Outback ... In the Temple of venus

In the Temple of Venus
and White Tara ...

Devi & Romio
When the thousand White Tara's are named, the tone on the planet will shift from fear to compassion.

The naming began  11 years ago, after Romio finished his first painting of the 1000 White Tara's and I was lead to get the domain name www.whitetara.com (know anyone who would like to update this website?)
Then we met...

Romio's images were recently used on the scarves worn in the movie Eat Pray Love and he was invited by Home Shopping Network to come onto the show to share the meaning of the images.  He said on the show, that now is the time for the world to be guided by the feminine and the compassion of the mother. And these images will water that seed.

We were speaking this morning about how these "magic" images once kept in a sacred Temple space, are now being put out into a new sacred space in this world. Sacred Commerce an oxymoron when I first began speaking it, is now going back to the times when Merchant Priests (now priestesses) were guiding all commerce.

It's now time for the Thousand White Tara's images to shower the world.
For those that don't understand ... this isn't about religion, idol worship or any specific type of practice ... this is about love and compassion and comes in all forms.
Aloha LoveTribe ...

I just found out ... I will be Outback tomorrow Sat from 12-5 and part of Sunday as well!

The Summer Sale
will begin now ...
I just returned from Las Vegas ... many trade shows ... many beautiful adornments and deals ... many meetings for the school ... Meetings about creating the "teachers line" with designers of lines I've been carrying. Yes, some of your favorites ... Ricki from Citron, Inga Nataya from Nataya,  Yuet Ching from Pile ou Face and lines I haven't carried in a while but will soon ... David from CP Shades, Allan from 2 Star Dog, along with others I've spoken with earlier ... Julie from Weston Wear, Will from Cut Loose. Who of these would you like to see me designing the first "teachers" collection with? Maybe Eileen Fisher? Margaret O'Leary? Your favorite line?

Happy to be back after a week hot and dry in Las Vegas and 2 weeks hot and wet in Michigan (what would you expect hanging with 4000 women at the Michigan Women's Music Fest!)

Now back by the Bay and Romio just called to remind me the first line will be the Thousand White Tara Collection.

Come hang with me Outback tomorrow Sat 12-5ish (part of Sunday as well) and take advantage of this opportunity to be dressed by me! And at even more amazing prices then ever,
With a very well stocked shop, including new items.
Look forward to seeing many of you!
xoxo Devi
139 W. Richmond Ave.
Point Richmond, California 94801
510 237 1199
Summer Sale on now ... could the prices be any lower? They are now ....