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Ming in Lan Vie and Pileouface
Ming finds a new outfit Lanvie skirt, Pile ou face coat
and 3 $11 finds ... leggings & scarves

25% off all clothing Outback ... In the Temple of Venus

New items at the 11:11 shop! with a buy 11 get one free card

for directions and hours to and for both stores click here

Aloha LoveTribe!

So many wonderful things unfolding (WTU).

The 11:11 shop has inspired a few "school" products that are underway. See below ...

We are still working on the model of 11:11 and have added an Outback Rack ... samples from Outback that are more then $11 but like Outback, still half or more off regular retail. And at Outback we still have the $11 rack.

 We are having the 11:11 Grand Opening Party on 2/11/11 and it will be from 11am-11pm. There will be healers, tarot reader, chair massage, psychics, free hugs, random acts of love and beauty, opportunity to dress up, wear costumes or drop by in you pj's! There will be food samples and pop up stalls. A treasure hunt and prizes. Please come and if you want to be part of the party hosts, that would be great.

We have been designing some beautiful clothing around the first theme to launch the Business School of the Arts and Spirit. It's a theme of compassion...  for ourselves and each other. The myth of the 1000 White Taras.

I would like to get your feedback before I launch on the story and the clothing. This would be easier by moving our conversation to more social media hosts, like our facebook fan page, then there could be a more interactive dialog. I will also be launching a blog at some point but prefer to begin the conversation within our LoveTribe before a more public launch.  Find us on Facebook


We pre-announced this semi-annual sale on our facebook page last week because I was too busy to get an email out. We will probably also announce on facebook  page further markdowns after a week. Plus we will announce there first (because it's easier/quicker)  new merchandise from a trip I may be taking to LA or NYC next week. Find us on Facebook

And ... the  "LoveTribe" hostesses will be able to post photos and to share what's new ... more updates, not having to wait for me to have time.

                                                                                   Find us on Facebook

Cherubim Putti Angels
Cherubim Putti Angels

Shaye's work in progress

Shaye's angels

Angel Artists at work

One of the school products being worked on right now is a wallpaper border that is using the Cherubim Putti Angels as the inspiration but adding in angels from different cultures, races from our one earth family. Send in your art if you'd like to participate and I'll post them and we'll pick the favorites.

Off to bed ... the other dreamland ... see you there or Outback or 11:11  or earthly heaven.
I just had a thought for those not experiencing heaven, Shaye's tip, experience the privilage ... of being here ... the privilages of your life... it's this awareness that allows heaven in(to awareness)
                                                                                                                            sweet dreams

                                                                           xoxo Devi

Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
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