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Dias De los muertes
Unmasking ... good thoughts - 20% off sale - new hours -costumes
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New Hours
Aloha LoveTribe
Pile ou Face
This Wed. 3-7
Farmers Market's
at the Point has   only 1 more Wed.
So we will be changing hours to...
Outback's Window


Peacock dress Jumper by Peacock
This cool jumper that Yael
is wearing and intends to be her live-in dress when she's in Isreal ... makes a great year round piece!
Cool art on the back!
We also have some great comfy architectural coats ... looks good on most sizes. And a very cool shawl!

Green Woman
Masquerade Ball 3 Aloha LoveTribe,
I don't know about you ... but I'm definitely with the program of thinking good thoughts (Peter Pans' tip for flying). The alternative just isn't fun! (you can read more about that in my tips at the end of this letter)
This week Outback will be having a "quarterly sales tax" ... SALE! additional 20% off all clothing!!
And we begin our new hours.
 rolling bagsPile ou Face ... Coats, bags scarves ...

These are my favorite travel bags .. good for the farmers market too! Handle comes up for easy rolling or disappears back  into the bag.

And many of our favorite coats!
Some great costume jewelry, scarves and skirts.
Pile Ou Face coatPile Ou FaceDeviFrenchTrench
Nataya Priestess Nataya

I took this pic with my phone in my bedroom to give a glimpse of the fun pieces ... Want to be a High Priestess for Halloween?

Cotton T Basics   $18
  This very soft cotton Tee by ELLE, that Yael good naturally modeled for us when she dropped by for a quick stop today. It comes in this dusty purple and a rich teal.
We also received a cross over v-neck top originally made for Coldwater Creek, in four colors ... coral, peri-blue, black, peach.
Cotton Hoodie 2-toneAnd this brown & cream cotton hoodie on the right,  also comes in gray and cream as a button cardigan. I have dyed some black and ...will dye more this week....
in colors that I will be offering  for you to dye your oldies but goodies and bring new life to them!
Avocado  Red  Plum  Indigo Black
I'm liking the colors in the image* below

Dias De los muertes
YES, I am still offering dying (clothing!)

(For so many of you that have asked!)
Citron Pieces Left ... I MADE A COLLAGE FOR YOU!
You can see some of them below ... from left to right the sizes are xs-3x
there are a few styles in multible sizes

XS            SMALL                  MEDIUM            LARGE     XLARGE             2X    3X

Citron collage Featured Headline
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I've heard from many of you that your stressed and anxious ... I hear ya!
Ahhh ... the mind when we are working for it, not it for us (the big us!). The minds' anxious chatter which comes from judgement and creates fear based on external beliefs, keeps us trying to maneuver these effects of our collective, ancestral, and individual beliefs (life). We try to change the effect ... people and circumstances instead of directing our attention to the cause, our mind which sits at the doorway of source .... where we could order up something  much more juicy. The ambrosia available, when served up by "God(dess), is much more satisfying then our main streaming diet of processed food ... including all the bad news channels of info ... there is so much good news ... it's just not (yet) the "fast food" of our news channels.
So, here's some tips I find useful ...
Stop listening to bad news ... unless your inspired to do something about it ... end hunger,
treat HIV in Africa ... otherwise it's does all of us a service to raise your own spirit. Look for good news ... Rob Brezsny's book on Pronoia (his horoscopes are really fun too), or all the many great new podcasts (too long a list for now), Ted Talks or Louise Hays' 24 hour radio show.
View a sunrise and/or sunset ... walk in trees ... be by water ... deep breaths of beauty...
Create ... and co-create ... write, dance, art, lovemaking ...
If your having a moment when you can't get past the fear or need to replace a negative thought (only negative value in a negative thought), say a mantra (rubber duck, rubber duck ... or I Am , I Am - I on the in breath, am on the out breath or one of my favorites by Thich Nat Han ... breathe in peace, breathe out a smile).
Those are the bandaids ... then you can go to the source ...

I wrote a small booklet called, "In the Arms of the Mother" about 14 years ago. It was my experience of connecting to my higher self and being taken care of, by "her". I will have some in the store if you would like one. I am now ready to fully partner with "her" and am spending the next 40 days with her writing our "wedding wows" in preparation for our marriage. The wows are the discovery of what is bringing us together. Wedding me to the source. I am doing a practice I designed for this occasion. My first wow ... I'm in love ... wow!
Robert (in the picture above with me) and I went on a wedding wow pilgrimage around 13 years ago ... one of our wows was the inclusiveness of our community ... so Robert is happy to include this marriage ... wow!
Thank-you ... for our LoveTribe union! xoxo Devi

  20%OFF All the clothing in the store!
Offer Expires: Nov 1, 2010