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On Earth In Heaven for 2011 ....
12/30 - 1-1-11    hmmm ... 11:11
Aloha (Namaste, Hola, Ni hou, heaven hi) LoveTribe

11:11 sista'sOur new 11:11 shop
 Everything Eleven Everyday
has been fun and successful. Instantly providing a few needed jobs as well!

It's starting to look like a slice of heaven ... which is interesting as my aim for this year is ...
On Earth In Heaven for 2011

And 2011 is beginning with opening $11 shops.
We've been telling people who visit 11:11 about Outback and now ... I'm considering putting a back room of Outback at 11:11 ... what do you think?
                                                                        A couple of shoppers at 11:11
                                                                         wearing their new $11 tops!

Family dressing Outback ... 
Holiday family portraitfrom left to right ....

Mary Green
silk Maribu
dress & robe
$11 each

Pile ou Face
 coat  $139
No Blu shirt

Dolce Cabo
sequin dress

NoBlu shirt

Fun Family holiday dress-up and shopping ... Outback
2011 this is the year to birth something new ... something heavenly!
No Blu mamaThis is definitely a year to birth many things ... something for everyone of us. No need to be shy or hesitate ... it's time ...
What will yours be ?
What slice of heaven will you bring to Earth?
Thanks you for supporting me, supporting, us, supporting love, beauty, truth, the feminine.
For being part of our LoveTribe ... for being fearless by choosing love.
                                  xoxo Devi

  PS: Do you have a New Years intention to lose weight?
Get stronger? Healthier? Giving yourself the confidence to birth your slice of heaven?

 My sister and sister "in law" were Outback talking about how they lost weight ... Jennifer 70 lbs, Kate 90 lbs and her sister 130 lbs. Right away Tashi and a couple of customers said they wanted to do it too. In looking for a less expensive way to do the program they asked if we could make it available. I found a way to get the product cheaper and different ways to add the support. They used homeopathic HCG (hormone that releases stored fat into blood stream). So, I tried it to see if I thought it was a healthy way to go and I believe it is.
Amira did a raw food cleanse that also worked and is a healthy way to go as well. Different strokes as they say ...
If your interested in this ... we will have an evening where you can learn about and get going if it something you decide to do.
In This Issue
2011 Birthing Heaven
want to lose weight?
buy 11 and get 1 free
11-11 card

Lan Vie topsSue and Rema wearing Lan Vie cotton lycra tops with tie sashes.
Comes in 4 colors, 2 styles and 4 sizes
They also found jewelry from Jan Michael's and scarves to match!
and all for only $11 each!

Buy 11 and get 1 item free!
You know how I love a great deal...
so I added a customer card ... to get signed off each time you by an item of $11 ... Yes, you can use it at either store!customer card

Lan Vie mamaThe other Lan Vie style ... wrap top ... this one is a wrap for 2!
Comes in tweed color as above,
rust color (at top photo), honey brown and shammy gold.
S,M,L,XL          and only...

Pile Ou Face trioMany fun pieces from
Pile ou Face ... Coats
tops and skirts ...
50-70% off reg retail


Outback 12-6

11:11 11-8
every day
(Special hours New Years day 1/1/11 at 11:11  12-9)

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