod earplugs for 2, Mary Green lingerie, gorgeous candlesticks fashioned in gold glass, carved wooden, colored glass, frosted mint glass, clear and crystal glass, plus lot's of beautiful jewelry, scarves, shirts, leggings, musical instruments ... treasures ... 

             and all for   $11


And unique, elegant, comfy beauty on the


  50%- 80% off reg retail   

I'd love for you to come and activate the LoveTribe love in this new community!  

                                                  xoxo Devi


L.A. Score at Outback

Aloha LoveTribe!


First trip to LA in almost half a year! 


I stayed with Alexis and Fancher ... and as usual they took good care of me!


Alexis and I did a quick photo shoot to show you some of the score ... though a few hundred pieces more ... now in the store!  


 Citron, Johnny Was, For Love & Liberty ... some awesome pieces ... some awesome prices.

These pieces are just examples and could be gone ... many more.  


Next week some Dulce Cabo knits and many great $11 items for the $11 rack at Outback and our new 11:11 shop.   


A last minute visit with family had me driving back through the night.

It was very foggy and I couldn't see far in front of me. It felt very symbolic of my current path ... I knew where I was going, I knew I would get there ... I just needed to stay awake and pay attention and not concern myself with how far I couldn't see!  

So far, that has lead to magical synchronicity, wonderful partnerships

and vibrant health!  

And a GREAT Score of beauty and deals! 

See you soon!   

xoxo Devi

For Love and Liberty  .... Johnny Was
For Love & Liberty
Devi in Silk For Love & Liberty

For Love & Liberty Blouse

3J Workshop
Devi cozy flannel/knit shirt

3J Workshop shirt

soft, plaid ombre dipped dyed, so plaid shows only at the top half 

OK I haven't taken this shirt off for 3 days!

But there's more! 

For Love & Liberty
For Love & Liberty silk blouse

For Love & Liberty  

silk charmeuse

For Love & Liberty
Devi Love & Liberty silk

I Love this blouse!

silk charmeuse

with embroidery 

Citron Love & Liberty
Citron & Love & Liberty

Alexis Wearing a Citron duster

over yummy silk charmeuse

For Love & Liberty blouse.

Johnny Was
JW tencel blouse

Tencel Johnny Was shirt

more live in luxury! 

JW & 3J Workshop
Johnny Was Tee & Shirt

JW embroidered knit shirt with 3J Workshop blouse

JW leggings
leg art

Johnny Was embroidered legging

For Love & Liberty Hoodie
Devi L & L sweatshirt

For Love & Liberty soft, cozy french terry hoodie

Johnny Was
Johnny Was
Alexis in Johnny Was cardigan
Great heavy knit cardigan in brn, blk & gry

Johnny Was              
Alexis in JW fly cardigan

Knit heather gray with whit embroidery Fly cardigan  


also in gray green, blue, brown or black with multi colored embroidery

Biya Jacket
Alexis in Biya

Looks like a shami cloth with beautiful and quality embroidery.

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