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Sat & Sun 12-5ish
New ... Pile Ou Face Coats, skirts, dresses, blouses
New ... NoBlu tops, skirts, pants, dresses
New ... Dolce Cabo  one of a kind gorgeous pieces
and much more ....

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favorite sunset walk
Aloha LoveTribe,

Just returned from my heavenly Hana paradise ... and back to my Bay Area paradise. Wherever we are
practice makes paradise.

As I work on being present while making future plans, I've seen the future of communicating to my LoveTribes around the world and it is the tools of social media ... facebook, linked in, twitter and who know what's next. So instead of being a voyeur and peeking into the lives of friends and family ... I will begin using those platforms. So those that like to stay in touch ... 
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o following my travels (I put up photos of my time in Maui on facebook) and those that want to follow my spiritual path (my practices that make paradise)Find me on facebook and follow me on Twitter.
It will take awhile to convert so I will still send emails. I won't be doing much communicating in the couple of weeks around Michigan, in those other medias ... but wanted to start the process.

Pile Ou Face
Coats, skirts, dresses, tops, scarves, jewelry
Pile Ou FaceSpent the day with my friends that distribute this line from Paris. We were working on a joint design project for the first stage of the Biz School. Very exciting ...
And I picked up many great styles. About 11 different style coats - from short jackets to long coats, 5 styles of skirts, in sizes 2-18. Plus, cool pant sets, dresses, tops, scarves and jewelry. I will be packing up much of it for Michigan after the weekend, so I opened for an extra day this weekend.
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Sunset at Baldwin Beach
Devi at Baldwin Beach

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Plus!!! Shopping for NoBlu and other great PLUS sizes!
For this weekend!