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Aloha LoveTribe,
Went on a quick trip to LA. I went to the Textile show and had meetings for the school project. Including meetings with Citron & Nataya where I was also able to shop!
I brought back Citron ... Yeah! Not the largest selection I've ever had, yet a beautiful one with a better representation of all sizes from XS - 3X, including some cool men's flannel shirts & silk "tattoo" long sleeve undershirts for fall. I keep Robert (above) ... well dressed... he keeps me well loved!
And I brought back some beautiful and fun pieces from Nataya too!
We will be open an extra day, to give all of you, that have been missing this opportunity, a chance to find your special piece.

Special Hours this week: Sat Sun Mon 12-6 Wed 4-8
  • I had a wonderful roller skate on the boardwalk at Venice beach, yesterday morning ... as I am blessed to stay at Alexis and Fancher's home steps from the beach in Marina Del Rey.
    My skates had disappeared for 5 years and then resurfaced in my move out of my warehouse. Fortunately, in time (and great health), that I can still enjoy them ... I'm almost 60!

    It has been more important then ever to enjoy, appreciate the beauty in it's many forms and take (as Yael says) "gentle care" of ourselves.

    There is this fear and tension (that can be transformed into excitement and aliveness) from the shift we are in globally. That greedy lover ... our mind ... will vie to take us over with whatever fills it ... so fill it with something good ... (ala Peter Pan ... think lovely thoughts, if you want to fly!) or if you can't, try a mantra ...EMT ... music ...

    Lisa, who I met with yesterday, keeps happy with walks, music and her latest mood elevator and weight loss, delicious treat ... which I just had this morning and it is totally yummy! But then I love the ingredients ... Fuji (or your fav) apples, European style yogurt with live culture (whole is easier to digest) or if you can't do dairy use  coconut yogurt (very yummy!) and cinnamon.  The recipe is .... drum roll ..

    thinly sliced apples spread on a plate (think pie) cover with cinnamon (pour it on) ...  a layer of yogurt ... then another layer of apples, another layer of cinnamon and another layer of yogurt. I sprinkled walnut pieces on top. Yummmmm ... Cinnamon is great for lowering blood sugar (while increasing natural production of insulin), lowers cholesterol and is a mood enhancer.

    As you can see ... those kisses from Robert are a great mood enhancer as well!

    Feeling happy! ... off for a walk & then to hang clothes! ... come help if you like!

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    Outback ... In the Temple of Venus