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Aloha LoveTribe ...

Just got back some great pieces that were dyed of the NoBlu ...outfits, skirts, jackets.  Plus ... cord pants, Johnny Was T-shirts, shawls,  shirts ... dying is so much fun! This past weeks colors burgundy, brown and black.
Bring your weary clothing ... or clothing you're weary of and have them get a new lease on life! They used to be your favorite and they can again!
yoga pant
More bargain basics .... Yoga pants ....
Yes, the ones we had before ... $24
And more ....

cotton scarves Cotton T    Cotton Hoodie 2-tone$18
Scarves $11                Cotton T            Hoodie or Cardigan .. 4 colors
                                                         Now in 4 colors! S,M,L,XL
     Plus a store full of French Trench Coats, Mary Green, NoBlu ... and an assortment of many other favorites (Citron, Nataya, Johnny Was) ... Oops! Forgot to mention ... those waiting for the Yoga purses from Haiku in black
... they're now in, in 2 sizes 1 below and 1 small over shoulder  bag. Haiku bag

Things have been shifting and unfolding on my inner journey and on the "Outback School" outer journey.
On the inner journey my practice of meditation, diet, nature walks, deep breathing and listening while watching what comes up when a circumstance "annoys me", being with it .... finding the fear, letting it go ... creating more room for presence to grow and abundance to flow.
On the outer, Robert and I have been meeting with some amazing people doing revolutionary, inspiring things. I've been looking at spaces and considering one in Berkeley to do the school there, while bringing back the Outback Line and creating the space for others to design, manufacture, (including re-makers) and launch businesses. I've been meeting with creative, organizing, and action people, unfolding business plans. If that feels like the right next step, I will launch a community fundraising on Kickstarter for seed money and open to investors. Let me know who of you (and/or friends) would be interested in this opportunity. 
I've also begun writing the Outback Story (Be FearLess - Choose Love: A Business Love Story). Those interested in reading a chapter at a time and contributing with comments, edits (additions?) let me know.

Creating through rose colored lenses ... like the sunset light lens of the photo above. There are so many ways of seeing things ... I choose the lens of beauty. Try the Outback way ... BeYouToFull ... find the lens you can appreciate to view yourself, others and the world.

PS: I'll be hanging Outback in the afternoons ... come visit me then.
Outback ... In the Temple of Venus