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in the Temple of Venus

Hours:12-5 everyday except Thurs 12-8
Directions   510 237 1199 devijuice.com
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Kickstarting Linea Carta
 I thought I would do a kickstarter to raise funds for the biz school ... and in the meantime worked with my daughter Diva to do one for her biz ... and YEAH! Thanks to our combined communities (Thanks many of you!) She was fully funded and will recieve the $$ in time to pay the bills for her new collection!)
Now I realized this was the first kickstarted project of my school!
Of course! Beginning with those closest to me ... my family and friends and of course .... LoveTribe.
Diva also successfully produced some of her linen products in my friends very cool, "antique" factory in Chaing Mai. Charron is trying to keep the old traditional ways of dye, cut & sew in a beautiful, nurturing, green setting.

Retail Biz school
Then my friends have been asking if I have work for them and/or daughters ... and that kickstarted my doing the shop at The Asian Market. I woke up last Friday with the thought to open the $11 shop at the Asian Market ... I went down there and there was the space right next door to my favorite "boba tea" shop! So it's been a quick, busy week since getting the key on Wednesday!
Aloha (hola, ni hou, shalom, salaam, nameste,  your fav) LoveTribe!

I wanted to get this out right away as I'm OPENING TOMORROW a new shop!

New shop opening this Saturday
     11:11 Everything Eleven
THIS WEEKEND at the Pacific East Mall see below!
click Pacific East Mall for directions. If going to Costco turn the other way. We are in space C117 on the other side from Ranch 99. the phone # there is (510) 526 1111
OPEN 11-8

Wow ... the school (Business School of the Arts and Spirit) that I was planning on opening in 2011 has begun on it's own ... and now I'm just noticing!
Diva's biz has been successfully "kickstarted" ... see left. Production in the cooperative keeping the traditional techniques alive had it's first 2 successful productions.
I've begun a retail training class with the new 11:11 shop ... opening THIS Saturday at the Pacific East Mall.
LOT"S of NEw great pieces Outback!
Coats, dresses, scarves, gifts and LOT"S of Jewelry ... Jan Michaels and Pile ou Face!
Sorry no time for pictures ... but lot's new in!

About 8 years ago when my daughter Shaye was very challenged with her health (which was very challenging for me too!), the Asian Market was very healing for us. She had discovered it when it first opened and later when she needed to spend much of her time in bed on  a good day she was able to go out for a short trip. We would go to the Pacific East Mall
beacuse it felt like going to another country and we are both avid travelers! We would have a bubble (boba) tea ...  yummy tapioca chewy balls in milk tea (or one of her combo's of fresh melon & milk with no sugar). Sometime we would get a massage upstairs ($45 for an hour although there is a holiday special of $38! ... or an hour reflexology $18.99). And at the grocery store Ranch 99 we would get fresh coconuts $7-10 for 9, fresh fish and exotic fruits (some of our favorite Hawaiin). I want to tell you of our fav restraunts and the other interesting shops ... but for now ... got to go set up! Mercury retrograde has gobbled up some of my helpers ... If you can help ... come on down!
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus