tis the season ... to enjoy friends and family ... practice gifting ... even a smile...
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus

In the Temple of Venus
Open Every Day 12- 5ish  for directions click ... www.devijuice.com
It is a VERY convenient location ... 10 minutes from Berkely & Marin 20 Min from SF
only 1-2 minutes off the freeway ... lot's of parking including behind Outback

Thursday Evening...
12/9  6-8ish  (we will be open 12-8ish)

Many of the shops and gallery's are having their year end party ... including us! It will be fun, with wonderful treasures, sales and yummy treats!  Stroll the town triangle in this quaint
"Hidden City"

Sweaters, Coats, Jackets, Vests...
Lan Vie
So many great peices ... this gorgeous Velvet coat ... wonderful sweaters from Margaret O'Leary and Lan Vie Plus boiled wool jackets & 3/4 length coats ... and those wool vests we all love in an amazingly shimmering purple ... and, and, and ... check it out!

Pile ou Face & No BluPile Ou Face
Fun Pile ou Face Knit top
with Breakfast in Tokyo Pant
Many new pieces of both lines.
MANY new great skirts and fun pants.
silk boxersFree
Mary Green silk boxers .... back by popular demand ... just for coming in!


Happy Chanukah!!
Rabbi Sara did a candle lighting and blessing at our Outback Love Temple
We filmed it for you ...
but unfortunately it didn't get saved right.
We send our blessings on this last night of Chanukah ... Love!

Aloha LoveTribe,

I've been having fun sweet times with my friends ... (and managing to steer clear of too many sweets to eat!). I've also been shopping and will continue for a bit, as these are the times of gifting (see more on gifting below).
I've been finding MANY great deals. And recyling the surplus of my friends warehouses!
For a taste of what's in now ... see below.

Party Dresses

Found some beautiful skirts and dresses (tops, jackets & pants) by Magdelena, as you can see above. We've carried this line before but never at less then half off as we  now have!
We even have many pieces on our $11, $18 & $24 racks!
We also have beautiful dresses & skirts by Lan Vie and Pile Ou Face ... sorry I didn't have time to get photo's!

Scarves & Shawls ... hundreds of styles!
scarvesOur Famous $11 scarf Rack
There are so many different styles of scarves and shawls ... solid, print, bulky knit, pashmina and all under $23
Sorry no time for new pictures!
               Buy 5 and get 1 free!

Obviously great inexpensive gifts of warmth and beauty.

Tis the season and many new gifts, socks (yes our favorite merino wool, cashmere blends, etc), fingerless gloves, jewelry ... coming in daily ... and of course the style and great deals you look for from Venus.

Also gifting love, beauty and community.

We are moving back to a time (when I was growing up) where we gifted each other ... picking up groceries, giving rides, watching children, changing lightbulbs...  As we moved into a time of over work ... all these ways of taking care of each other were monetized ... As work becomes less ... we will move back towards balance in our communities. The challenge is only in embracing not fearing this.  Those not now working ... try a gift of services like these maybe along with a beautiful card. Join me in the question ... what ways  can I put this into pleasurable practice as we begin our new 2011 year?

Joanne and I always make up a statement (usually a rhyme) for the new year. I'm liking that heaven rhymes with eleven ... my favorite number!  I'm ready!
 Thank-you for your love, support and appreciation. And for supporting the local living economy.
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus
PS I wanted to thank so many of you (83 people) for checking out my daughter Diva's project on Kickstarter.
Now the next step is to try out the "pledge button". She has 5 days left ... if she reaches her goal, the money pledged will be given, if not, none of the funds will be released. It's fun to pledge ... I've done it for friends and for random projects that I like ... pledging as little as $3! Diva is offering for a $5 pledge to mail you a limited edition hand printed card w/envelope ($8 reg price).
If it sounds like a "pleasurable practice" gift ...
click here ...  Diva's Linea Carta Kickstarter project

PPS: Amira (seen above with her son Quincy!) Is offering holiday party make-up. She's done make-up for the stars and all the rest of us ... but for you'all super great prices ... email her at jamirahayes@yahoo.com